Billionaire Bosses Series (6 Books) by Miley Maine

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Meet the Billionaire Bosses who you’d think have a relatively easy life with all that money at their disposal, however, when it comes to love their lives are anything but simple.

Billionaire Bosses Series by Miley Maine

Baby Bump (Billionaire Bosses #1)

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Having worked for Nicholas for three years, Quinn is very much aware of his playboy nature. With his open flirting to her a daily bugbear for her. However, after apologising to her for his behaviours she wonders whether this is really a change of heart or just another playboy ploy. Having recently broken up with her boyfriend she is having difficulty shaking him off with messages and calls. He turns up at the office and in a bid to show him that she has moved on she tells him she’s engaged. Suddenly looking up you see Nicholas returning from lunch and saying it’s him she’s marrying.

Agreeing to be her fake fiance they embark on blurring the lines between the agreement and acting on their attraction. Lasting repercussions from their actions when Quinn discovers that she is pregnant but doesn’t know how to tell Nicholas. Especially with drama regarding her ex still happening and coming to a head.

Available to buy from Amazon in Audiobook and Kindle Edition.

Boss Me Forever (Billionaire Bosses #2)

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Being a single mom to a four-year-old, Anya works hard to provide everything she needs for him. Working for handsome, cocky, playboy Zach she ensures he is organised and ready to face whatever business throws at him, Having an itch that needs to be scratched she sets about seducing him slowly hoping it will lead to a one night stand.

Zach feels as though he is going mad all week as Anya makes subtle changes to her wardrobe and attitude. Coming to a head-on Friday evening when the pent up sexual tension explodes in his office. Agreeing it was a one-off they head their separate ways. With things in the office returning to normal on Monday – much to the frustration of Zach who can’t stop thinking about their encounter.

Looking to talk to ger about it he goes to her apartment, however, is blindsided by her son. Interacting with him, playing cards and staying for dinner is a new experience for him. He promises that he’ll visit again to play with him. Anya sees a side to Zach that she hadn’t seen before. But a miscommunication between them when her son is ill throws their fledgling relationship up in the air.

Available to buy from Amazon in Audiobook and Kindle Edition.

Pregnant with Boss’s Baby (Billionaire Bosses #3)

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Finding out that the company she has poured her heart and would into for the last few years has been bought out by a larger competitor has Faith questioning her future. Heading to a local coffee shop to regroup she meets a handsome stranger, Jace, with who she chats and they exchange numbers. A few days later when the new CEO arrives to meet with everyone she is shocked to discover that Jace is her new boss, but for how long? He won’t need two PAs.

Spending time at the new company Jace is shocked to discover just how much Faith had been doing to keep the company afloat. Alongside the skeleton employees, they have strived to make things continue despite staring failure in the face. The initial attraction between the two of them is still very much there and Faith is reluctant to start something with her boss. Fearing what it would look like to others. However, they begin to see each other but when he offers his ex-girlfriend a job as a receptionist to help her out, things start to take a turn for the worse.

Doubt starts to creep into Faith’s mind at whether or not their relationship is going anywhere or just a placeholder until he gets back with his ex. Can Jace see what is happening before his eyes before it is too late?

Available to buy from Amazon in Audiobook and Kindle Edition.

Yes Boss (Billionaire Bosses #4)

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Starting an internship at McNamara Enterprises, Opal is aware that she will be competing against the other interns for the available positions at the end of the three-month term. Immediately feeling as though she is going to have to work hard to prove she is the best candidate with the mentor favouring another intern (a family member). Despite working hard it doesn’t look like she will gain a position.

Jason is taking steps to take over McNamara Enterprises and spots Opal on his first day. Having been awful to her during college he feels terrible about his past actions. Their paths don’t really cross again until she storms into his office with a complaint about the intern programme. Telling her he will look into it he offers her the role of his secretary. Desperate to prove to her that he has changed since his college years and that he wants the best for his company.

As someone who is not looking to be a ‘yes boss’ person, Opal is happy to call him out on things. They work together to solve the corruption within the company whilst their attraction to each other grows.

Available to buy from Amazon in Kindle Edition.

His Forbidden Secret (Billionaire Bosses #5)

Rating: 4 out of 5.

With her mother’s cancer now terminal her dying wish is to return to Chicago. Missing the hustle and noise of it all, Ashlyn and her brother set about making this a reality for her. Whilst her brother can transfer departments (he’s a detective) she will need to find a new job in order to help fund the move etc. Her brother manages to set her up with an interview, however, it is not until she arrives that she finds it is with Ian, her childhood crush and brother’s best friend.

Ian’s family whilst rich weren’t nurturing so he opted to spend the majority of his time growing up with Ashlyn’s family. After the death of her father, his family helped pay for their college educations etc. But it has been a while since he has seen Ashlyn and her family. The attraction he felt to her years ago is still there and offers her a job as well as help find a suitable place for her family to live.

Working alongside each other their attraction grows, however, her brother has told them both to keep their hands to themselves. Their chemistry overflows and they get together in secret but when Ashlyn’s brother finds out he is not happy. Plus Ashlyn finds out she is expecting Ian’s baby just as her mother dies – tissues needed for this one.

Available to buy from Amazon in Kindle Edition.

Accidental Hook-up (Billionaire Bosses #6)

Rating: 4 out of 5.

After studying hard Morgan enjoys her role at the local library until cuts mean that she is out of a job. Having used all her savings to pay off her niece’s medical bills she needs to get a new job ASAP, especially as she can’t afford her rent this month. Meeting for lunch with her best friend who has invited an old friend from college Gavin. The geeky guy she was friends with throughout college has turned into a billionaire hotty.

Chatting at lunch she mentions her predicament and Gavin offers her a loan, which she turns down. Especially after how she was hurt in the past asking for a loan from Gavin’s Best friend when they were engaged. Needing to get herself out of this crisis she turns up at his company and asks for a job. Managing to land herself a temporary position as he PA whilst his current PA goes on maternity.

Working well together they find a spark between them that ignites. With Gavin offering his spare room to her when she is evicted from her flat. Discussing his relationship with Wesly (her ex), Gavin is told that she is a gold-digger and out for what she can get. Leading him to cool things off and question everything she has said/done.

A series of miscommunication, bitter feelings and frustrations all take place – leaving Gavin and Morgan unsure whether they can truly be together.

Available to buy from Amazon in Kindle Edition.

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