Blackthorn Elite Series {5 Books} by J.L. Beck & C. Hallman

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Blackthorn Elite Series {5 Books} by J.L. Beck & C. Hallman

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The Blackthorn Elite series from the USA Today Bestselling Authors J.L. Beck and C. Hallman is a collection of standalone DARK bully romances. These books contain scenes that may be triggering to some readers.

These are not YA romance novels and should be read by those only 18+ or older.

Blackthorn Elite Series Reading Order

Hating You: A Dark College Bully Romance (A Blackthorn Elite Novel Book 1)

Published 21st November 2019
Dual POV

Format: Paperback, Hardback, Audiobook and Kindle

Two years ago she ruined my family’s life. Maybe she thought it was only a little lie. That she did the right thing, that the worst was behind her, and that no one had gotten hurt.

Oh, how naive the black-haired beauty was. Fate has finally brought her back to me, to Blackthorn Academy. Once upon a time I was obsessed, consumed with the need to make her mine. Now I just want revenge, and I’ll do whatever I can to get it.

Breaking You: A Dark College Bully Romance (A Blackthorn Elite Novel Book 2)

Published 20th December 2019
Dual POV

Format: Paperback, Hardback, Audiobook and Kindle

They say there is always a calm before the storm. A time when you think you’re safe, protected from the destruction that you know is going to eventually come.

Harper was that calm. And I? I was the motherfucking storm.

Hurting You: A Dark College Bully Romance (A Blackthorn Elite Novel Book 3)

Published 17th January 2020
Dual POV

Format: Paperback, Hardback, Audiobook and Kindle

It was such a shame that she was in the wrong place at the wrong time. She knew we would come for her. We had seen her delicate face that night, hidden in the shadows, and she had seen what we did, her gasp of horror giving her away.

Regretting You: A Dark College Bully Romance (A Blackthorn Elite Novel Book 4)

Published 3rd April 2020
Dual POV

Format: Paperback, Hardbook, Audiobook and Kindle

Once upon a time, she was my sister’s best friend. I’d always wanted her to be mine. That is until the night everything changed and my love morphed into pure hatred. Now I’m a vile bastard with a chip on his shoulder. Cruel black hate is all I know. My only focus fucking my way through Blackthorn’s elite women and partying.

Then she shows up at Blackthorn. She’s different now, quiet and reserved, but just as beautiful as she was the day she disappeared. One look and my focus changes. I decided then that my time for revenge is now. No way does she get to enjoy herself. No, I’m going to make her life hell. Destroy her from the inside out. I’m going to make her regret ever walking my way, because if it wasn’t for her…my sister would still be alive.

Blackthorn Elite Series Crossover Novels

Her Mafia Bodyguard: Blackthorn Elite Crossover by J.L. Beck & C. Hallman

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Available to buy from Amazon

Published 20th August 2022
Dual POV

Format: Paperback and Kindle

Her Mafia Bodyguard- Blackthorn Elite Crossover

Bound by duty, Mia Casteel is nothing but a job.
A sinfully gorgeous, downright infuriating job.

One year ago, I got saddled with keeping her safe, virginal, and out of her father’s business.
Little did I know, the spitfire would become my newest obsession.

Growing up with her mom, Mia was unaware of her father until her mom passed away and she moved in with her wealthy father. Still adjusting to her new life she is pushing the boundaries of her bodyguard Zeke. Embarrassing herself by coming on to him one evening by the pool when he rebuffs her advances. About to leave her father’s house behind for college Mia is looking forward to leading a normal life once again. Her hopes are dashed when her father lets her know that he has pulled some strings and registered her in the elite Blackthorn Academy – oh and Zeke will be coming with her.

Working for the Morelli family is something his family has done over the years, so Zeke’s employment was inevitable. Tasked with looking after the boss’s daughter he has managed to get her through school and is looking forward to moving on to a new assignment. Mia has tested him time and time again, dismissing her advances. Shocked to find that he’ll be following her college, sharing an apartment and tasked with keeping her pure. Assisting to keep her in the dark about the plans her father has for her future.

Navigating life at college, living together and new friendships is not easy for them both. Each pushes the other’s buttons and back off as lines begin to blur. But as things escalate between them Zeke is walking a fine line between the feelings he has for Mia and what her father will do if he were to find out about their love affair. Returning home for the holidays her father lets her know exactly what her future looks like and whilst Zeke attempts to fight for more time for her, Mia is seeking help from a friend but there is a fine line between friend and for. Will Zeke be able to save her?

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