Bossed By The Billionaire (2 Books) by Kelli Walker

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Are you ready to be Bossed By The Billionaire? Read as part of this series or as a stand-alone book. No Cliffhangers and a HEA!

Bossed By The Billionaire by Kelli Walker

The Boss’s Daughter (Bossed By The Billionaire Book 1)

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Preston has spent most of his life following in his father’s footsteps. Learning as much from him as possible, so when he passed away two years ago he didn’t hesitate to step into his role as co-owner of Archibald-Weatherford Wealth Management. Working on a merger with another firm Preston is surprised to learn that he’ll be babysitting the boss’s daughter.

Serena is looking to complete her internship at her father’s firm ahead of qualifying and gaining a full-time position. She knows her own mind and is not afraid to speak it. Having spent childhood summers with Preston she hasn’t seen him for a number of years. So when they do lay eyes on each other the chemistry is thick and tension radiates in the air.

Bickering back and forth they press each other’s buttons until finally they crack and indulge in each other. Office romances are strictly forbidden but can they keep their fling a secret? What happens if her family find out about it?

One to have you laughing, cringing and crying in a workplace will they, won’t they scenario.

Available to buy from Amazon in Paperback and Kindle Edition.

My Secret Baby (Bossed by the Billionaire Book 2)

Available to buy from Amazon in Paperback and Kindle Edition.

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