Bossy Billionaire’s Club: Steamy Workplace Romances By Lauren Cole {5 Books}

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Bossy Billionaire’s Club: Steamy Workplace Romances By Lauren Cole {5 Books}

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A collection of exciting, enemies-to-lovers, boss romances in the Bossy Billionaire’s Club from Lauren Cole. Get ready to lose some sleep, you’ll want to read all through the night with these dreamy, alpha bossholes to keep you company.

Bossy Billionaire’s Club: Steamy Workplace Romances Reading Order

My Silver Fox Billionaire: Bossy Billionaire’s Club Book 1 by Lauren Cole

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Available to buy from Amazon

Published 14th June 2023

Format: Paperback and Kindle Edition
Pages: 320

My Silver Fox Billionaire is a STEAMY runaway bride, age-gap, enemies to lovers, office romance. Packed with light suspense, forced proximity, and a possessive alpha. Standalone/ HEA.

My Silver Fox Billionaire: Bossy Billionaire's Club Book 1 

I escaped my wedding and fell straight into the hands of my enemy.
And now I’m pregnant.

Damian West is powerful, rich, and dangerous.
He gave me the honeymoon of my dreams.
He made my body learn to crave him.
I thought I knew him.
I was so terribly wrong.

Because of him, my dreams are gone forever.
I’m forced to work for the man I hate, or become destitute.
One night trapped in a stairwell, and I’m pregnant with my enemy’s child.
Now there’s a big target on my growing belly.

If I can’t get away, I might fall in love with my enemy.
And if I do get away, our enemies may get to me first.

Totally Booked UK review: Whilst attempting to navigate a business deal over the phone Damien West spots a beautiful bride with tear streaks on her face hustling into the hotel lobby. Listening to her check-in, he heads over and gets her upgraded to the penthouse where he was staying and helps her get settled. Unable to get her out of his mind, their paths cross at the airport the next day and in Hawaii. He offers to give her the honeymoon experience that she is missing out on. Sharing details of their life that they might not ordinarily share before he jets home.

Finding her husband having sex in the back of her car with one of her friends and bridesmaids at her wedding reception was not how Addison Easton thought her day was going to go. Grabbing her bags and heading to the airport hotel she can’t wait to put it all behind her. Thankful to the silver fox who helped her in the lobby as well as getting her out of her wedding dress. Making her way to Hawaii she runs into Mr West again and he gives her everything she thought she would be doing on her honeymoon and more.

Getting a call after she heads home to say that her florist store is being closed down she has even more to think about for her future. Up to her eyes in debt, she finds a corporate job to pay her way but finds that her new boss is not only Mr West but the man responsible for the closure of her florist store. Fighting their connection they push each other’s buttons attempting to work together but not fall into each other’s arms. But with her ex making his presence known Damien feels all kinds of protective and tells him that she is his fiance.

My Silver Fox Protector: Bossy Billionaire’s Club Book 2 by Lauren Cole

Rating: 0 out of 5.

Available to buy from Amazon

Published 5th July 2023

Format: Paperback and Kindle Edition
Pages: 310

My Silver Fox Protector is an Age-Gap, Light Suspense, Action, Adventure Romance. You’re going to love the exciting twist at the end! Standalone/HEA/Steamy

My Silver Fox Protector: Bossy Billionaire's Club Book 2

I got knocked up by the Navy SEAL next door. He’s my dad’s bestie, and my new bodyguard.
I’m a professional hacker for the CIA, with a Diet Coke addiction, and the saddest social life you’ve ever seen.
Recently, I got myself into BIG trouble.
Now, a six foot wall of tall, dark, and handsome is the only thing standing between me and prison.
Meet my savior: Mason Reynolds
A trained killer.

Sharing a bed with him was easy.
Trusting him… impossible.
We each have our own secrets.
And now that I’ve discovered his… I think I’m his next target.
I’m far from a trained assassin, but if he thinks he can end me, I might just kill him first.

After reading the first book in this series I was keen to read the second book. The blurb looked interesting, however, persevering 71% of the book I couldn’t waste any more precious reading time on it.

Totally Booked UK review: Hacking into something she shouldn’t have done when she was seventeen landed Emma with a deal from the CIA. Working with them to prevent other cyberattacks and she won’t land herself in prison. Her dad is pulling strings with his best friend to help her, and she has been working all kinds of hours as hackers ping alerts on her laptop. Bored with it all she has been delving deeper despite her team lead telling her to stop. Leading to her getting a rude awakening.

Mason has been watching over Emma since she started in his unit at the CIA – not that she knows this as everything is completed via a secure char. Promising his best friend to keep an eye on her he has told her repeatedly not to dig into the attacks but is forced to haze her as his manager gets involved. Bringing her in on a mission so he can keep her close. They grow closer despite the age gap and her father being his friend.

Big Bossy Fake Fiancé: Bossy Billionaire’s Club Book 3 by Lauren Cole

Published 16th March 2023

Format: Paperback and Kindle Edition
Pages: 252

Big Bossy Fake Fiancé is a steamy Enemies to Lovers standalone, with lots of excitement, and a HEA.

Big Bossy Fake Fiancé- Bossy Billionaire's Club Book 3

My hot one-night stand, with blondie bad boy, turned out to be my new boss.
You’ve got to be freaking kidding me.

My billionaire bad-boy boss is older, unattached, and has a reputation.
The man is cocky, confident, and has eyes only for me.
He also has magic hands.

I’m in big trouble.

I’m busy trying to forget the steamiest night of my life.
And remembering how to breathe, every time I see him in the hall.

Somehow, I agreed to be his fake fiancee.
Now, I’m stuck with him.

We had an agreement.
And we said this was fake.
But his claim on me is very real.
So is the baby I’m now carrying.Getting pregnant was explicitly against the rules in our contract.
How do I tell Mr. Unattached he’s going to be a baby daddy.

Big Bossy Ex’s Brother: Bossy Billionaire’s Club Book 4 by Lauren Cole

Published 14th April 2023

Format: Paperback and Kindle Edition
Pages: 252

Big Bossy Ex’s Brother is a steamy enemies-to-lovers standalone office romance, with forced proximity, light mafia themes, and a HEA.

Big Bossy Ex's Brother: Bossy Billionaire's Club Book 4

Claiming my brothers ex-girlfriend is the worst idea I’ve ever had.
I shouldn’t want to protect, worship and devour her.
I am her older boss afterall.
But she’s a determined, sassy, little firecracker.
The most beautiful woman I’ve ever laid eyes on.
Something my cock-a-doodle-do continues to remind me.

I know if I want to keep her safe, I should stay far away from her.
Even if we are sharing a bed at the company retreat.
I’m consumed by her, like a moth to a flame.
Determined to teach her the pleasures of being with a real man.

My time in the army tells me, I may have made the worst mistake of my life.
Putting the only woman I’ve ever truly loved in danger.
I don’t care what it takes, but I swear, I’ll protect her and make her mine, no matter the cost.

Big Bossy Billionaire: Bossy Billionaire’s Club Book 5 by Lauren Cole

Published 9th February 2023

Format: Paperback and Kindle Edition
Pages: 182

Big Bossy Billionaire is a steamy, light mafia, enemies to lovers standalone with a HEA.

Big Bossy Billionaire: Bossy Billionaire's Club Book 5

Killian Holt is my best friend’s brother, my boss, the man I loathe… and my baby daddy.
He was also my first.
The most eligible bachelor in New York.
Hot, accomplished, and wealthy.
And he knows it.
Completely off limits.
Especially for a rule-following, good-girl like me.

We fight constantly, and it’s kind of a turn on.
He’s determined to push my buttons.
Especially, my most sensitive button.

I’m left wondering how something so wrong could feel so right.
Every time I end up under those chiseled abs, he reassures me that I’m such a good girl.

No one can find out about us.
The board would be unforgiving.
Our competitors would be ruthless.

I’m beginning to think this game of cat-and-mouse isn’t a game at all.
Everything I want is conflicting, and someone’s about to get seriously hurt.

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