Boston Mafia Dons Series (5 Books) by Bianca Cole

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Boston Mafia Dons Series (5 Books) by Bianca Cole

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It’s time to join the Boston Mafia Dons Series by Bianca Cole. This series features no cliffhangers and happily ever after endings. With some dark themes, forced intimacy, hot scenes, violence, content some readers may find upsetting, and bad language. It features over the top, twisted and possessive crime bosses.

Boston Mafia Dons Series by Bianca Cole

Cruel Daddy (Boston Mafia Dons #1)

Rating: 4 out of 5.

A Dark Mafia Arranged Marriage Romance

Ever since her mother was killed by a mafia rival Aida’s father has been a different man. Keeping her closely guarded by a bodyguard and was never able to venture far from home. Meeting by the clifftops overlooking the Sicilian sea she is shocked when her father announces that he has arranged a marriage for her and that she’ll be leaving immediately to fly to Boston.

Head of the Italian mafia in Boston, Milo, never had any plans to marry but a business transaction with Aida’s father leads him to agree to take her as his wife. Making it clear that this is an arrangement and she is there to please him and give him an heir, nothing more. Cruelly taking her virginity without so much as a second thought he blows hot and cold with her emotions as he finds himself in unfamiliar territory.

Dealing with drug heists, revenge from ex-girlfriends and the Irish mafia holding a grudge, Milo is forced to navigate business dealings with his new wife waiting in the wings. Although it is clear that she understands his world and manages to escape trouble only to land herself in more trouble when she realises she can’t take Milo breaking her heart over and over. Can Milo realise what Aida means to him before it is too late? Or has he pushed her away too many times?

Available to buy from Amazon in Paperback and Kindle Edition

Savage Daddy (Boston Mafia Dons #2)

Rating: 3 out of 5.

A Dark Captive Mafia Romance

With her mom sick and having taken out a high-interest loan to help pay her medical bills, Scarlett feels the only way out of this situation is to auction off her virginity. At twenty-four she has a few reasons why it has never happened from being sexually abused by her father as a child. Thinking that this would be just one night and a bank load of money, however, the winning bidder has different ideas.

As head of the Irish mafia in Boston, Malachy is currently fighting a war against the Italian’s. needing to blow off stream he heads to a virgin auction to purchase his next victim to break and mould – although he wasn’t quite ready for Scarlett. Capturing his attention straightaway he was unable to keep his eyes off her and didn’t bat an eyelid at paying $2.5 million for her. Something about the damaged look in her eyes drew him in and wanting to explore her hurts.

This is just a business transaction something they both need to remind themselves of regularly. As they discover more about each other sexually, emotionally and past hurts it is clear that in their own way they care deeply for each other. But Malachy’s world is not a safe one and is he prepared to risk Scarlett getting hurt because of her connection to him? Or will they wake up to their feelings too late?

Available to buy from Amazon in Paperback and Kindle Edition

Ruthless Daddy (Boston Mafia Dons #3)

Rating: 4 out of 5.

A Dark Forbidden Mafia Romance

It’s been a year since Gia’s best friend was sent to Boston as part of an arranged marriage her father, Fabio, forced her into. Celebrating her 21st birthday she is disappointed not to have heard from Aida. Drunk and upset she finds herself walking along the beach to Fabio’s home determined to give him a piece of her mind for sending her best friend away. Sneaking through a beach tunnel into the wine cellar she goes in search of him.

It’s been a rocky road as head of the Sicilian mafia for Fabio, first, his wife was brutally raped and murdered ten years ago, Then his Capo was murdered by the same rival family – the Morelli’s. Needing to keep his only daughter, Aida, safe he arranged marriage to a Boston Mafia Dons, Milo. Pushing his daughter away in order to ensure that she didn’t return and put herself in harm’s way. Something she still hasn’t forgiven him for. Finding Gia in his study in the middle of the night he is surprised by how much she has grown up and feels an instant attraction to his daughter’s best friend.

As they fight their chemistry Gia and Fabio realise that it is wrong but it feels so right when they are together. Having a long-held crush on her friend’s father who is more than older enough to be her father she battles between her feelings for him and the damage this will do to her friendship with Aida. Pulled into a continuing war with the Morelli’s, Gia is put in danger, will Fabio be able to save her? And discover the secret she has been hiding from him?

Available to buy from Amazon in Paperback and Kindle Edition

Vicious Daddy (Boston Mafia Dons Book 4)

Rating: 4 out of 5.

A Dark Brothers Best Friend Mafia Romance

At 38, Alicia has come a long way from the girl sleeping under bridges with her brother Malachy. Although one constant from that time is Niall, her brother’s best friend who they met one evening and he saved Alicia’s life. Something he seems to make a habit of after coming to her rescue as she walked home one evening to Malachy’s mansion. Ever since that night two months ago she can’t help but think of Niall differently. whilst she has always found him attractive he is off-limits due to his friendship with her brother.

Running away from an abusive family Niall thanks his lucky stars for the night that he met Alicia and Malachy. Thirty years later he is the second command in the Irish Mafia that Malachy is head of. Spending more time at his apartment in the mansion than his place in the city, a large reason for this is Alicia. Keeping a protective (Stalker) eye on her he wants to be close to her always. Finally giving in to temptation one evening when Malachy is out. But now he has had a taste of her he isn’t prepared to give her up.

Sneaking around behind Malacky’s back they enjoy their time together, however, between the ongoing war with the Italians and unexpected pregnancy they face many obstacles in their path to true love. Are they ever going to be able to make this work? What will Malachy think about his best friend and his sister being together?

Available to buy from Amazon in Paperback and Kindle Edition

Wicked Daddy (Boston Mafia Dons Book 5)

Rating: 4 out of 5.

A Dark Captive Mafia Romance

Leaving her home in Sicily, Siena has opted not to head to Hong Koong to see her father for Christmas. Instead, she is going to Boston to stay with her two best friends (Aida and Gia). She is both looking forward to it and dreading it as tensions between her friends still exist after Gia started dating Aida’s father. Managing to escape the two mafia dons her friends are dating, she is able to enjoy a night out with them, albeit a sober one as they are both pregnant. As she goes to the toilet she is kidnapped by the Russian Bratva – although they were supposed to grab Aida as leverage against her Italian Mafia husband Milo.

Since his father was killed ten years ago, Mikhail has been the head of the Gurin Bratva in Boston. Tensions between the Italians and the Irish are enough to contend with, without mergers and outside alliances landing on his plate. A cock-up with a kidnapping finds him with Siena in his basement, hoping that her friend Aida will get her husband to agree to walk away from a merger deal in exchange for getting Siena back. Although seeing sleeping has hint itching to reach out to touch her, to own her and possibly never let her go,

Finding out that there is a rat in his organisation Mikhail needs to know what has been said to a former ally and why. Holding on to Siena he is insatiable around her despite her constant chatting and questions. This was supposed to be her potentially last Christmas with her friends, especially as she has a move to Rome for a new job planned. Hidden away in Mikhail/s mansion was not the plan but day by day, touch by touch she finds herself falling for him – but this is all temporary, she’ll be given back sooner or later.

Available to buy from Amazon in Paperback, Hardback and Kindle Edition

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