Broken Love Series In Order (3 Books) by Bailey B.

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Broken Love Series In Order (3 Books) by Bailey B.

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The Broken Love Series from Bailey B. is a contemporary romance series that will have you questioning whether love is a positive thing in our lives or whether it has the power to break us. While Beautifully Broken and I Hate You I Love You Part 1 can be read interchangeably, reading the series to fully understand our characters.

Broken Love Series Reading Order by Bailey B.

Beautifully Broken (Broken Love Book 1) by Bailey B.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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Published 20th December 2019

Format: Paperback, Audiobook and Kindle Edition
Pages 313

A sweet contemporary romance with dark undertones of trauma and deceit. If you like emo girls, hockey boys, first loves, and protective boyfriends you’ll love Beautifully Broken.

Most people don’t think about the day they’ll die. They coast through life, blissfully unaware of how their time is ticking away. I wasn’t like most people. I welcomed death, wanted her to take me away from the prison I called life, but she refused. I tried twice only to survive. And then, when I thought I had nothing left it came. A reason to live.

Rex was a small, unexpected ray of light in my world of darkness that blossomed into a beam of sunshine. I thought, maybe this was why Death didn’t take me. Maybe she knew that if I held on a little longer things would turn around. But the third time Death came to my door wasn’t by choice. Someone else brought her, and I fear this time she might take me.

Being the son of a country star sucks. My parents are never around, I move every year or so, and I have no real friends. Everyone around me has an agenda. Everyone except Piper Lovelace. I can’t get that girl to notice me. Trust me I’ve tried. Thankfully, fate stepped in and gave me the break I needed. I’ve got her attention, now I need her to give me a chance.

I Love You, I Hate You Part 1 (Broken Love Book 2) by Bailey B.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Available to buy from Amazon

Published 1st May 2020

Format: Audiobook and Kindle Edition
Pages 314

This is the first half of a duology. It contains mature subjects including drinking, drug usage, and sex.

She’s beautiful. Fierce. Nothing at all like the girl I used to know, which is absolutely terrifying because Danika Winters is the only person outside of that room who knows the truth. She could ruin me, and I’m not talking about my reputation. I couldn’t give two shits about what the kids at St. A’s think.
I’m talking major, life altering, jail time ruined.I’ll do whatever it takes to keep her quiet.
Even if it means destroying the only person I’ve ever cared about.

They say when you meet the person you’re supposed to be with, time stops. Your brain takes in every micro detail, committing it all to memory, and you’re hit with this unexplainable need. A need to get to know that person, talk to that person, simply be beside that person. And then there’s the kiss. A fire-spreading, earth-shattering, kiss that wipes all others from your memory. I’ve felt that pull towards someone once, and it consumed me. I wasn’t supposed to fall for my middle school best friend. But he wasn’t supposed to break my heart.

Totally Booked UK Review: Danika has just moved back to her hometown after being away for three years in California. She moved so that her mom could get cancer treatment, sadly, she passed away. So her dad has decided that they should move back. Not only is Danika the ‘kind of’ new kid at school but she has moved in next door to her old friend Logan. Although he seems to have changed quite a bit since she last saw him.

Logan has toughened up from the loner he was at middle school. Standing for no crap and gaining the attention of almost all the girls, not that he is looking for anything serious. Melody might want to call herself his girlfriend but that is in name only, she is certainly not getting any of the benefits of being his girl. Then in walks Danika, a blast from his past and decides to play it cool and pretend not to remember her.

A hate/love relationship that they each secretly want but are too afraid to show the other. Somehow they manage to overcome the high school drama that seems to follow them both and they are soon no longer able to resist. But that doesn’t mean that they are now on an easy path to love – the ending is open ready for the second book!

I Love You, I Hate You Part 2 (Broken Love Book 3) by Bailey B.

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Available to buy from Amazon

Published 18th September 2020

Format: Audiobook and Kindle Edition
Pages 242

I fell in love with my next-door neighbour when I was eighteen. It was fast and crazy and the best experience of my life, until I got pregnant. Logan, and he pushed me away when I needed him most. Without his support, I made the hardest decision of my life and then I left. I ran away to start over with no plans of looking back.
Only now I have to go back. My dad is about to marry his mom and it’s just a matter of time until my secret comes out.
When it does, everyone is going to hate me.

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