Brothers of Paradise Series (4 Books) by Olivia Hayle

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Brothers of Paradise Series (4 Books) by Olivia Hayle

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Join the Brothers of Paradise series from Olivia Hayle highlighting three delicious arrogant alphas. Each book promises you no cheating and a HEA guaranteed. All can be read as complete standalone novels.

Brothers of Paradise Series by Olivia Hayle

Rogue (Brothers of Paradise Book 1) by Olivia Hayle

Hayden Cole was everything I should stay away from.
Lily Marchand was everything I could never have.
Some people are meant to be together.
And I’ll make her believe it again.

Available to buy from Amazon in Paperback and Kindle Edition

Ice Cold Boss (Brothers of Paradise Book 2) by Olivia Hayle

Rating: 5 out of 5.

He’s ruthless. He’s my new boss. And he’s used to getting what he wants.
He’s not as cold as he seems. And he wants me.

After leaving her previous job of five years without a reference, Faye has been applying to architectural companies across New York. With little success, after another knockback email, she gets drunk with her best friend. When an alert comes through for an assistant role at a smaller prestige architectural firm. But she doesn’t want to be someone’s assistant, she wants to be the architect. So she sets about responding with all the reasons why henry the old stuffy stooge shouldn’t or won’t give her the job.

Henry likes things done a certain way in a timely fashion. With another assistant resigning he is keen to get on with the recruitment process and requests all the applicant’s details to make a headstart. As soon as he starts reading Faye’s covering letter he is intrigued by her and laughs out loud at some of the things she says. Inviting her in for an interview she is convinced that it is a joke – especially when Henry turns out not to be an old stuffy stooge.

Landing the job it is clear that they are both battling their wills against each other. With Henry looking to fire her after a day she manages to negotiate a six-week trial where he can’t fire her so that she has a chance to prove herself. Which she does and more. Henry discovers that there is more to Faye than just another assistant as she helps on projects and pitches. As well as attending his sister’s wedding with him. Attempting to keep things professional between them proves difficult. However, is Faye able to put her career on the line to sleep with the boss?

Available to buy from Amazon in Paperback and Kindle Edition

Red Hot Rebel (Brothers of Paradise Book 3) by Olivia Hayle

There’s nothing worse than working with an arrogant blue blood who despises everything about me. Except getting stuck with him in the middle of nowhere.
Rhys soon learns that I’m more than I seem.
The only problem is… that so is he.

Available to buy from Amazon in Paperback and Kindle Edition

Small Town Hero (Brothers of Paradise Book 4) by Olivia Hayle

Rating: 5 out of 5.

My new boss is my best friend’s older brother and the golden boy of Paradise Shores. Me? I’m the misfit single mom who never wanted to fit in…

Returning to Paradise Shores was not planned but long overdue for Jamie. Not letting anyone know about her return other than her mom – whose doorstep she turned up on with her six-year-old daughter, Emma, and two suitcases. Luckily finding a waitressing job at the harbour restaurant. Although settling into her first shift she is frozen in shock at the guest who decides to get handsy with her. The owner comes to her rescue and makes the guest leave.

Whilst there was something familiar about the new waitress, Parker was surprised to discover she was in fact Jamie, his sister’s high school best friend. Although the dark dyed hair and nose ring had gone and she looks like a shell of her former self. Just like when they were in high school he finds himself drawn to wherever she is, slowly inserting himself into her life and becoming a friend and confidante.

Having suffered through years of emotional abuse from her ex, Jamie is still attempting to find her feet. There is no doubting the connection she feels towards Parker, but they are from different worlds – he is the town’s golden boy and she is a failure. Is there any way he can prove to her that she is worth more than her ex’s harsh words and the voices in her head tell her?

Available to buy from Amazon in Kindle Edition

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