Great Lives in Graphics | Jane Austen

10 July 2022

Great Lives in Graphics: Jane Austen is a brand new infographic biography of one of the most famous writers in the world. In an engaging graphic style, this book explains to children aged 8 to 12 the world into which Jane was born. It details the Regency era in which she lived in which class was everything and a women’s freedom was severely limited.

Frank the Fart Fairy by Franklin P. Hartie

22 June 2022

Frank the Fart Fairy loves to prank, but when his fart-fuelled antics upset the whole of Fairy Land, he soon finds himself banished. However, Frank has one last MEGA fart prank up his sleeve (well… his trouser leg) in the hope Fairy Land will see how fantastically funny farts truly are!

How to Hide a Lion by Helen Stephens

19 June 2022

Somewhere along our journey through childhood and attending school, we lose our rose-tinted view of the world. Finding the goodness, the kindness and the happiness in the world around us. The How To Hide A Lion story showcases the different viewpoints of adults and children when it comes to a special lion.

Great Lives in Graphics | Frida Kahlo

12 June 2022

Great Lives in Graphics: Frida Kahlo is a graphic retelling of Kahlo’s story which gives children a colourful snapshot of her life and the world in which she grew up, whilst educating them on everything from the Mexican revolution to the importance of self-belief.