Christmas in Alpine Valley {Reading Order – 6 Books} by Kali Hart

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Christmas in Alpine Valley {Reading Order – 6 Books} by Kali Hart

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It’s time to spend Christmas in Alpine Valley following five best friends as a dare to participate in the town’s Secret Santa event leads them all to true love.

These books are sweet and steamy short instalove romances from Kali Hart and feature older heroes and younger curvy women. NO cliffhangers. NO cheating. Guaranteed HEA.

Christmas in Alpine Valley by Kali Hart

The Firefighter’s Secret Santa (Christmas in Alpine Valley Book 1)

Published 5th November 2021

Rating: 4 out of 5.

I’ve had a crush on my brother’s best friend since I was a shy, geeky teenager.
The only thing that’s changed is that I’m all grown up.
Still shy. Still geeky.
Gage is a panty-melting gorgeous firefighter with his own fan club.
We’re practically in different universes.

Having moved back to Alpine Valley a year ago, Lily is pleased to be getting together with her friends for their annual Sip & Dip. Life is busy that meeting up can be difficult but they put this day aside every year. A surprise visit from Wilma telling them about her Secret Santa project has Lily daring her friends to take part. A part of her hopes that she’d select Gage Anderson, her brother’s best friend and hot fireman.

Getting ready to see Wilma the next day she sees Gage who tells her she is parked in a fire area and to move before she gets a ticket. Feeling jealous as she sees Willow grab him as he makes his way to the fire station. Discovering that she has been lucky enough to draw Gage’s name in the Secret Santa project but is overwhelmed by the rules that come as part of the gift bag.

Deciding to surprise him with her homemade cookies she, unfortunately, runs into Willow as she tries to drop them off at the station. Surprised when Gage finds her and they hid in a janitor’s cupboard to get away from Willow. Finally giving into the attraction between the, they kiss but are interrupted by a fire callout. Whilst they are keen to discover this thing between them, what will her brother have to say about it all?

Available to buy from Amazon in Kindle Edition.

The Soldier’s Secret Santa (Christmas in Alpine Valley Book 2)

Published 15th November 2021

Rating: 4 out of 5.

The last person I ever expected to see in Alpine Valley was Dex Black.
He saved me from an attacker when I was seventeen.
But my father never believed Dex wasn’t the one who ripped my dress.
He pressed charges, forcing Dex to join the military, and I never saw him again.
Now he’s staying in my family’s hotel.

As the marketing director of her family’s hotel company, Heather doesn’t really have time to be taking part in Wilma’s Secret Santa project that lily dared her to do last night. Hoping it will be a simple thing she collects her gift bag with all the details inside. Surprised to find that she has selected Dax Blackmore – a blast from the past.

It’s been ten years since Dax left Alpine Valley to join the Army. The circumstances of his enlisting were not necessarily related to his passion to stand for his country. Instead, he had been accused of something and forced to leave by Heather’s father. So it is not surprising when he finds an issue with his reservation at the hotel. Thankfully Heather came past to lend a hand and him realising that the feelings he once had for her remained.

Agreeing to meet up and talk about what happened all those years ago has them going into their feelings. With her father away she hopes to have a little breathing space before she has to tell him about Dax and what he means to her. However, he arrives home early, but will this put a stop to their fledging love affair?

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The Cowboy’s Secret Santa (Christmas in Alpine Valley Book 3)

Published 30th November 2021

Rating: 4 out of 5.

When I draw Cody Mason’s name in the town’s Secret Santa event, I’m less than thrilled.
No amount of begging will get me out of this best friend’s dare.
I’m forced to spend time with the rude, smug, and closed-off cowboy who’s also incredibly sexy and knows it.
He’s infuriating.

Running a busy Vet Clini in town, Shea is busy all year round not least at Christmas. She has a list of things she needs to complete, including cooking Christmas cookies but first, she needs to collect her Secret Santa name and head over to the Mason farm to check on one of the horses. It means that she’ll have to put up with the infuriating Cody Mason. Which is even worse when she draws his name for Wilma’s project.

Cody Mason fell in love with the curvy vet as soon as she visited two years ago. Having had a bad experience in the past with women he is not ready to put himself back out there again. Even if he can’t help but torture himself during her visits. Working hard to keep his feelings in check and hold back on any politeness to make her think he is indifferent towards her.

A snowstorm sees Shea stuck with Cody after failing to make the journey back into town. Pushed together the connection bubbles over and passion ignites in the stables. Needed back in the town she is thankful that someone has plugged the road, however. it means leaving Cody and the possibility of something forming between the, Are they able to be honest about their feelings and overcome past hurts?

Available to buy from Amazon in Kindle Edition.

The Single Dad’s Secret Santa (Christmas in Alpine Valley Book 4)

Published 7th January 2022

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Turner Jacobs and I have been best friends since the third grade.
Though we lost touch for a few years, our friendship picked up right where it left off when he moved back to Alpine Valley.
A part of me thought maybe fate had brought him back into my life.
Until I met his little boy, Carter.

Kissing her best friend was not the start of C Christmas in Alpine Valley that Randi had planned. Deciding to avoid Turner she goes to collect her Secret Santa name and is equally delighted and sad that it is Turner’s name that she has to play Secret Santa to. Having loved him from afar she was pleased when he returned to Alpine Valley last year with his son Carter.

There are many reasons why the kiss between himself and Randi possibly shouldn’t have happened but he can’t seem to find a reason to regret it. Whilst he needs to think about his son, Turner is attempting to get Randi to open up to him., Utilising his aunt’s famous lasagne to tempt her back into his orbit, sharing another stolen kiss in the pantry when they were supposed to be talking thing through.

Falling in love with your best friend should be ideal but Randi knows that there is something that she is unable to give Turner. She’d rather put her happiness on hold than let him miss out on something he has always wanted. Turner realising that it is Randi he has always wanted he doesn’t want to let her go – but can he make her change her mind about them being together?

Available to buy from Amazon in Kindle Edition.

The Mountain Man’s Secret Santa (Christmas in Alpine Valley Book 5)

Published 21st January 2022

Rating: 4 out of 5.

As my grumpy boss, Briggs Carlson, CEO of Carlson Logging Industries, is the bane of my existence.
He’s also the man I’ve secretly been in love with for two years.
When I draw his name for the Secret Santa event, I hope that this year, Santa will give me what I want most for Christmas:
For Briggs to see me as more than his secretary.

Escaping the office on a coffee run, Jewel is hoping to squeeze a last-minute trip to the community centre to collect a secret Santa name from Wilma. Whilst doing this is pestered by her boss Briggs, whom she has had a crush on for the past two years. Whilst she would normally be happy to gain his name in the draw as she is a little unsure how to feel when she opens the gift bag back in the office to see his name.

Christmas has not been the same since his brother died on Christmas Eve five years ago. One of the reasons that Briggs has not closed the logging company that he owns. Most of his office staff declare that they are taking time off, leaving Briggs with Jewel which is a blessing and a curse as he has loved her since she started working for him. Feeling too broken to get involved with her.

Briggs feels jealous whenever Jewel talks to anyone other than him, he sends her home for the day but finds her car off the roadside as he drives past and manages to pick her up down the road and take her home. Encountering another moment of jealousy as a neighbour drops off cookies. Attempting to find a way to draw him out of himself she goes all out by wearing a dress to work, getting him all worked up. Blowing hot and cold she is shocked when she learns the truth behind his dislike of Christmas but he is not happy and fires her. Can they ever find a way to be together?

Available to buy from Amazon in Kindle Edition.

Now back for a second year! This Christmas in Alpine Valley, follow four neighbours turned friends as a free month of rent incentivizes them to participate in the second annual Secret Santa event. Leading them all to the true love they never thought they’d find.

The Handyman's Secret Santa (Christmas in Alpine Valley Book 6)

The Handyman’s Secret Santa (Christmas in Alpine Valley Book 6)

Published 22nd October 2022

Rating: 4 out of 5.

I have a huge crush on my handyman.
It can’t go anywhere.
He’s older than me. Old enough that it would give my mom a heart attack. Which is the last thing she needs with all the stress she’s under.
But then I draw Milo’s name for the Secret Santa event.

Addison made the move back to Alpine Valley three months ago after a bad breakup, selling her car in order to afford the bus ticket, Moving into a four-plex building she lives and works with her neighbours at the town bakery. Grateful to Wilma for letting her move in but surprised when they are all offered free rent in December as long as they sign up for her Secret Santa project – Addison hoping that she’ll draw the building’s hunky handyman’s name.

When Addy moved into the four-plex, Milo helped carry her belongings, fixed any issues and brought furniture that Wilma had organised for her. Seeing her broken nearly broke Milo and he has been keeping an eye on her ever since. Making repairs where needed as well as checking that she gets home safely after her night shift at the bakery. Popping over to fix an outlet he finds she has a leaking sink, which leads to them sharing an amazing first kiss.

Despite the age gap between them Addy wants to have Milo in her life never having felt this connection to anyone before. Although he has been hurt in the past by his ex-wife and is shocked to find that Addy has been lying to him and wonders if he can trust her or if this was all a game to her.

Available to buy from Amazon in Kindle Edition.

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