Christmas Romantic Comedies (3 Books) by Layla Valentine

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Christmas Romantic Comedies (3 Books) by Layla Valentine

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Welcome to the Christmas Romantic Comedies series from Layla Valentine, bringing you three driven men and the women that come into their lives. Sharing standalone Christmas time stories they are best enjoyed as a collection.

Christmas Romantic Comedies series by Layla Valentine

Fake It For Christmas (Christmas Romantic Comedies Book 1)

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Hoping to utilise her business degree until she either climbs the corporate ladder or saves enough money to start her own business Ellie has moved from Ohio to New York. Taking the executives coffee every morning in order to be remembered when any new positions open up, leads to a business proposal from the CEO Chase. Needing a fake girlfriend to attend his sister’s wedding. Whilst he doesn’t necessarily sell the idea to her very well she agrees, thinking about how she can utilise the five-figure sum he’ll pay her for the event. Cold and aloof towards her they barely scrape through the rehearsal dinner – and then she meets his twin brother Sawyer.

You would like to think that as twin brothers Sawyer and Chase would have each other’s backs. Sadly they seem to get on better when there are many miles between them, Attempting to out so each other Sawyer bates his brother with his now ex-girlfriend, making Chase bring a date to the wedding. Which Sawyer thinks is a fake date given the distance between the two, especially when Chase leaves her all alone at the wedding reception. Drawn to her spikey personality they come together in the most fabulous way but she sneaks out before dawn.

Fulfilling this business proposal for Chase has allowed Ellie to dream about the future – one that can’t include Sawyer. But he appears at every turn making it difficult to forget him, With Chase looking to draw him into the family business, it causes some tensions not least when it becomes obvious to Chase that Sawyer has a thing for his fake girlfriend. Can they overcome the obstacles or are they better to walk away?

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Stuck Together for Christmas (Christmas Romantic Comedies Book 2)

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Working as a paediatric nurse is Alex’s first love, although it is something her family think (and hope) is a passing phase. Having not taken any vacation her bosses request she books Christmas off, which she intends to spend hiding in her apartment watching Christmas movies rather than with her family. Although she must attend her families Christmas party before she can hibernate away from them. Subjected to the comments about settling down, finding a man, giving up her job etc. With her mom determined to matchmake her with her brother’s best friend and business partner Ryan. Thankfully her brother Peter comes to her rescue offering his home in Honolulu for her to escape to.

The pending sale of a start-up that Ryan and Peter have designed should be the stepping stone to yet another big thing. However, Ryan is wondering whether or not he wants to go through the process again just to make more money. Pondering his life choices he is hoping that this year will be the year that Alex finally sees him as more than just her brother’s best friend. His efforts are thwarted at every turn and wonders if this is the push he needs to walk away and step out on his own.

Arriving for an impromptu Hawaiian vacation Alex is looking forward to relaxing over Christmas. But it appears that there is another guest at the house already – Ryan. Deciding to share the house but do their own things they embark on a twenty questions quiz between them to find out the things that Alex’s mom doesn’t report to her every time they talk. Slowly they grow closer and realise that they have each held misconceptions about the other- but is everything as it seems?

Available to buy from Amazon in Kindle Edition.

Bad Boy For Christmas (Christmas Romantic Comedies Book 3)

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Putting the finishing touches to the biggest PR event she has organised to date, Linda has her fingers crossed everything goes well and will lead to future contracts. Unfortunately, an incident beyond her control screwed up her hard work and the event host has certainly done a great job at blackening her name. Forced to move back home and live on her father’s sofa she ponders what her next steps will be. With her dad telling her about a disgraced Royals hockey player and he immediately searches to find out his manager’s details to step up as his PR.

Losing his temper during a hockey game has Tyler Bliss hiding away in his apartment with only a bottle of drink to keep him company. Not that he should be drinking as that was the fuel in his recent disgrace. Receiving a call from his manager to say that he has a new PR person in place and that Linda will be calling has him questioning whether he’ll ever get back on the team or if his actions will lead to him being kicked out of the NHL. But he isn’t in the mood for a PR schedule – until Linda turns up on his doorstep.

Looking to turn his recent misdemeanours around Linda has planned the 12 days of Blissmas. Tyler is not keen on being seen kissing butts in order to gain good press coverage but doesn’t appear to be able to say no to Linda. Finding himself enjoying the activities that she has organised, Getting back to grassroots with the little league and adopting an old dog from a shelter. Drawing close they overstep boundaries but Linda puts the brakes on things as she doesn’t want this to blow up in either of the faces – but what happens when Tyler doesn’t turn up for the last event?

Available to buy from Amazon in Kindle Edition.

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