Christmas With The Billionaire Series (4 Books) by Holly Rayner

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Christmas With The Billionaire Series (4 Books) by Holly Rayner

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Settle in and spend Christmas with the billionaire, in a series of four books from Holly Rayner. These four rich billionaires might be capable when it comes to making money, but their love lives require some improvement. Each book is a complete standalone so can be read on its own or as part of a series.

Christmas With The Billionaire Series by Holly Rayner

An Unexpected Baby For Christmas (Christmas With The Billionaire)

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Taking her girlfriends out for Galentine’s Day leads to Sofia mistaking a fellow patron, Blaire, As a waiter. Getting him to bring their table a bottle of wine they slip into an easy conversation. Her friends make their excuses to leave giving the two of them time to chat and make plans to meet again. Celebrating her pitch to the holiday company she works for, they discuss her love of Christmas and how she hopes that this will land her the CEO position. Although Blair double-crosses her and takes the idea to his own company.

Managing to turn things around Sofia is furious with Blair who declares it wasn’t personal just business, so when she finds out that she is pregnant she opts to do it on her women with her mom and friends as support. Fast forward to Noelle being born and she feels she should reach out and let Blair know about his daughter. Whilst he is shocked, he is also very pleased to have them both in his life and sets about trying to make things right after how things ended. Submerging himself into the Christmas festivities with the two of them.

Landing the CEO position, Sofia fears she will lose it all when she confesses the truth about how the original Christmas plan was stolen and her connection with Blair. Is she really able to have the love of her life baby and job?

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A Grumpy Boss For Christmas (Christmas With The Billionaire Book 2)

Rating: 4 out of 5.

The TV marketing director, Alyssa, has been working hard to get the new reality show Blind Lve on track to air in the New year The network boss Carson changing the goalposts time and time again – resulting in him cancelling her planned vacation days. She was looking forward to heading home to see her family. Opting to take a stand she resigns and whilst she will still be forced to work her two weeks notice she knows he’ll be stuck without her. Finding out that the network is offering a $10k bonus for signing onto the failing show she signs up as an act of revenge.

Unknowingly his friends and fellow network executive has signed Carson up for Blind Love. Finding him partnered with Alyssa he thinks that this is some elaborate joke but they are just there to make up the numbers not to win. The public test results don’t agree and send them off on a remote tropical hideaway which has them pushing each other’s buttons. Alyssa attempts to show Carson there is more to life than work and the network.

One that has them learning to trust, giving in to their passion and understanding what life can be like when you find that someone special to share it with.

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Boss’s Captive For Christmas (Christmas With The Billionaire Book 3)

Rating: 4 out of 5.

For almost a year Cassie has worked from Rumus Unlimited as Dominic’s PA – outlasting previous PA’s who only managed to stick around for a few weeks or months. With Christmas approaching, Cassie wants to ask for a few additional days vacation. Instead, she overhears part of a conversation she shouldn’t have which results in Dominic terminating her employment. Determined to discover the shadiness that she knows Dominic is up to she sets a plan in action to sneak onto his boat and download information from his private server.

Conducting business on the fine line between legal and illegal Dominic isn’t sure how much Cassie heard or understood of his telephone conversation. Dismissing her he is now at a loss as he attempts to push through the purchase of Flamingo Hotels without her. Wishing to get it all tied up before the end of the year he heads out on his boat to set up some shell accounts outside the range of the American authorities. Finding that Cassie has stowed away on board and that they are stuck together until he returns to Miami.

Not having a PA means that Dominic overlooked the paperwork he would need for his trip. With everyone off on Christmas break he and Cassie are now stuck on his boat until the New Year, No longer his employee and the ice between then defrosting they opt to make the most of their time in a tropical paradise. Dominic pulls out all the stops for a fantastic Christmas but when reality hits and Cassie discovers what he has been up to the road ahead for them is very bumpy.

Available to buy from Amazon in Kindle Edition

A Miracle Baby For Christmas (Christmas With The Billionaire Book 4)

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Ten years ago, Stella along with her fellow biology teammates won the Leniere College Quiz Bowl. Going down to the wire against the engineering team she was able to get the final poetry question right in order to take the victory. This leads to a friendship come dating of Lucas the other team’s captain. Taking her to his special places around campus, although one day out of the blue he ghosts her. Eventually telling her she is better off without him.

Fast forward ten years and Lucas is in the final stages of his top-secret project that he is setting up in the arctic. Needing a medical researcher to complete his team he is recommended to hire Stella. Although he hopes that she will have moved on and forgotten him, there is a part of him hoping that she remembers him. Managing to navigate around the arctic bubbles without seeing each other he keeps himself busy with work.

A slow burner that brags in places with them finally coming together after he is injured in a snowstorm. Whilst this is short-lived and it isn’t until over a month later that she realises that her hormone levels are changing – but it appears he does not believe her as he is hiding a secret from years ago.

Available to buy from Amazon in Kindle Edition

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