Clear Security Holiday Series (5 Books) by Ainsley St Claire

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Clear Security Holiday Series (5 Books) by Ainsley St Claire

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The holiday book series from Ainsley St Claire, Clear Security Holiday is a trio of standalone holiday romance suspense novels, but characters from the VC Billionaires Series and Tech Billionaires Series can be known to make appearances.

Clear Security Holiday Series by Ainsley St Claire

Gifted: A Protective Hero Holiday Romance (Clear Security Holiday Book 1)

Published 18th November 2019

Rating: 5 out of 5.

As a former teacher, my mission is to keep the disadvantaged youth of our city engaged with school. My non-profit has been wildly successful with the kids, but now I’m forty mentors short for the Christmas season. It didn’t look like we would be able to find enough help, until Jim Adelson got involved.

Three years ago Kate walked away from her traditional teaching position to work for a non-profit Brighter Futures which is looking to encourage and inspire children to attend school and study hard. As part of this, she is in the middle of arranging the Christmas sponsorship shopping event for the 200 students who have qualified for the $200 spend at Bullseye. Although she is 40 donors short just days away and reaches out to one of the directors for help.

After a rough start in life joining the Marines instead of going to jail was the best thing for Jim. He started his own security company after helping his former CO, it has gone from strength to strength. But he is beginning to drown under the admin of the business and his 500 employees. An email from a client catches his eye about helping out a local non-profit and Jum in turn emails his contacts. Managing to get over 40 names for the coordinator Kate – who he just so happened to check out online.

Feeling relieved that the extra donors/mentors came through thanks to Jim, Kate is keen to meet the man of the hour and say thank you. Swapping numbers for a drink/dinner after the event Jim is surprised when he hears from Kate not about meeting up, but about a robbery from the Brighter Futures offices of all the gifts the children selected. Woking with the SFPD, Jim is determined to find out what happened – as well as stay close to Kate as they explore the chemistry between them.

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Unwrapped: A Workplace Holiday Romance (Clear Security Holiday Book 2)

Published 16th November 2020

Rating: 4 out of 5.

My holidays don’t seem like they can get any worse.
As San Francisco’s preeminent fixer I don’t have time to celebrate until Bash Pontius convinces me to embrace the season.
He may have solved my holiday blues, but he’s created another problem.

Fiona is known as the fixer amongst her clients and even her wider friendship circle. Life pulls her in 101 directions as she attempts to solve problems, fix situations and right their wrongdoings. There is no time in her life for love and relationships and with a dark past, she knows that it is better just to have that itch scratched when needed rather than let people get too close to her. Whilst working on a case she is drawn to a handsome somewhat stranger but duty calls and she is off.

For the past eight years, Bash has been working for Clear Security. After leaving the military he was fortunate enough to be pulled into a personal security case which lead him to San Francisco. His job challenges him and as one of the seconds in command, he is about to step up after Christmas as Jim heads off on a honeymoon for three months. Fiona has crossed his path a few times as they have a number of clients who overlap. With her needing some additional recon work for a suspected murder case one of her clients is accused in Clear Security and Bash is there to lend a hand.

With her father in federal prison for arms dealing she hasn’t seen him for a while. But ill health has her visiting and this leads to a visit from the FBI as her father is an IRA general. The SFPD is also on her case as one of the detectives has her in his sights. Leading to Bash feeling very protective of her and wanting to be the person who fixes things for her. But Fiona has obligations she is supposed to fulfil, which means she can’t get Bash to get too close.

Available to buy from Amazon in Paperback or Kindle Edition

Merry and Bright: A French Hero Holiday Romance (Clear Security Holiday Book 3)

Published 5th November 2021

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Christmas looks bleak until my fake boyfriend comes to my rescue, but now I’m at risk of really falling for him.

Working as a youth social worker is Grace’s passion, it only just about pays the bills. So works a second job waitressing for a catering company which is where she bumps into the hot French man she had met at the marina whilst attempting to rescue a sea lion from a set of lights. Working the event she sees him with his date to get rid of him and agrees to meet him afterwards but slips out early to avoid him.

Vincent enjoys his yacht, even his friendly sea lion brings a smile to his face. Although the auburn-haired beauty that was at the dock yesterday brings a bigger smile – he is unable to understand why she skipped out on meeting him for a drink after the event last night. Prepping for a private party on his yacht for his Clear Security friend/boss Bash and his fiance Fiona he doesn’t have time to dwell on the woman. His day brightens, however, when he realises that she will be part of the catering crew for the evening. Managing to get some time with her as everyone cleans up after most people have left.

There is something about Vincent that pulls Grace towards him. The surprise visit from her father and his young wife has Vincent stepping up to play fake boyfriend although there is nothing fake about his feelings. Whilst Grace is attempting to convince her father that she is happy with her life and will not be returning to Houston. Vincent has an issue from the past cropping up, seeing him making an unexpected return to Paris just before Christmas. Is this just an arrangement to help Grace or is this the start of something special?

Available to buy from Amazon in Paperback or Kindle Edition

Naughty and Nice: A Holiday Medical Romance (Clear Security Holiday Book 4)

Published 14th November 2022

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Trapped by an avalanche with San Francisco’s most eligible bachelor would seem like a chemistry-packed holiday, but I’m a one-date wonder. There’s no way we’ll ever fall for one another.

Dr Clay McGrath works in the local hospital emergency room one week per month, whilst the rest of his time he is working alongside some of his military buddies at Clear Security. As Thanksgiving approaches he isn’t sure what he’ll end up doing but feels he needs to get out of the city, distancing himself away from the women who are attempting to woo him into bed. A most eligible bachelor article has had his phone blowing up no matter how many times he changes his number. Thankfully managing to book a last-minute trip to Tahoe.

Interior designer Anna Standing is attempting to make things as normal as possible for her mom following the death of her dada a few months ago. Her mom hasn’t been great since his death and is looking a little fragile, so they take a trip to Tahoe for the holidays. As they walk through the casino her mom accidentally hot on the head and falls, with a doctor coming to her aid. Anna spots him again in the bar as she grabs a drink after a show, Clay coming to her rescue as a man she met at the show makes his interest known.

Getting on well she is pleased to see him on the shuttle the next day to the ski resort, spending the day together on the slopes until an avalanche has they seeking shelter and warmth. Anna is surprised to find that Clay doesn’t reach out to her after she returns to San Francisco, however, an incident with her mom has them meeting again in the hospital. Clay is eager not to miss his chance with Anna now that they have reconnected, but Anna has quite a few pulls on her time between her home and office being broken into, her mom’s health and her brother out in China.

Needing some security Clay arranges for the Clear team to look into everything, whilst he volunteers to take the night shift. But as a serial ladies’ man will he ever be ready to settle down with one person?

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Secret Santa (Clear Security Holidays Book 5)

Publishing 6th November 2023

My sister is getting married and I need a date. He’s grumpy and difficult, but I think I can talk him into it.

Available to pre-order from Amazon in Kindle Edition.

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