Club Merge: The Merge Series by Kylie Kent: Reading Order

Club Merge - The Merge Series by Kylie Kent

Club Merge: The Merge Series by Kylie Kent: Reading Order

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The Merge Series books are the brilliant set of first books from the international Amazon Bestseller Author Kylie Kent. Filled with suspenseful twists, strong female characters and alpha male characters that despite their flaws you can’t help but fall in love with.

Sometimes, all it takes is a single glance, a touch, a smile to fall to your knees and promise yourself to just one person.
Sometimes, it’s not the fight in the cage that’s the toughest or holds the highest stakes. It’s the fight you enter to win her affections.
Sometimes, promises are made to be broken. Especially when that promise was to stay away from your best friend’s little sister because one touch from her is worth the risk of losing the life you’ve built for yourself.

This book series contains mature content and dark scenes, scenes and discussions of self-harm, If these are a trigger for you, you should consider skipping this series.

Club Merge- The Merge Series books 1-3

Club Merge The Merge Series First Generation

Club Merge is the complete collection of The Merge Series, 1st generation stories including Merged With Him, Fused With Him and Entwined With Him. Available to buy from Amazon you can purchase this first generation boxset in Hardback, Paperback and Kindle Editions.

Club Merge The Merge Series Reading Order

Whilst each of the Club Merge books can be read as a standalone, they are best enjoyed in the following reading order.

Merged With Him: The Merge Book 1 by Kylie Kent

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Available to buy from Amazon and the KK Store

Published 30th November 2020
Dual POV

Format: Standard Covers Paperback, Audiobook and Kindle Edition – Special Edition Paperback: Alternative Cover Edition also available
Pages: 382

Merged With Him (The Merge Book 1)

When my eyes met Zac’s from across the bar, I knew. I knew my heart was forever lost. I also knew I could never have him. It wasn’t just a matter of wrong place, wrong time.
If only it were that simple…
Being with Zac means risking everything—including my life. I know I shouldn’t want him, but my heart won’t listen to reason. And neither will Zac.
Can the promises he makes of us “always having a tomorrow together” be real?

The moment I saw Alyssa enter my club, I knew I wanted her. Even as she sat across the bar with another man, I knew I’d make her mine. Then, the moment our skin connected, every cell in my body exploded like fireworks.
A few moments in time sealed her fate. I was keeping her.
When someone threatens to take her away from me, I’m ready for war. I don’t have to go to hell and back to save the woman I love. I’m already there, my soul stained with the blood of those who thought they could cross me.
I promised her we would always have a tomorrow together. I don’t break my promises.

Emergency nurse Alyssa has finally relented and agreed to go on a date that her housemate Sarah has arranged for her. It’s been two years since she has dated and cannot believe how dull her date is. leaving the restaurant she is looking forward to heading home but agrees to one drink in Club Merge next door. As they enter she is busy looking around at the decor and atmosphere when she connects eyes with the most handsome GQ model man. Distracted, she fails to notice what her date is up to but luckily is rescued by Mr GQ.

It is not often that Zac Williamson gets the opportunity to head out onto the floor of Club Merge, however, as he looks out tonight he sees a beauty walk in, completely distracted by the splendour of the place. As their eyes meet it feels like a shock to his system and when spots what her date is up to his possessive side comes out. rescuing her he is not ready to let her go and sparks an instant connection unlike anything he has felt before.

Spending time together Zac is questioning where Alyssa has been all his life as she seems unphased by the curveballs in his life. But as Alyssa starts to gain unwanted attention she fears her past is coming back to haunt her. Explaining things to Zac he keeps her close as threats begin to ramp up, but will they find out who is behind it all before it is too late?

Fused With Him: The Merge Book 2 by Kylie Kent

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Available to buy from Amazon and the KK Store

Published 28th February 2021
Dual POV

Format: Standard Covers Paperback, Audiobook and Kindle Edition – Special Edition Paperback: Alternative Cover Edition also available
Pages: 308

Fused With Him (The Merge Book 2)

Five years ago, my life was turned upside down.
I’ve avoided any kind of emotional connection with men. The walls I’ve built up around my heart have a foundation no man has been able to crack.
That is until Bray freaking Williamson comes crashing down on me.

On the outside, he’s the bad boy your mother always warned you about. On the inside, he’s the prince charming your father always hoped you’d find.
The perfect package.
A sculpted body. Piercing emerald eyes—speaking of, there’s also that extra adornment he has that makes my mouth water and my body tingle in places I just can’t ignore.
Just when I think I can let my guard down, let him into my heart, my whole world is shattered and he’s taken away from me.
I’ll stop at nothing to get him back, because when he’s no longer able to fight, I’ll fight for both of us.

That’s what people call me. It’s what I’m known for. I always fight for what I want. And I always win, no matter the odds.
What I want now comes in the form of a beautiful, feisty, independent redhead.
She wants to run? That’s fine. I can run faster. She wants to hide? I’ll hunt her down.
Everyone in Sydney is about to learn that the fusion of Bray and Reilly is happening.
Nothing will stop me from having her. Not even a bullet with my name on it. This is one fight I won’t back down from.

Reilly has had a difficult time over the last five years, with her brother killed in a car accident and her father in prison for killing the drunk driver who escaped justice for killing Dylan. She is a more outgoing personality compared to her kindergarten teacher twin sister Holly and enjoys girl’s nights out with their friends Alyssa and Sarah. Indulging in a one-night affair with Bray she has a fantastic time but as they are awoken to the police coming to arrest Bray, she knows that she can’t stick around to see another man taken from her life.

When his parents were killed Bray Williamson was just seventeen and it left him with a lot of anger and aggression. He has channelled this energy into becoming an MMA cage fighter for Club M – the exclusive fighting ring under Club Merge. With his hardheaded baby sister Ella attending the club for the first time Bray is up in the VIP section with Zac’s girlfriend Alyssa’s friends Unable to take his eyes off a redheaded beauty, Reilly is distracted by her Alyssa is attacked and Bray lays into the punk – which leads to him getting arrested after a night with Reilly.

Somewhat used to women falling at his feet, Bray is trying to draw Reilly back into his orbit but she is having none of it despite now working at the Club. As their lives cross over via Zac and Alyssa they begin a secret relationship as Reilly is careful with her heart. But as things happen at the club there is a risk that he may be leaving her after all – can he keep his promise to keep fighting for them?

Entwined With Him: The Merge Book 3 by Kylie Kent

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Available to buy from Amazon and the KK Store

Published 30th April 2021
Dual POV

Format: Standard Covers Paperback, Audiobook and Kindle Edition – Special Edition Paperback: Alternative Cover Edition also available
Pages: 368

Entwined With Him (The Merge Book 3)

It’s been four years since I picked myself up off the floor and made a plan to escape. Sometimes the grass is not greener on the other side; it’s darker.
University was my fresh start. A life away from him.
It wasn’t enough. I couldn’t escape the memories.
My demons are not ones you can see—no, they’re well hidden. They stay in the dark, haunting every second of my being. I fight every day to be better, to not give in.

I’m back now. I’m better now.
I can handle being here. In this club. I can handle being around him again.
At least that’s what I thought. Until my well-laid plans go up in flames the moment my eyes land on him.
Dean, my brother’s best friend.
Dean, the one man I’ve always loved.

Four years ago, I did the hardest thing I ever had to do. I walked away from the love of my life.
She was young. She needed to go and live her dreams without me dragging her into my darkness. She’s also the little sister of my best friend.
Now, Ella is back. She’s not eighteen anymore. And I’m not going to make the same mistake twice.
She’s mine. I’ll make sure everyone knows it. Including her.
She claims she’s broken. I think she’s perfect. Not that it matters. Because either way, she’s my one.
Always has been. Always will be.

“You didn’t let me go. You left me. To let someone go, they have to want to be freed. I did not. No, you left me, broke me, and now, I’m nothing but a broken piece of who I used to be.”

Ella Williamson fell in love with her overbearing brothers best friend when she was 15 years old. Now that she is eighteen she is ready to show him that she is now an adult. Visiting Club Merge with her friends doesn’t go to plan when she is attacked in the toilets and almost raped. Saved by Dean he helps take care of her in the weeks that follow, however, when she makes her intentions clear he rejects her – breaking her heart. Fast forward four years and it is time for her to return to Sydney after college and face Dean.

Telling Ella that they couldn’t be together and that she needed to live her life was the hardest day of Dean McKinley’s life. Having loved the little sister of my best friend for years he has kept his distance from Zac’s little sister. With her returning home and working at Club Merge, Dean knows that he needs to step up and claim her no matter what this may do to his friendship with Zac. Although the Ella that has come back is different from the one who left, she states that she is broken – and Dean knows that it is all his fault.

Self-harming became Ella’s way of dealing with things while she was away. Her brother Bray finds her and arranges for her help, she has worked hard to fight her demons. With Dean in her life, returning to the Club etc sets her back and others learn of her broken pieces. Although Dean won’t let her push him away, he wants to be one she reaches for both pleasure and pain – or a combination of the two.

About The Author – Kylie Kent

Kylie Kent, an acclaimed author of sizzling, captivating mafia romances, has achieved international Amazon Bestseller status, be sure to check out the complete Kylie Kent library. With a passion for crafting steamy, intense love stories, she is dedicated to bringing readers the ultimate happily ever after experience. Based in Sydney, Australia, Kylie juggles her writing pursuits with cherishing moments with her loving husband of two decades and their three children, embodying her own real life instant-love.

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