Create Your Own Happy | Snail Mail

Create Your Own Happy | Snail Mail

Create Your Own Happy | Snail Mail

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Create your own happy: Activities to boost children’s happiness and emotional resilience

Whilst we can hope that others around us will add to our happiness it is something that starts within. Something that two amazing bloggers Penny Alexander and Becky Goddard-Hill (who I have the great privilege to say I know) have recently written an amazing book for tweens (7-11 year olds) – Create Your Own Happy. Their book showcases ways in which children (and adults alike) can create their own happiness. 

Create Your Own Happy

Create Your Own Happy | Snail Mail

Use your creativity to shape your life and spread happiness around you!
This book will help you work out what really makes you happy.

Empower children to shape their lives and the lives of others around them. This illustrated activity book helps them take practical steps towards creating their own happiness and positive self-esteem.

  • Full of simple, practical ideas to help children to feel confident, strong and happy
  • Fun activities that can be done on their own or with friends and family
  • Plant a seed bomb outdoors, make a happy playlist or create a recycling monster
  • Learn about the surprising science behind emotions along the way
  • From award-winning parenting bloggers

Create Your Own Happy gives kids the tools they need to improve their emotional resilience, grow in confidence and learn how to make happy happen – both for themselves and for those around them.

Packed with simple, fun activities children can do on their own or with friends and family, this book will help them explore how to be resilient, positive and optimistic. The encouraging activities and exercises will combat negative feelings and support emotional well-being, as well as building self-esteem along the way.

Where can you buy the Create Your Own Happy book?

Create Your Own Happy is available to buy from Amazon and all other leading book retailers in Paperback and Kindle Edition.

A new home, new school, new friends

A little over two years ago we relocated some 35 miles from our previous home to where we live now. Moving meant a new home, a new school and new friends for both Roo and Tigger. As Tigger was in Reception class at the time it wasn’t such an upheaval for him. However, for Roo she had been with her friendship circle since she was 3 years old. 

Although she had to leave these girls behind, they are anything but forgotten. And it gave us the perfect opportunity to introduce them to the wonderful world of snail mail. Texts and face-timing are all well and good but it doesn’t feel half as good as coming home from school to find a letter from a friend on your pillow.

Create Your Own Happy | Snail Mail

Create Your Own Happy | Snail Mail

The Create Your Own Happy book houses an array of amazing activities and suggestions on how you can creatively create your own happiness. One of the activities is around snail mail – which sadly to most children is an alien concept. However, thankfully Roo was aware of snail mail, however, reading through the activity and prompts it sparked her into adding a little more thought when it comes to penning a letter to one of her friends.

Create Your Own Happy | Snail Mail

They say that the devil is the detail and when it comes to a handwritten letter this is no different. From including your address at the top, adding a date, and using your best handwriting – all before you have even come to share your thoughts, feelings and any news you might have. Asking questions about their lives, have they been up to anything fun? have they been on holiday? have they been watching a particular TV show?

Snail mail is something that can take just a few minutes to write a postcard, or send a copy of a photo that you’ve just found. Or can be a page full of writing because you have so much to say at that moment. It’s a wonderful way to keep up to date with your friends, to bring a smile to someone’s face and to use up your stationery stash as well as use as many different coloured pens as possible!

21 years of snail mail

When I was 14 years old I met one of my oldest friends at an air cadet camp (yes I was one of those teenagers). She lived (and still does) in Manchester and I lived in Carlisle, however, over the course of a week our friendship took hold. Some 21 years later (how did we get so old?) we are still good friends. Powered by the written word and although those letters don’t go back and forth as often as they once did. There is something so special about receiving a handwritten letter, card or note from a dear friend.

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