Dark Hearts Trilogy (3 Books) by M. O’Keefe

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Dark Hearts Trilogy (3 Books) by M. O’Keefe

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The Dark Hearts trilogy from M. O’Keefe follows the story of Ronan Bryne and Poppy. Meeting by chance at her engagement party, Poppy feels a pull toward him but she has to return to reality and fall in line with everyone else’s plans for her life. He was never supposed to get involved but he can’t help feeling protective of her.

Dark Hearts Series by M. O’Keefe

Ruined (Dark Hearts Book 1) by M. O’Keefe

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Outside a glittering party, I saw a man in the dark. I didn’t know then that he was an assassin. A hitman. A mercenary. Ronan radiated danger and beauty. Mercy and mystery.

Feeling suffocated by the guests at the Constantine party, poppy attempts to find a quiet space alone. A caterer showed her to a patio area where they go to smoke. Whilst contemplating making a run for it in her ballgown she meets an Irish stranger who is lurking n the shadows. But soon her world comes crashing back to reality when the US Senator she is about to be engaged to, appears at the door ushering her back to the party.

Fast forward two years and Poppy has endured the cruelty of the senator behind closed doors for the good of her sister Zilla and to keep her mom’s best friends Caroline Constantine happy. However, when the Senator commits suicide Poppy is shocked to find that she has inherited everything and ponders what her life will now look like.

Crossing paths with Ronan (the handsome Irishman) as he is Carline’s right-hand man and fixer. She is conflicted by the interactions and the feelings that he ignites in her. But despite warnings for her safety she refuses to leave Bishops Landing – will this decision come back to haunt her?

Available to buy from Amazon in Paperback and Kindle Edition.

Broken (Dark Hearts Book 2) by M. O’Keefe

Rating: 4 out of 5.

I’m a hunted woman, torn between my past and present, ripped apart by two warring families. Bishop’s Landing is no longer safe for us. Ronan hides me in his own corner of the world. A place steeped in sin and shadow. The priests who raised him know his secrets.

Dead or alive are the words that twist and turn around Ronan’s head. Reacting to the bombshell that Theo dropped before he killed him. Grabbing Poppy and taking her away from the wars and conspiracies of Bishops Landing. Heading to one of the places nobody would think to look for them – the small Irish village outside of Carrickfergus.

Waking up in an unfamiliar place Poppy attempts to recall everything that has happened. Stitches in her arm and Ronan watching over her in a small dark cottage. Discovering that her life is at risk but unsure as to why she has to rely on Roan even though he is standoffish with her. Only letting her know what he wants her to know and rejecting her advances.

Curious as to why he brought her to the church that caused him so much pain in the past she befriends Father Patrick. Helping him with chores, much to his disdain of Ronan. Needing to reconnect Poppy with her sister, Ronan makes plans to get her to London but has the little hideaway been rumbled and could an unlikely source provide an alternative plan of action?

Available to buy from Amazon in Paperback and Kindle Edition.

Untamed (Dark Hearts Book 3) by M. O’Keefe

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Marriage has always meant violence. I don’t trust it, but it’s the only thing keeping me afloat in these dark undercurrents. I married for safety but I got the most dangerous thing in the world—Ronan Byrne for a husband.

With no option but to return to New York Ronan is still looking for a way out of things for Poppy. His eyes opened to a bombshell about his past and what that means for the future. Not wishing to be drawn into the ongoing battle between the Morelli’s and the Constantine’s – but is there a way he can avoid this?

Zilla points out to Poppy that she has a habit of loving things that will never love her back. Despite attempting to show Ronan what life could be like between them he rebuffs her affections other than anything physical. Unwilling to allow Ronan to take on the responsibility for securing their future safety se attempts to gain answers from Caroline Constantine.

The push and pull between them are heartbreaking at times as Ronan refuses to see himself as anything other than a monster. Whilst Poppy can see the man behind the mask and continues to hope and love him. Will Ronan give up everything to save her? or will he own up to his feelings and take a leap of faith?

Available to buy from Amazon in Paperback and Kindle Edition.

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