Dark Tales Series (10 Books) by Teresa Wolf

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Dark Tales Series (10 Books) by Teresa Wolf

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These small but mighty Dark Tales from Teresa Wolf are steamy romances covering a range of taboo subjects. They will draw you in from the opening chapter and be frustrated that they ended too soon.

Dark Tales Series by Teresa Wolf

Stalk You: A Sexy Obsession Romance (Dark Tales Book 1)

Rating: 3 out of 5.

I’ve always been hers. I’ve always been here — sitting, waiting, biding my time.

Despite having worked at the strip club as a waitress for six years, Bridgette still freezes whenever leary hands grab her ass. Thankfully the bouncers are ready to step up and rescue her. Heading out at the end of her shift she makes her way down an alleyway to get to her bus stop. However, the leary man from earlier in the night is there to continue his attempts with her.

Just seeing that man’s hands on her makes Carl rage with anger. Stepping in to help her he is pleased when she recognises him as her ex-boyfriend from college and accepts his help. Staying over at his place he persuades her to continue staying in his absence as he travels often for work.

Needing to continue with her life she returns to work only to be propositioned by her boss. Taking a stand she quits and worries about what she will now do with her life – but when Carl’s stalking side is revealed will she stay or run?

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Prey On You: An Anti-Hero Age Gap Hitman Romance (Dark Tales Book 2)

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Hi. I’m Mason Hanwell.
And you can call me a stalker, or a depraved monster — whatever you like.

Preparing to carry out a job, Mason is standing in the cold watching Skylar through the window. Whilst she has no part in what he is here for, he is unable to keep his distance from ger but knows that he must bide his time.

It’s been a month since her best friend Alice’s parents were killed and Skylar is craving fresh air. Tired of being stuck in their new apartment she takes the opportunity to head to the mall to get supplies. Completely overwhelmed upon her arrival she is pleased when a handsome older stranger looks after her and listens to her talk about what’s happening in her life.

Whilst Mason might be an alpha in almost all areas of his life he is shocked to find himself loving Skylar taking control and ordering him around in the bedroom. His queen and the brightness in his life, however, when she finds out about how he was introduced to her, will she walk away?

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Forbidden You: An Age Gap Step Uncle Mafia Romance (Dark Tales Book 3)

Rating: 3 out of 5.

My only mission was to follow her, protect her — at all costs. It’s the least I can do.

Thirteen years ago as he sta preparing for a job, Zeke had no idea that his life was bout to change, Taking out a husband and wife on behalf of the Hawthorne Syndicate he didn’t know about their 5-year-old daughter, Riley. Unable to leave her behind he takes her to his older brother Monty’s house for him and his wife Hayley to look after.

Growing up with the Hawthornes, Riley has always felt like part of the family. Although she’d like something more with her Uncle Zeke than just the normal interactions. Taking control of the situation at her ‘parents’ anniversary party she decides to show him how grown up she is and how much she’d like to change things between them.

Zeke has been following Riley for a while, having wanted more from her as she turned eighteen. Bumping into each other in the clothes store has them crossing boundaries, although Riley leaves Zeke wanting more. However, when Riley is kidnapped by enemies she learns the true nature of the family business and what part Zeke has – will this have her running from Zeke?

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Break You: A Stalker Stepbrother Romance (Dark Tales Book 4)

Rating: 3 out of 5.

My name is Leo, and this lion is on the prowl…

For the past five years, Eve has been attempting to rebuild her life in the small town she calls home. After enduring a court case that saw her mom’s ex-boyfriend sent to jail for abduction and assault. Seeing her mom return from a week in Vegas she is shocked to find out that she has not only gotten married but has planned for them to move to Austin.

Settling into their new house and base in Austin, Leo is preparing to meet his new stepmom and stepsister for the first time. Whilst his dad hasn’t married for love, just for the appearance of a happy family. Leo is taken back to meet Eve, finding himself drawn to her and a feeling of protectiveness washing over him. Following her around Austin as she attempts to find a job.

Enjoying a coffee in the mall after an interview Eve is surprised to hear a voice from the past. With her attacker making an appearance, let out of jail early for good behaviour. Throwing her coffee in his face she rushes home where Leo follows shortly after to comfort her. Drawing closer she doesn’t want Leo to go anywhere and tries her best to keep him home.

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Sin You: A Taboo Priest Romance (Dark Tales Book 5)

Rating: 3 out of 5.

It’s time to confess my sins…

Making the move from LA to Priest River with her father was not something that eighteen-year-old Enya wished for. It did, however, bring Father Cain into her life and for the past three weeks, she has looked forward to Sunday service. Sitting on the front row in a mini skirt and partly open blouse she is tempting him to fulfil all the sins she has thought about.

Dedicating his life to the church for the past 18 years Cain has served his God and led a simple life in the small town. The arrival of Enya has stirred up many emotions and sins within him. Knowing he should not give in to temptation but also feels like he is unable to stay away from her. Her visit to the confessional box leaves him in no doubt of both their feelings.

Crossing boundaries they part for the day, however, the reason for her father’s recent move comes knocking at the door. Turning to Cain for comfort, Enya is surprised when he states that he’ll handle things. Could temptation of the flesh be the only sin that Cain commits?

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Kill You: A Father’s Best Friend Serial Killer Romance (Dark Tales Book 6)

Rating: 3 out of 5.

I’m a killer… and she’s become my prey.

Ridding the world of filth is something that Griffen does by day as a detective and by night as the Whiteside Vigilante. Thirteen years ago he killed the man who assaulted Emma and has watched over her ever since, Making friends with her parents he has been part of her life but the feelings of protectiveness are not the only ones he now feels for her.

Emma’s dad is throwing a BBQ at their house but sadly she is due to work at the bar tonight so will miss out on most of the fun. However, she ensures that she gets to see Griff before she heads out for the evening. Her Saturday shift is busy as ever but when a stranger refuses to take no for an answer she is saved by the bartender and another customer. Rushing home she is pleased that Griff is still there.

raged by the news that someone had their hands on Emma, Griff is already forming a plan to find the punk. Walking him out to his car they grow close and begin to cross the line, however, flashbacks of long-hidden memories have Emma freezing and calling to stop. Leaving her behind Griff needs to get one last look at her but finds that the punk from the bar has come looking for her. It’s time for Emma to know about the other side of Griff’s life – will she be scared off?

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Discipline You: A Jealous Possessive Student-Teacher Romance (Dark Tales Book 7)

Rating: 3 out of 5.

She’s been a naughty girl… and it’s my job to discipline her.

Flying under the radar in Alabama as a community college teacher, Wilson is counting down the minutes until his evening business administration class finishes. Although seeing the show that Hope is putting on for him in the front row is certainly distracting him from his usual reality. Asking her to stay behind after class he attempts to let her know that nothing can happen between them.

Studying on an evening for her college degree, whilst working in a local strip joint during the day. Having had to work in order to provide money for her deadbeat parents. Seeing Wilson is the highlight of her studies and wants to pursue things with him despite the age gap.

Unable to stay away from Hope, Wilson arranges to take her out for the day but needs to keep things quiet due to his precarious position. Explaining that he is not a good man and dangerous does not put Hope off and they enjoy their time together. But when his past comes knocking at her door will he risk everything for her?

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Rule You: A Billionaire Stalker Boss Romance (Dark Tales Book 8)

Rating: 4 out of 5.

When you’re a billionaire playboy, all the ladies want you.

Looking to blow off steam and have one night of recklessness she starts her corporate job in the morning. Piper finds herself in the storeroom of the bar she had been in with a handsome stranger. Although he leaves her hanging and tells her if she wants more she’ll have to come and find him.

With the final touches happening for the Silent Surveillance launch Alfie could do without the hassle of sorting out his new secretary. But is on for a shock when the redhead from the bar last night appears in front of him. Unsure if she is a spy for a competitor he follows her home and discovers the life she is attempting to distance herself from.

Attempting to keep their sexual chemistry and frustrations professional only lasts for so long. Piper finding herself on her knees in Alfie’s office is a little cliche but she’s happy to be there. An altercation at home sees Piper attempting to keep her safe in his own way. But when Piper’s dad notices what has been going on will Alfie be able to save her?

Available to buy from Amazon in Kindle Edition.

Shame You: An Enemies to Lovers Stepbrother Romance (Dark Tales Book 9)

Rating: 4 out of 5.

We’re at each other’s throats… when we’re not in each other’s sheets.

When Tess’s father died in an accident when she was a young girl, she was pleased that her mom had a second chance at love. This did mean that she gained a stepbrother, Novak, alongside a stepdad. As she grew up she and Novak have has a love/hate relationship. Pushing each other’s buttons, especially behind closed doors where they have a very different relationship.

When Novak’s father remarried they moved to a stereotypical church-attending community. Which is how he finds himself listening to a sermon about inappropriate relationships which has him sharing his thoughts with the congregation. Although the topic cuts close to home with his stepsister Tess. Alone for the week as their parents head off on vacation, he is looking forward to uninterrupted time with Tess.

Although Tess has felt that she has had someone following her for a while. Things come to a head when things ramp up and the stalker lets themselves be known. Will this make Novak step up or walk away from their relationship?

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Bound You: A Forced Proximity Mafia Romance (Dark Tales Book 10)

Rating: 4 out of 5.

She was born to pay a debt. Now the collectors have arrived…

Twenty years ago Rocco was given a choice between being killed alongside his drug dealing father or becoming an enforcer for the mafia family his father crossed. Not much of a choice in hindsight as he has spent his life clearing up messes for the family, something (or someone) that was meant for him to Rocco.

Getting ready to sit down with her parents for a family dinner, Shay is aware that the atmosphere feels different. The arrival of visitors has her wondering who could be interrupting dinner. Never thinking it could be the mafia who have come to collect a debt from her father. Shocked to discover that he sold her to the mafia as a baby in order to live a life of privilege.

Bound to a bed is how Rocco discovers his ‘gift’ from the boss to celebrate his years of service. Not wanting to keep Shay prisoner he attempts to offer her as much freedom as possible but there is danger lurking around the corner, Will Rocco be able to protect Shay?

Available to buy from Amazon in Kindle Edition.

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