Elkin Brothers Christmas Series (3 Books) by Leslie North

Elkin Brothers Christmas Series

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It’s time to spend the festive season with the Elkin Brothers. With their Grandmother ill, it is time to pull together, spend time as a family and navigate the women that come into their lives.

Elkin Brothers Christmas Series by Leslie North

The Billionaire Athlete’s Christmas Fling (Elkin Brothers Christmas Book 1)

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Chase has headed home to Elk Lodge for Thanksgiving at the request of his grandmother. Sadly explaining her cancer diagnosis to the family, she hopes that he and his brothers will be around over Christmas to make it special for her. A former ski champion, Chase, doesn’t want to be at the place where his career started especially as he is still recovering from an injury that ended his career. But he would do almost anything for his grandmother and agrees to stay and help his older brother sort through applications for the ski directors vacancy.

Tana is enjoying her first season as a ski instructor at Elk Lodge, loving the rewards that come with teaching youngsters to ski. She is hoping to make her stay at Elk Lodge permanent after applying for the ski directors job. A run-in with Chase following a ski lesson has her not recognise who is until another family come over for photos. By which time she has already turned down his feedback on her teaching style. Mortified about the way she spoke to him, she attempts to get away from him. But fate has other thoughts and the two of them are brought together time and time again, especially with the help of her daughter who loves Chase.

Embarking on a romance, their feelings are put to the test when Chase needs to decide whether he will be staying after the festive season. As well as an accusation from a rich customer has secrets from her past coming back to haunt her.

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The Billionaire’s Fake Christmas Engagement (Elkin Brothers Christmas Book 2)

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Gabe made the move to LA to start his tech company, getting away from the pressures and strains of family life back at Elk Lodge. A phone call from his older brother Jonas telling him that his grandmother’s cancer is aggressive and that he needs to be home for Christmas. Whilst he knows that he needs to head back, h can’t help but feel like a disappointment to his family and suddenly thinks that bringing home a girlfriend or a fiancée would be a good plan. Having dinner with Anna when he takes the call, he proposes the idea to her and although she has some reservations she says yes.

Anna has been organising conferences for a while and has recently been working with Gabe. So when he asks her to head to Colorado for three weeks to help bring joy to his grandmother she agrees. With a family that has somewhat of a chequered past, she is looking forward to having a traditional family Christmas. With her getting caught up in the festivities and Gabe all too easily. Despite a growing attraction between the two of them, she keeps her past hidden from him, however, when her ex arrives in the reception and starts mouthing off she is forced to come clean to Gabe. As well as Gabe’s family understanding that their relationship was all fake.

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The Billionaire’s Christmas Son (Elkin Brothers Christmas Book 3)

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Jonas is looking to make it a Christmas to remember for his Grandmother who has cancer. Hiring a photographer to capture the family festive celebrations. He is surprised to find that he knows the photographer, Rachel, having met her almost three years ago as a one-night stand. Managing to speak to her along they chatted about how they hadn’t given each other their names that night.

Rachel assumed that Jonas was just another ski guest when they met and slept together the last time she was at Elk Lodge. However, she has a lasting reminder of their time together, their two-year-old son, Scott. Jonas learns about Scott after seeing the resemblance between them. Shocked but not looking to shy away from his son he attempts to get to know him and Rachel. However, with his Grandmother ill (and old fashioned) he asks to hide this revelation from her for the time being.

Not comfortable hiding her son from his family, she can understand his reasoning. However, with a past filled with people telling her what to do and how she should behave, Rachel is tired of not having control over her own life. What happens when his family learn about who Scott is? Will this mean the end of their fledgeling relationship?

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