The Reading Shelf: Encourage your children to read more

The Reading Shelf: Encourage your children to read more

The Reading Shelf: Encourage your children to read more

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Reading is one of those things that we want to encourage with our children. Perhaps you were an avid reader yourself, or maybe you just want to instil the passion and joy that you can get from reading into your children. But, if we are honest with ourselves, not all children share the same passion and enthusiasm when they are younger.

Books are often associated with school work, and not all kids are thrilled with the prospect of having to do extra when they are at home. They may see it as work, rather than something they can get great enjoyment out of. However, there are ways that you can encourage your children to read more and find that enthusiasm for it themselves. 

How can you encourage your children to read more?

Reading can help with their school work, and help them to grow in confidence with their academics. Giving them the opportunity to enhance their vocabulary will help them in their literacy, English, and other lessons in school. So how can you encourage your children to read more? Here are a few suggestions to help you out. 

Start reading with them from an early age

If you can, start reading with your child from a young age. Many parents get into a bedtime routine with their babies where they read to them every evening, and this can be something that you continue to do even in the primary school years. The more they see the enjoyment from reading, especially as they associate it with an activity you do together, the more they may be encouraged to read themselves. Don’t worry if you have never been one to read to your child at night. Even if your child has started school, it is never too late to set some time aside to read with your child. 

Change up the books that you read

We all know that we can get bored of the same reading material, and your children are the same. So try and change the books every now and again. A great tip is to have some set-aside and to swap in. Or have some themed books to do with the seasons, the times of the year, or special events. A great way to add some new books into the mix is to look into a children’s book subscription. This is a monthly subscription from The Reading Shelf where they can receive new books to enjoy, and they are tailored to your child’s age. 

Encourage your children to read more - The Reading Shelf Children's Book Subscription
  • The pre-school box – An amazing box for the youngest children. This box is suitable for children in the Early Years Foundation Stage. A great way to start reading with your child and encouraging their love of books from an early age. 
  • The infants box – An entertaining box for Infant school children. This box is suitable for children in Key Stage 1. This will give you a great selection of books you can read together but also give your child the opportunity to recognise words and read with you. 
  • The juniors box – An inspiring box for Junior school children. This box is suitable for children in Key Stage 2. A great way to encourage your children o read more independently where they can embrace stories that will keep them engaged. 

Play reading games with your child 

A great way to encourage a love for reading is to play games with it. This can be a simple but very effective way of getting children to read without them feeling like they are doing work. Often the reading book from school isn’t the most inspiring piece of text, yet they still need to read it. If you are always up against them for doing it, then make a game out of it. Get the book and write down the sentences. Cut them into one or two sentences and then lay them out on the floor. Ask your child to read the sentences and put them in order. The challenge will be appealing to your child.

You could also find games that help with tricky words and reading through phonics. A quick search online will highlight age-appropriate ones you can set up. 

Buy books about topics they are interested in

Not all children are fascinated by the world of Biff and Chip. Often this can be off-putting to your child so instead, seek out books on subjects they are interested in. Would you believe that you can now buy storybooks about the world of Minecraft and Roblox? If your children are heavily invested in those games then this could be the perfect way to encourage them to read about them.

Also, you could buy books about sports, for example, football, tennis, dancing and so on. Search what they are interested in and see what comes up. You might be surprised to find some books they will love. This could be especially useful for older children who have never expressed an interest in reading before. 

Hopefully, these tips will help you when it comes to encouraging your children to read more. 

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