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Discover the Everyday Heroes World told by a wide range of authors, all of whom have a story to tell. Join the men and women from Sunnyville, California from Navy SEALs to CIA agents there is something for everyone.

Everyday Heroes World

Rules of Engagement (Everyday Heroes World) by Jessika Klide

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Six years ago Jocko claimed a kiss from Jorga in the corridor of the high school they attended. Prompting walking away and never seeing her again. Something that has put somewhat of a dampener on her love life as nobody wants to go near Jocko’s girl – however, she was never his girl, it was just a goodbye kiss – right?

Jorga hears the news that Jocko is back in town after being a Navy SEAL, something her boss at the magazine she works for is looking for her to cover. Great, just what she needs. Their paths cross unexpectedly when she is rushed out of the office to cover a missing person case. Jocko and his trusty K9 Lucifer are on hand to help find the missing man, but first Jorga has to endure a helicopter ride and she doesn’t like flying.

Whilst six years might have passed between them, the spark of attraction is still very much there and Jocko is back in town to lay claim to the girl he left behind. With them navigating a relationship, criminals and discovering what it means to be an everyday hero.

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Handled (Everyday Heroes World) by Heather Slade

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Ali has just arrived in DC on a six-month assignment, she’s tired and hungry not the best combination so when a handsome yet rude man jumps the queue in the cafe she tells him exactly what she thinks of him. However, Cope doesn’t believe that he has done anything wrong until Ali has walked away and the cafe worker points out his shortcomings.

The next day their paths cross again in the courthouse where Ali is there with a press accreditation to cover the big CIA case that also happens to involve Cope. Their lives are thrown together again with a broken-down car, a car accident and subsequent recovery. Cope taking care of Ali in his apartment as it appears that his life and possibly Ali’s is now in danger. Giving in to the attraction between them, however, there are things that they both hide from each other.

Available to buy from Amazon in Kindle Edition

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