Everyday Heroes Series (Reading Order – 3 Books) by Layla Valentine and ana Sparks

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Everyday Heroes Series (Reading Order – 3 Books) by Layla Valentine and ana Sparks

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These everyday heroes will have you crying out with frustration as well as championing them to win the affection of the women that cross their paths.

Everyday Heroes Series by Layla Valentine and ana Sparks

Naked Flame (Everyday Heroes Book 1)

He set my body aflame the very moment I saw him,
Now, he’s my fake boyfriend, but I want the real deal…

Available to buy from Amazon in Kindle Edition.

Flying Blind (Everyday Heroes Book 2)

Ten years ago I was the cocky student pilot who flew her round the bend.
This time, she’s in charge, and she wants to make me pay.

Available to buy from Amazon in Kindle Edition.

A Baby For My Bodyguard (Everyday Heroes Book 3)

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Her father hired him to keep her safe…
How is she going to tell them both that she’s having the bodyguard’s baby?!

Ella Howell has had her life on hold for the past few years following her mom’s death and subsequent panic attacks. At the moment as her dad is attempting to be elected as set governor and she has been working tirelessly on his social media accounts to ensure photos are published, comments moderated and questions answered. She is hoping to be able to move forward with her own life once the election is all over. Something that cannot come soon enough as Mark the campaign manager keeps pushing her boundaries.

After leaving the military, Cole Brooks found the adjustment to civilian life difficult. Thankful to his friend Bryce who runs an LA-based security firm for taking him on. Although his last assignment didn’t go well so he has been tasked with keeping the possible governor’s daughter safe – an easy babysitting job. Not one for politics Cole eases into the role but finds that Ella is not what he thought she was on first impressions.

A security threat after a televised debate that has her father sharing details about her personal life has Cole taking Ella out to a cabin in the wilderness. Each of them opened up about the troubles in their pasts and how these have shaped their lives today. Growing close, Cole attempts to keep the professional line but Ella wants more. But when his future is risked can they make this anything more than a fling?

Available to buy from Amazon in Kindle Edition.

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