Fated To Love You Series (5 Books) by Lindsey Hart

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Fated To Love You Series (5 Books) by Lindsey Hart

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Join the cousins of the Cromwell family in the Fated To Love You series by Lindsey Hart. Five cursed heirlooms given to them by their fabulous Granny (you’ll love her!) to guide them to their soulmates – even if they are determined never to fall in love.

Fated To Love You Book Series by Lindsey Hart

Stuck On You (Fated To Love You Book 1)

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Enemies To Lovers Rom-Com

Attempting to dig up dirt and gain revenge on the Cromwell family leads Ellis to take a maid position for the eldest Cromwell descendant Ash. Having lost her grandparents and mom in a short space in time, the buyout by the Cromwell’s of her father’s publishing company and subsequent closure pushed him over the edge and spiralled into depression. Determined to gain her revenge for this Ellis is thrilled when she overhears a conversation between Ash and his (turns out to be fake) girlfriend Meryl about a fake engagement.

Not believing in love and feeling that it is nothing but a curse Ash is happy to be on his own, Under pressure from his Granny to get married etc. he decides to enter into a fake engagement with Meryl who is under similar family pressures. Although the family ring he needs to give her has been cursed. A bang leads to him dropping the box and it falls down the stairs landing in front of his maid. Who falls under some sort of trance and puts the ring on – and subsequently unable to get it off again.

Stuck together until they are able to figure out how to get the ring off. Ash is at a loss as to why Ellis hates him so much. Visiting a fortune teller, gaining his families advice and joking about cutting off her finger all comes into play. Although when Ash steps up to help Ellis’s struggling father access therapy she is lost for words. Which becomes somewhat of a turning point in their re;ationship. But all these feelings are just because of the curse – right?

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Ex For You (Fated To Love You Book 2)

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Second Chance Rom-Com

Owning and running her own jewellery business has long been a dream and now a reality for Luna. Intrigued by the antique bracelet that arrived in the mail with a funny note requesting for it to be cleaned. Whilst waiting for the mysterious owner to collect it, she tries it on in the name of research obviously. With the lights flickering, the door opens and suddenly she hears a voice from the past.

Why Toren agreed to come and collect something from this quaint jewellery store for his Granny is beyond him. His world suddenly pauses when he not only sees his ex-girlfriend Luna there but she is also wearing the cursed bracelet – the one his Granny had given him in order to find his soulmate. Having parted ways five years ago it is clear Luna doesn’t wish to see him, especially when a mini version of Toren suddenly appears and he is scrambling to do the math in his head.

Meeting away from her store to discuss Milo and the reasons behind why she never told Toren about him. leads to a public airing of their break up where Toren had said that he never wanted kids and gave her $10k to move out – not his finest hour and he openly admits it. Looking to make amends and get to know his son he offers to step in as his nanny when Luna’s childcare falls through. Toren is amazed by Milo and is grateful to Luna for doing such an amazing job – but love is not on the cards for Toren – right? He threw away that chance five years ago.

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Stolen By You (Fated To Love You Book 3)

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Contemporary Rom-Com

After upping and leaving Seattle behind Lindy is still finding her feet in New Orleans when she received a late-night visit from an outrageous and somewhat badass Granny. Leading to her agreeing to hack into her grandson’s security system to prove a point about how it isn’t ready for market. Wanting proof of the hacking Granny offers to pay her $40k to steal a necklace from his house and take a photo of it. There is a lot of things that Lindy could do with that money and whilst she has stepped away from private hire hack jobs there is something about this one that makes her say yes.

Waking up from a dream about cotton candy, Kirian is surprised to find someone in his bedroom, How did they get past his security system? and how did they manage to escape out of his second-floor window? A call to his Granny suddenly sheds some light on the situation as she points out the flaws in his system that he wouldn’t previously listen to. Plus the hacker is now in possession of the cursed necklace that Granny have him to find his soulmate – although he has no plans to pursue love.

Agreeing to hand back the necklace with a selfie for an additional $50k Lindy comes face to face with Kirian. Watching the necklace glow he tries to find out if she is his soulmate of it’s not a freaky coincidence. With emotional and intimacy issues from her past, Lindy is somewhat wary of men and likes to keep things vanilla. Although when they finally kiss, vanilla is pushed aside for a whole new set of thoughts and feelings.

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Off-Limits for You (Fated To Love You Book 4)

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Best Friends To Lovers Rom-Com

The treat from her parents about finding her a husband if she wasn’t married by her thirtieth birthday was something Elodie took lightly. That was until Henry (too many names to remember) was introduced at dinner one evening. Fast forward three tears and she is standing in front of him at the altar wearing a hideous dress. Panicking that her best friends will not make it in time to stop the wedding and saving her from a loveless marriage just to keep her parents happy.

Taylen has been best friends with Elodie since they were five years old. Despite telling her to stand up to her parents and cancel the wedding to Henry. Elodie is too kind-hearted so he needed to help her come up with an escape plan. Which he manages to pull off just in time after stopping to hi-jack the wedding cake. Taking her to stay in a motel for a week whilst everything dies down they are faced with the prospect of sharing a bed – along with her dog.

Having been friends forever they have each never thought of the other in a romantic way. Although when Elodie produces a brooch that Taylen’s Granny gave her for the wedding and is pricked by it Taylen goes into panic mode – with a curse bestowed on the brooch. Suddenly being in the same space they think about what things would be like to take the next step – but Taylen is worried about losing her should things not work out. Promising to be there for him regardless Elodie and Taylen must trust each other and push aide family interruptions to see what they truly want.

Available to buy from Amazon in Kindle Edition

One Night with You (Fated To Love You Book 5)

Rating: 4 out of 5.

One-Night to Forever Rom-Com

Attending a charity masked ball alone after her Granny dropped out at the last minute, Leandra is drawn to a handsome stranger across the room. Sworn off men after being disappointed by them time and time again, she isn’t looking for romance. Although an anonymous conversation between the two of them leads to her offering him a one-night stand, no strings attached affair. Which offers her a night to remember, leaving before he wakes not knowing names or what the other looks like.

Having never had a one-night stand before, Daniel is disappointed that Jane (Leandra) had left before he woke. Finding one of her earrings under the bed he asks his Granny about those in attendance at the ball to track her down. Attempting to woo her with the Victorian art of flowers, there is a mix-up and it sends an entirely different message to the one he hoped. thankfully some dead flowers and a toilet later he manages to convince her to go on a date.

Feeling unsure about her path in life and the past disappointments she has endured Leandra isn’t sure if she has pushed Daniel away before they even arrive at the greenhouses of his cacti business. Not put off by her wobble they manage to get on well until they are each seen by the hospital for different reasons. Granny’s curse on the earrings plays a part in their budding romance, although there are stumbling blocks in their way – but it’s better to take things a day at a time rather than worrying too about the future and any possible disappointments.

Available to buy from Amazon in Kindle Edition

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