Filthy Rich Villains Series (3 Books) by Vanessa Waltz

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Filthy Rich Villains Series (3 Books) by Vanessa Waltz

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The Filthy Rich Villains series is a trio of standalone follow-up books to the Sinners Of Boston series featuring enemies-to-lovers romances. These alpha males are used to being in control and seeing their worlds rocked by the women they come across.

Filthy Rich Villains Series by Vanessa Waltz

Monster (Filthy Rich Villains Book 1) by Vanessa Waltz

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Marrying a monster doesn’t change his nature…

An intervention by Vinn the Costa mob boss leads to Anthony (Tony) being forced to select a wife from a list of biker chicks. Having a dark past with the Legion MC, Anthony isn’t exactly thrilled by the prospect of marrying one of them. Not to mention the ridiculous, watertight prenup that Vinn has to put together for the marriage.

As the president’s daughter, Evie has been somewhat shielded from the brutality of the MC, but she knows exactly how club whores are passed around members unless you become someone’s old lady. Forced to marry into the Costa mob to forge an alliance between the warring families Evie does not want this for her life but attempts, as always, to find the things to be grateful for in her life.

Tony isn’t happy about being married and certainly doesn’t want the children he is supposed to create with Evie within six months of marriage. Still attempting to overcome the scars from being kidnapped and tortured a few years ago by the MC. He feels he is nothing but a monster and better to stay away from his much younger bride. But as Evie gets into trouble and is kidnapped, Tony needs to confront his issues and decide what his future will look like.

Available to buy from Amazon in Paperback, Hardback and Kindle Edition.

Tyrant (Filthy Rich Villains Book 2) by Vanessa Waltz

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Tyrants don’t ask for second chances.
They seize them.

Indie starling is surprised, yet elated that Boston’s business Tyrant Bryan Knox has agreed to an interview with her. Fiercely guarded about his life he doesn’t allow many interviews so this is her opportunity to make a name for herself and increase views for Vanity, the online magazine she works for. Although the interview doesn’t quite go to plan when she tries to talk about his past and point out the good in some of his actions.

The only reason Knox agreed to an interview with indie was down to her work portfolio. Never having written anything negative or libel against him, however, he was not prepared to feel something when she reached out to grab his arm, asking her out, he is shocked when she doesn’t immediately fall into his lap. Becoming an obsession to him he attempts to woo her into submission.

After an incident at her apartment, Indie finds herself reaching out to Knox for help. Taking control he scoops her off to his apartment where he schedules her life but wasn’t prepared for the pushback against his decision. As someone who needs control in his life, Knox is not willing to hand over the reins to Indie but love has a way of changing everyone – but will it be for the better or worse?

Available to buy from Amazon in Kindle Edition.

Devil (Filthy Rich Villains Book 3) by Vanessa Waltz

Available to pre-order from Amazon in Kindle Edition – due for release on 1st July 2022

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