Frost Industries Series: Reading Order by Montana Fyre

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Frost Industries Series: Reading Order by Montana Fyre

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Frost Industries was born from the blood of our enemies, forging the way for our family to walk the fine line between high society and the Chicago underworld.

This book series contains dark themes and reader discretion should be applied.

Frost Industries Series In Order

When it Raynes (A Dark Mafia Romance): Frost Industries Book 1 by Montana Fyre

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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Published 27th May 2022
Dual POV

Format: Paperback and Kindle Editions
Pages 360

When it Raynes- A Dark Mafia Romance (Frost Industries Book 1)

I’ve lived in the darkness almost as long as I can remember, so it made sense when I stepped into my role of Enforcer. I take care of problems, no matter the stains they leave on what used to be my soul.

Until I met Emerson.

Her light shines so bright it penetrates through my cold, black heart.

I shouldn’t want her, shouldn’t muddy her with the darkness, but the moment I met her, she consumed me, and when she’s under threat from our enemy, I claim her as my own.

But how could she ever love a monster like me?

Exhausted doesn’t quite cover how Emerson feels. Discovering her low-life ex-boyfriend had taken out six credit cards and a student loan in her name has left her with mounting debts. Yet another overdue notice arrives, she is working three jobs to cover the absolute basis as well as finishing school for a counselling degree. Her work at her family’s youth centre is the most important of her jobs and is unwilling to give it up, even if it means being there after a late night working at the club or an extra shift at the diner. Slowly disappearing behind everything that she has on her plate at the moment.

Another run-in with the cops has Rayne’s family signing him up for non-court-ordered community service to prove that he is giving back to the community for the good of Frost Industries. Coming from one of Chicago’s infamous families the Saint James’, his life is split between the legitimate side of their businesses and the mafia side of things. Visiting the Chicago Youth Center he is introduced to Emerson and knows from that first look that she is his and he isn’t going to let go. Using his contacts to find out everything about her life he spends as much time at the centre as he can to help with the breakfast club or assist with the fundraising gala.

Feeling a pull towards Rayne, Emerson can’t explain why her body reacts to him and submits to his orders. Struggling with her ex showing up she is surprised when Rayne steps up to help her but reluctant to accept all his offers of help as their relationship blooms. Forced to quit one of her jobs it appears that she is on the radar of an enemy of the Saint James family but will Rayne be able to keep her safe?

Dead of Wynter (A Dark Mafia Romance): Frost Industries Book 2 by Montana Fyre

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Available to buy from Amazon

Published 19th July 2022
Dual POV

Format: Paperback and Kindle Edition
Pages 532

Dead of Wynter: A Dark Mafia Romance (Frost Industries Book 2)

I’ve been underestimated my whole life.

It’s just how it is when you grow up a mafia princess. I’ve never really cared before, always happy to play my role within the family.
But when our enemy hits us where it hurts, the queen who lay dormant demands to be set free.
I want revenge for what they’ve done to our family, and nothing can stand in my way.

The only complication, my brothers best friend who took my innocence and disappeared eight years ago.
He’s back, and even after all these years, he sets by body on fire.

I can’t allow myself to trust him, not when my world is being torn apart before my eyes.
But, Everett has always been the only one to bring me peace, and that’s exactly what I need when we’re in the middle of a chaos.

Can I forgive him for breaking my heart? Or will our love be just another casualty of war?

If the death of her parents wasn’t enough for Wynter to deal with, she opens the door to reveal Everett standing there – the man who took her virginity and then broke her heart eight years ago. Slamming the door in his face she can’t open her heart up to all that pain again. Angry at her brothers for inviting him to the estate after all this time, even if he was like another son to her parents.

Born to the hope of an alliance between the Masters and Russo families, Everett should have been the future of the combined mafia. The reality was far from that and he was used and abused by the Russo family. His friendship with Storm was his saving grace, especially when the Saint James family opened up their home to him as though he was one of their own. Falling in love with Wynter, he enjoyed their chats etc. finally crossing the line after she turned eighteen but it was the same night that he needed to walk away from her in order to keep her safe from the Russo family.

Despite being frustrated, angry and everything else in between at Everett, Wynter’s body instantly calms whenever he is near. Working for Frost Industries behind the scenes Everett has always kept a close eye on Wynter from afar. Unable to not know what she was up to and to keep men away from her. As Wynter and Everett draw into the other’s orbit, long-held secrets are to be revealed from the things he has no knowledge of about Wynter to the things the Russo family has had Everett involved in. Will they finally get their chance at a life together?

Fall of Snow (A Dark Mafia Romance): Frost Industries Book 3 by Montana Fyre

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Available to buy from Amazon

Published 29th September 2022
Dual POV

Format: Paperback and Kindle Edition
Pages 394

Fall of Snow- A Dark Mafia Romance (Frost Industries Book 3)

I’ve always been the disappointing Saint James. The expendable one even.

Each of my siblings forged a role in the family, but I never did, and all the public see when they look at me is a disgrace.

It’s not that I haven’t earned that title, because I have, and for the last few years I’ve been playing the wild child just so I have a role at all.

But when I find myself in the hands of our enemy, a man who has been a shadow in my life for the last ten years, a constant presence I could feel, but could never see, I’m thrust into a different role.

Elijah thinks I’m going to be his queen. He thinks I’m going to stand by his side despite him being my family’s mortal enemy.

Can I fall in love with the devil? Or am I destined for a life of misery beside a cruel psychopath?

As the baby of the family Snow has struggled to find her place in the family businesses. Storm heads up the family as CEO of Frost Industries and mafia don, Wynter is the CFO and underboss, whilst Rayne is the enforcer. Snow, however, manages the PR side of things and feels somewhat undervalued by her family. Acting out has been her go-to release for it all. Sneaking out despite the threats and current lockdown she has slipped her guards and is about to head out of the bar she’s been in with the barman until a dark tattooed figure rescues her.

Taking the helm of the Russo mafia now that his father and uncles have been taken out of the picture, Elijah is finally ready to act upon a plan he’s had in place for 10 years… capture Snow and make her his own. Having first met her when she was 15 years old he saw their future when he looked into her eyes and has been watching over her ever since. Coming from a family that had recently been crossing lines with the Saint James’ he has worked hard to find an alliance with them but they still won’t like him taking Snow.

Finding herself paying for her reckless behaviour Snow is surprised when it is revealed that her captor is in fact Elijah and attempts to stand up to him. Playing on her weakness for her family he manages to convince her to stay and give this thing between them a chance. Her family is naturally not happy about it but as threats appear they will need to work together to find out what is happening but witH Snow facing the brunt of the impact what will this mean for their future?

Before the Storm (A Dark Mafia Romance): Frost Industries Book 4 by Montana Fyre

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Available to buy from Amazon

Published 30th December 2022
Dual POV

Format: Paperback and Kindle Edition
Pages 398

Before the Storm- A Dark Mafia Romance (Frost Industries Book 4)

The weight of my family’s future is on my shoulders.
Our parents are gone and there hasn’t been a day since their death that we haven’t been in danger.
But now we have a new threat, one that’s getting a little too close to home, and with it brings my very own brand of heroine.

She’s everything I shouldn’t want. Sweet. Innocent. Young. But she calls to me like a siren in the deep, and I’m powerless to fight my obsession with her.
She was in trouble even before I touched her, but being mine adds a new level of danger.
I should send her away, allow her to have a normal life with a someone her own age, someone with a soul. But I can’t let her go.

Can I keep her and my family safe? Or will my affections for Ayvah be the downfall of us all?

Ayvah has always known that she was an unwanted member of her family, the surprise baby arriving 10 years after her sister. She has very much been a second-class citizen, unwanted and unloved. So when her sister tells her they are headed to a club to celebrate her 18th birthday (albeit 3 weeks late) Ayvah is somewhat surprised and should have guessed that there was an ulterior motive. finding herself drugged and about to be sold off by her own family to traffickers.

As the head of Frost Industries by day and the head of the mafia by night, Storm has been pulling 16-hour days for the last five years. Seeing each of his siblings find love he has been convinced that it is not in his future. That was until he was alerted in his club. One glance at her has something inside him clicking into place and a wave of possessiveness that is usually reserved for his family washing over him. Ensuring to get her away from Annalise’s minions and takes her back to the Saint James estate.

Reluctant to believe that Storm wants her in his life for anything more than a passing fling, Ayvah attempted to make sense of her new life holed up in the estate. Storm attempts to find a way to eradicate the threat from Annalise and navigate the new feelings he is experiencing for Ayvah. Turning into a caveman, making decisions on her behalf but will he be pushing her away rather than keeping her safe?

About The Author Montana Fyre

Montana is an Amazon Top 50 bestselling author of spicy dark romance. She writes possessive anti-heroes who will make you swoon and feisty heroines who give as good as they get. She lives in Australia with her husband and four cats, and is a self proclaimed garlic bread connoisseur. She loves to travel the world, but also loves to have her head in a spicy book in her home library and office.

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