Great gifts for bookworms

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Great gifts for bookworms

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One of the most popular hobbies that people have is reading. People from all walks of life may enjoy reading regardless of their gender, age or educational background. People with a particular interest in reading are often referred to as bookworms.

When looking to buy a gift for a person, it is usual to take into account the person’s individual interests so that an appropriate gift may be selected that will bring the receiver pleasure. If you are buying a gift for a bookworm, then it is likely that you will want to buy that person a gift that is related to this interest.

What do you buy a bookworm?

What do you buy a bookworm?


The most obvious gift to buy for a bookworm is a book. If you know the person well, then it is likely that you will have some knowledge of the person’s reading interests, such as any particular authors that they favour, or any genre of books that they prefer to read. In this case, the selection of a book as a gift will be a simple task.

However, if you do not know a person all that well, then you may have to do a little investigation into the particular reading interests of that person, either from the receiver themselves or from a person that is close enough to them to be aware of their reading interests.

Vouchers and gift cards

Another option is to buy the person a book voucher from their nearest bookstore or from an online book retailer. This will then give the person the option of selecting a book for themselves and ensure that they will get a book that will be read and thoroughly enjoyed, rather than sitting on a bookcase and gathering dust.

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A further option, if you prefer not to be as obvious as to buy a book, or feel that a voucher is too impersonal, is to buy book-related products. One option here is to buy a nice bookmark. This may not sound like much of a gift option at first but when you think of bookmarks you automatically think of a thin strip of laminated cardboard with a tacky picture on it. However, there are many beautiful bookmarks available that are made of silver or gold-plated designs with beaded attachments.

Be sure to check out the myBOOKmark collection for a range of the most unusual handmade bookmarks in the world. Just imagine cute little legs sticking from your book.


A final book-related product that can be bought as a gift is bookends. There are many interesting and ornamental designs available. If you have knowledge of other interests of the gift receiver or know how their house is decorated, then this will help you in the selection process of buying this gift.

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