Groff Billionaire Brothers Series (4 Books) by Gabrielle Snow

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Settle in for some time with the Groff Billionaire Brothers from Boston. Busy running their medical research and development company Groff & Groff whilst they navigate around love, family politics and finding their way in life.

Groff Billionaire Brothers Series by Gabrielle Snow

Mr. (always) Right (Groff Billionaire Brothers Book 1)

Best Friends To Lovers Romance

Rating: 4 out of 5.

With her on-again, off-again boyfriend Anthony breaking up with her in the early hours of the morning Claire is already over how this day is going. Deciding to head home early she reaches out to her best friend Theo to see if he can come over later to offer her a shoulder to cry on. Having been friends since high school when he had been dating one of her friends he is the one constant in his life.

Not surprised to hear that Claire’s older artist boyfriend has yet again broken things off he prepares to be there for her through it all. Despite having been friends for 18 years they have never crossed any lines, not wanting to ruin their friendship. Currently angle his mom is on his case about marriage and babies – especially as an ex is back in town and wants to meet up to discuss a business project.

Owning an art gallery, Claire has tended to date people within a similar field, although they tend to be flakey or drama-filled personalities. When a friend mentions her relationship with Theo and how nothing has ever happened between them, has her questioning what it would be like to sleep together. Tipsy from a dinner date Claire comes on to Theo with surprising passion-filled results but does this mean the end of their friendship? Will he decide to go back to his ex? Will she be tempted to try again with Anthony?

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Love (To Hate) You (Groff Billionaire Brothers Book 2)

Enemies-To-Lovers Romance

Rating: 4 out of 5.

For the past two years, rosa has been fighting with the insurance of Groff & Groff to gain the payout from her father’s accident. Receiving a final letter to say that the case is now closed she decides to head to the Groff & Groff headquarters but is thrown out by security. Attempting to get away before she bursts into tears she bumps into someone dropping all her papers and breaking her sunglasses.

Paul Groff always likes to make things easier for others, ensuring their lives go as smoothly as possible Wishing to brighten up the poor girl whose sunglasses were broken outside his office he tracks her down to have a new pair delivered. Little did he know that she’d come marching into his office the next day – resulting in him asking her out for dinner. Something about her truthful nature draws him in and they hit it off.

Feeling guilty for sleeping with him, not to mention them being from different worlds, Rosa breaks things off with him. Attempting to keep the distance between them proves difficult as each time they see each other they are unable to keep their hands off each other. With a secret between them, how can they ever have anything real between them?

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Not Exactly My Type (Groff Billionaire Brothers Book 3)

Small Town Fake Relationship Romance

Rating: 4 out of 5.

After forcing herself to complete the college degree that her parents wanted her to do and paid for. Jackie has turned her back on corporate America, moving to the small coastal town an hour from Boston to stay with her aunt and uncle. Happily working as a barkeep in a local bar as well as her other community causes she has no desire to head back to the city. A surprise visit from her parents has her telling them about her boyfriend who doesn’t exist yet.

A year-long project to update a small clinic as part of the Groff & Groff Foundation has Edward Groff moving to the local inn until he finds his feet. Visiting the pub for a drink he bumps into the pink-haired cousin of Claire, who is engaged to his eldest brother Theo. Having met her at their engagement party she sits down for a chat. Before dropping the news that she’d like to fake date him for a month whilst her parents are in town.

Sharing text messages to get to know each other they fall into an easy pattern and friendship. Her parents love him, even if they are still on her case about the direction she is headed in life. Getting involved in different areas of their lives they find that the feelings are not so fake between them but when something happened to Jackie, feelings are pushed to the surface.

Available to buy from Amazon in Kindle Edition.

Match Made In Heaven (Groff Billionaire Brothers Book 4)

Dark Second Chance Romance

Available to buy from Amazon in Kindle Edition.

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