Guardians Of The North {Reading Order – 6 Books} by Kali Hart

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Guardians Of The North {Reading Order – 6 Books} by Kali Hart

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Meet the J-Squad aka the Guardians of the North. These six Coast Guardsmen formed an unbreakable bond in boot camp. After years of being separated on different assignments around the world, they’re finally back together again in their new post: North Haven, Alaska. They’ve all struck out on love. Until now. The curvy beauties of their dreams are finding their way to Alaska and into the hearts of these brave military men.

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Jaxson (Guardians Of The North Book 1)

Rating: 4 out of 5.

I’ve been looking forward to visiting my Coast Guard brother in Alaska since I broke off my engagement.

Blakely hasn’t seen her brother in two years, her previous relationship keeping her from making the journey to New Haven, Alaska where Jordan is based as a Coast Guardsman. Arriving at the small airport she finds a gorgeous hunk calling her name and introducing himself as Jaxson, her brother’s best friend who informs her that he has food poisoning and has asked him to pick her up and take her for food.

Jaxson would do anything for his J-Crew buddies, especially his best mate Jordan. Receiving a call asking him to help with his sister’s arrival means that he’ll drop everything to go help. On a self-imposed sex ban as he is looking for a wife and mother to his babies rather than just a good time, he thinks that Jordan trusts him more not to touch his sister. Although spotting her in the airport has his whole-body awakening.

Discovering that Jordan is going to be out of action for a day or two has Blakely moving into Jaxson’s guest bedroom. Spending more time together allows their connection to grow, leading to them hiding their love from Jordan. But when it is time to leave and her flight is delayed she confesses her love to Jordan who does not take kindly to his best friend and his sister.

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Jordan (Guardians Of The North Book 2)

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Today was supposed to be the happiest day of my life.
But I couldn’t do it.

With minutes to go before her wedding, Ella knows that it is now or never for her chance to escape. Her best friend Serenity is on hand to do damage control with her mom whilst she makes a run for it. Grabbing her suitcase packed for the Bahamas rather than the Alaskan winter where she is headed. Hoping to explain to her ex-boyfriend and love of her life Jordan why she left ten years ago.

Getting ready to celebrate his birthday, Jordan hasn’t missed the irony that the one who got away is getting married on his birthday. Although he unfriended Ella on social media, he has been able to keep tabs on her via Serenity’s accounts and has been tormenting himself by looking for photos of her in her wedding dress. Arriving at the restaurant for his birthday dinner he is not prepared to see Ella at the bar and subsequently makes bad decisions involving whiskey.

Making his apologies for his behaviour it is clear that their connection is still very much there. Ella explains that she has missed him, and they fall back into each other’s arms. However, when Ella’s mom discovers where she is and who she is with, old promises are renewed and once again Ella is forced to choose between saving Jordan’s career or their love.

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James (Guardians Of The North Book 3)

Rating: 4 out of 5.

I’m having a mini-life crisis.

Attending Ella’s wedding Serenity enjoyed the opportunity to escape real life for a few days. Having been in love with her boss, Marc, for two years she was shocked to hear the news of his proposal to one of the gossip columnists. Deciding to extend her break a little longer she is thankful when Ella offers her the guest room at her house whilst she is on honeymoon. Hoping that this time away will help her manage her feelings and think about what the future holds.

There is something about Serenity that makes James feel protective of her, seeing her hiding away in the corner of the wedding on her phone. Bantering back and forth with her he enjoys their interactions. Chatting to another member of the J-Crew about moving into the lodge for a week whilst his apartment is fixed. Jordan hears this and offers the guest room at his house whilst he is on honeymoon.

Waking up to find that there is a very naked James in the bed with her, Serenity doesn’t understand what is happening. Discovering the crossed wires, they attempt to see how to make this situation work for them both. Serenity realising that her time with James has made her forget about Marc, especially after ignoring his emails etc. Taking her to special places James finds himself falling for her but she’s hung up on someone else so as hard as it is he must let her walk away.

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Jonas (Guardians Of The North Book 4)

Rating: 4 out of 5.

I’ve been in love with Mara West since the first day I met her, more than a decade ago.

Packing everything she thinks she needs for her trip to New Haven to see her best friend Jonas, Mara is desperate to make it all fit in one suitcase. Both to win a bet with Jonas, but also to follow the travel light philosophy that her crush Zeke aka Double ZZ showcases on his Instagram. Barely knowing who she is, Mara is hoping her Alaskan trip will put her on his radar. Stepping outside her comfort zone after a bad relationship caused her to leave the military early.

Jonas has loved his best friend Mara since they were stationed at Clearwater together years ago. The timing has never been right to confess this, but he is hoping that her trip to see him will allow him to finally make a move. Seeing her again he is struck by how beautiful she is but is put on the back foot when she mentions Double ZZ and the photos she wants to take to make him take notice.

Her friends urge Mara to make a ‘friends with benefits’ arrangement with Jonas to prepare herself for Zeke. She’s not 100% sure about this but the chemistry she feels toward her best friend is something she can’t ignore. Putting boundaries in place, she hopes to guard her heart, but Jonas is going all out and wants her for himself.

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