The Heart Series (6 Books) by Michelle B.

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The Heart Series is a second chance suspenseful romance series. It is recommended that you read these in order as the storylines intertwine with each other and develop across the books. Featuring the Heart family as part of the Elite Eight, this series focuses on Sofia, Jessica and Nicole within the group and the men within their lives.

The Heart Series by Michelle B.

Breathe With Me (Heart Series Book 1)

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Sofia and Caelan have known each other since they were children and quite possibly have been in love with each other just as long. Growing close through their teenage years they were each other’s first kiss and Sofia gave Caelan her virginity at eighteen. Although that special night in her families cabin also lead to her falling pregnant. Miscarrying at four and a half months she pushed Caelan away and fell into a deep depression. A kidnapping a few years later found Sofia turning to the boy she loved for support.

Having Sofia live under his roof for the past few years has allowed Caelan to get close to her once again. Although he wants far more than friendship from her. Finally opening up about past hurts has them starting to get on the right track although her stalker appears to be back on the scene making the Elite Eight gather around her to keep her safe.

The back and forth between them leads to some great chemistry whilst also wanting you to scream at them. A great introduction and back story to Sofia and Caelan – ending on a cliffhanger leading you into the next book in the series.

Available to buy from Amazon in paperback and Kindle Edition.

Breathing Together (Heart Series Book 2)

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Needing space from everything in her life. Sofia flees the city and heads to her families cabin upstate. A place that holds both good and bad memories for her. Running from Caelan, her stalker, the mistake she made with Jonathan – everything. Giving her time to come to terms with some things and say goodbye to some past hurts.

Out of his mind with worry, Caelan s fearful for Sofia with so much going on. Finally realising where she might have headed to he drives to the cabin. Where they have a long overdue heart to heart and realise that they are better together than apart. With her stalker still causing issues the rest of the Elite Eight are invited to the cabin to enjoy a long weekend together. However. it is clear that things are happening around them and the stalker is getting closer.

Available to buy from Amazon in paperback and Kindle Edition.

Breathing On My Own (Heart Series Book 3)

Rating: 5 out of 5.

The conclusion to Sofia and Caelan’s story is crammed with betrayals, revelations, heartache and love. Discovering that she is pregnant leaves Sofia hoping for a future with the man she loves. However, they still have a number of challenges to overcome. Finally, working out her stalked is and how this will impact her friends and family. A much wider web of deceit than they thought as the betrayals are uncovered.

Uniting Sofia and Caelan as they face the future and what that looks like for them. With an added cliffhanger/plot twist at the end – they will be featured in the rest of the Hearts Series books.

Available to buy from Amazon in paperback and Kindle Edition.

Where The Chips May Fall (Heart Series Book 4)

Rating: 5 out of 5.

From the age of five, Jessica had been taken under her father’s wing to learn poker. Something that she excels at and has proven herself against big-name underground players time and time again. Playing illegal games is something her friends the Elite Eight (and one hot bodyguard) know nothing about except her best friend Sofia and Antonio who has helped her out of a tricky spot or two.

Her life changed six years ago and she has been playing secretly in order to deal with her new responsibilities. However, her father has found himself in a spot of bother once again and expects Jess to save him but does she want to keep saving him after all he has done to her in the past?

Luke has a secret life outside of the Elite Eight with responsibilities back home that he never wanted but gained following the death of his older brother. A long-held attraction to Jess has him looking to move things beyond the banter that they share. However, Jess seems emotionally closed off but there is no denying a spark between them.

As the danger becomes more present in Jess’s life, Luke is there to help her whether she wants his help or not. But there are some pretty big secrets in Jess’s life – is Luke ready to learn the truth?

Available to buy from Amazon in paperback and Kindle Edition.

Skinny Love (Heart Series Book 5)

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Since Chris moved next door to her family home as kids, he and Nicole have been friends. Leaning on each other through the good and the bad. A few years ago they took their friendship to the next level, however, it crashed and burned to leave Nikki heartbroken for the love she started to feel for him. Slowly learning how to be friends once again.

Chris is an alcoholic, depending on drink to get him through the day and keep the thoughts of loss at bay. Having lost his dog and his parents over the years he is reluctant to get close to anyone in case they leave too. Whilst he has deep feelings for Nikki he doesn’t believe that he is good enough for her and pushes her away.

A story highlighting the struggles with addiction and how hard it is to love someone who doesn’t love themselves.

Available to buy from Amazon in paperback and Kindle Edition.

Jingle My Ballz (Hearts Series Book 6)

Rating: 5 out of 5.

It’s time for a festive update from Luke Carmichael who wants nothing more than to spend some precious one-on-one time with his wife Jess this Christmas. However, he is finding himself pulled in many different directions and unable to have that much-needed reconnection with her. Wanting to get away from it all turns into an Elite Eight (and one hot bodyguard) getaway with the girls booking a trip to Vegas.

Worrying that Jess is relapsing/missing the buzz from playing poker Luke puts in all the preventative measures he can to keep her safe. Including making a change to their itinerary and roping in the help of Mr and Mrs Heart.

A festive novella giving you a brief update on the Elite Eight (and one hot bodyguard) from the Heart Series whilst focusing on Luke and Jess’s continuing story.

Available to buy from Amazon in paperback and Kindle Edition.

If you liked the sound of this series, then be sure to check out the Bleeding Hearts Series from Michelle B.

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