Hot Mess Trilogy {Reading order – 3 Books} by H. L. Macfarlane

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Hot Mess Trilogy {Reading order – 3 Books} by H. L. Macfarlane

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The Hot Mess Trilogy is a series of standalone but connected dual POV rom-coms set in and around Glasgow, Scotland. Though they can technically be read in any order it’s best to read The Unbalanced Equation first, then Courtney Can’t Decide, then Recipe for Disaster.

Hot Mess Trilogy by H. L. Macfarlane

The Unbalanced Equation (Hot Mess Trilogy Book 1)

The Unbalanced Equation (Hot Mess Trilogy Book 1)

Rating: 4 out of 5.

What do a bad landlord, a family wedding and a rogue Bunsen burner all have in common?

Dr Thomas Henderson is attending a staff and student undergrad mixer at Glasgow University when he spots a gorgeous woman across the room in a heated discussion about anime with three fellow students. Drawn to her he heads over and jumps into the discussion, several mimosa’s later they find themselves covered in the things as a waiter falls. Cleaning up he hopes to get her number but she never comes back. His hopes are dashed further the following day when he is told that he will be her PhD assessor – sop opts to be an elusive dick to her for the next four years.

Elizabeth McClean (Liz) is just finishing off her last bar shift before she prepares to start her post-doc placement. Her night goes from bad to worse when Tom Henderson is there on a stag night. She’d been hoping to be finally rid of her PhD assessing professor who made the last four years hell. Just when she thought things couldn’t get any worse she finds out that she will be working in the same lab as him due to a fire in his lab.

Her luck is clearly on the downturn when she discovers her father has been secretly dating none other than Tom’s mother and they are getting married at Christmas. The cherry on top of her run of bad luck is her landlord selling the flat she lives in and finds herself forced to move in with Tom and their parents!

Over the course of the weeks and months to the wedding, Tom is determined to win Liz’s affection now that there is no professional reason that they can’t date. But whilst his attempts are somewhat successful his method requires some improvement Liz is confused as to how she feels towards Tom, after feeling dejected after the mixer and his harsh assessments. But she grows to like him despite not wanting the stereotypical life of marriage, kids and a holiday to Tenerife.

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Keep checking back for more details on the next book in the Hot Mess Trilogy.

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