Katy Birchall Books {In Order}

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Katy Birchall Books {In Order}

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Katy Birchall is the author of several young adult novels including The It Girl series, the Hotel Royale series and Morgan Charmley: Teen Witch. She is the co-author of the middle-grade Lightning Girl series and Star Switch with Alesha Dixon, and the Find the Girl teen series with YouTube stars Lucy and Lydia Connell.

Katy was proud to be the author of a retelling of Jane Austen’s Emma for the Awesomely Austen series, a collection of Austen’s novels retold for younger readers. She has also written a non-fiction book, How to be a Princess: Real-Life Fairy Tales for Modern Heroines. Katy lives in London with her partner, Ben, and her rescue dog, Bono.

Standalone Books from Katy Birchall

The Secret Bridesmaid (2021) by Katy Birchall

As a professional bridesmaid, Sophie is secretly hired by brides to be their right-hand woman, ensuring their big day goes off without a hitch. From wrangling rowdy hen dos to navigating last-minute portaloo cancellations, there’s no problem she can’t solve.

Can Sophie pull off the biggest challenge of her career, follow her heart and maintain her reputation – all while keeping her true identity hidden?

Available to buy from Amazon in Paperback, Hardback, Audiobook and Kindle Edition.

The Wedding Season (2022) by Katy Birchall

Rating: 4 out of 5.

At thirty-two Freya has been dating Matthew for 12 years after they met at uni. Their wedding will kickstart the beginning of the wedding season, with eight weddings that she’ll be attending this year. Putting the final preparations for her wedding she is surprised when Matthew returns from lunch with his parents looking out of sorts. Attempting to find a quiet place to talk in her father’s house he pulls her into a broom cupboard. Declaring that he cannot go through with their wedding tomorrow and that he needs space and time.

Her best friends Ruby and Leo rally around her as she attempts to understand how after 12 years he no longer loves her. Putting on a brave face she prepares to attend the other hen parties and weddings of her friends. Her besties decide that she needs a survival plan in place and set her up with a different task for each wedding to distract her from the day.

Over the course of the events, she attempts to stop herself from contacting Matthew. Gets very frustrated by Jamie, who she gives a lift to one of the weddings in Devon. Although they work in similar industries they appear to be polar opposites. Slowly she crosses off tasks, seeing love from a different vantage point, discovering new friendships and learning that sometimes you have to let go in order to find true happiness and love, no matter how painful it might be.

Available to buy from Amazon in Paperback, Audiobook and Kindle Edition.

Teen/Young Adult Books by Katy Birchall

The It Girl Series

The It Girl: Superstar Geek (2015) by Katy Birchall

Everybody wants to be a famous It Girl. Don’t they?

Anna Huntley’s aims in life:

  1. To recreate famous film scenes with Dog (a pet Labrador) such as the lift from The Lion King during that Circle of Life song.
  2. To not accidentally set Deputy Queen Bee, Josie Graham’s, hair on fire. Again.
  3. To keep first and only school friends by not doing anything in usual in the manner of socially inept dork and outcast.
  4. To work out whether 1) and 2) constitute being socially inept – or outcastish.
  5. To hide in the cupboard FOR LIFE after her dad gets engaged to one of the most famous actresses EVER, the paparazzi move in and everyone in school (The World) is on the brink of discovering why no one wants to be friends with Anna . . .

Available to buy from Amazon in Paperback, Hardback and Kindle Edition.

The It Girl: Team Awkward (2016) by Katy Birchall

There are good ways of starting school after Spring Break. But hiding in the bathroom after the video of you falling butt-first into a potted plant has gone viral is not one of them.

If she’s going to be famous, Anna is determined to find a worthy “thing” to be famous for. Everyone else seems to have one–especially the new girl at school who’s distracting her crush, Connor, with a shared love of art.

Available to buy from Amazon in Paperback and Kindle Edition.

The It Girl: Don’t Tell the Bridesmaid (2017) by Katy Birchall

Romance is in the air!

Preparations for the Wedding of the Century between Anna’s dad and super famous actress Helena Montaine is in full swing (all Anna needs to do is escape having to wear the biggest meringue of a bridesmaid dress that EVER existed.)

And not only that but Anna, her friends and her ACTUAL BOYFRIEND (definitely requires shouting), Connor, are about to go on a school trip in romantic Rome.

So as long as Anna can avoid doing something like falling face first in the Trevi Fountain, nothing could spoil this perfect pasta-filled moment. Could it?

Available to buy from Amazon in Paperback and Kindle Edition.

Hotel Royale Series

Hotel Royale: Secrets of a Teenage Heiress (2018) by Katy Birchall

Flick’s family have owned The Royale – one of London’s most prestigious hotels – for generations. But Flick isn’t that interested. She is interested in the newest guest – superstar celebrity Skylar Chase, and Sky’s mega-famous group of friends, including dreamy YouTube star, Ethan Duke. But just as Flick gets the chance to join their glittering squad, she gets grounded following an unfortunate incident involving a prince, a wardrobe and a selfie stick (it could have happened to anyone!).

With only her Instagram star pet dachshund, Fritz, for company, will Flick find a way to escape The Royale and join the fame game?

Available to buy from Amazon in Paperback and Kindle Edition.

Hotel Royale: Dramas of a Teenage Heiress (2018) by Katy Birchall

When a scurrilous journalist writes a horrible article about hotel heiress Flick Royale after an unfortunate incident involving a handbag designed for her pet dachshund Fritz, Flick is mortified. She needs to find a way to prove to the world that she’s not the spoilt person that she’s been made out to be.

But with not enough followers on even Fritz’s Instagram account, let alone her own, she needs to find a bigger crowd to tell the real story to. But how?

Available to buy from Amazon in Paperback and Kindle Edition.

How to be a Princess (2018) by Katy Birchall

Real-Life Fairy Tales for Modern Heroines – No Fairy Godmothers Required

Inspired by the Royal Wedding on 19 May, this beautiful collection of light-hearted stories celebrates what it takes to be a modern princess. Smart, strong, kind and brave, every princess here – whether they be fictional or real – is awesome.

Available to buy from Amazon in Hardback and Kindle Edition.

Awesomely Austen: Jane Austen’s Emma (2019) by Katy Birchall

A fresh, funny and accessible retelling of Jane Austen’s classic story, with witty black and white illustrations throughout. Emma Woodhouse is pretty, clever and rich, and sees no reason why she would ever need to get married.

Available to buy from Amazon in Paperback, Hardback, Audiobook and Kindle Edition.

Morgan Charmley Series

Morgan Charmley: Teen Witch (2019) by Katy Birchall

Morgan Charmley has spent her entire thirteen years on the planet attempting to prove she has control over her witch powers so that she’s allowed to attend a normal school.

And the day has finally arrived!

Available to buy from Amazon in Paperback and Kindle Edition.

Morgan Charmley: Spells and Secrets (2020) by Katy Birchall

Morgan Charmley is finding it very difficult to keep her witch powers under control and undercover at school. With a fellow secret witch trying to sabotage her and a confusing friendship with a sworn enemy warlock to navigate, the girl who can spark magic with a click of her fingers knows that trouble always follows fast!

Available to buy from Amazon in Paperback and Kindle Edition.

How Not To Be A Vampire Slayer (2021) by Katy Birchall

11-year-old Maggie Helsby is new at school and wishes she was better at fitting in.

Having recently moved to the small countryside town of Goreway, with her parents, Maggie is looking forward to a fresh start. Obsessed with scary stories and horror films, Maggie is intrigued by their new house, left to them by a great uncle she never knew, and sitting right on the edge of the famously creepy Skeleton Woods.

Available to buy from Amazon in Paperback and Kindle Edition.

Sex Education- The Road Trip (2021) by Katy Birchall

The only official SEX EDUCATION novel. When the screen binge is over, return to the world of Moordale with a brand-new story featuring the show’s most popular characters

Maeve gets an unexpected call from her brother Sean. It’s no surprise to her that he is in trouble again. But she’s the only family he’s got, so she must saddle up and ride to the rescue. Or at least, scrounge a lift from Aimee and drive there …. Otis and Eric insist they can help, and Maeve’s mission becomes a summer holiday road trip.

Available to buy from Amazon in Paperback, Audiobook and Kindle Edition.

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