Kinda Cocky Series (3 Books) by J.P. Comeau

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Three kinda cocky brothers who have both the bodies and egos to match. Curl up in bed and enjoy these fun standalone romances with no cheating, no cliffhangers, and a satisfying happily ever after!

Kinda Cocky Series by J.P. Comeau

Mr Big Shot (Kinda Cocky Series Book 1)

Rating: 5 out of 5.

After being laid off from her HR director job back home, Karina decides that now is the time to leave home and move just outside Las Vegas. With her two best friends close by she is looking for a new job whilst they attempt to add a big dose of fun into her life. Dragging her to a club to meet up with some guys they know from college. They egg her on to chat to grumpy Zane who seems more interested in his phone than being at the club.

There is always another text, another email or another project that requires Zane’s attention no matter what time it is or where he is. Unsure as to how his brother got him to agree to drinks at the club he needs to deal with a troublesome realtor. Almost blowing things with Karina until he makes amends with her and they spend the night together. However, he wakes to find himself alone at her place.

With friends in common, their paths cross but attempt to gloss over their night together. Headhunted for an interview Karina is surprised to find herself in Zane’s office for a position as he assistant. Hoping that they can remain professional he hires her and they manage to work well. Taking a business trip together to Hawaii leads them to fall into each other’s arms again. However, it is Zane who freaks out this time. Has he pushed Karina too far away? Will he be able to tell her about his past?

Available to buy from Amazon in Kindle Edition.

Mr Big Mistake (Kinda Cocky Series Book 2)

Rating: 5 out of 5.

With her dating life a disaster, Kelly finally confesses to her sister Roxy and best friend Karina that she’s a virgin. One of the biggest stumbling blocks in her love life. The girls decided that she just needs to get some experience in order to feel more confident. Heading out to the club that night they suggest Clint, their friends older brother who has just left the Navy SEALs, He agrees to help out but offers her to the end of the night to change her mind.

Brenden has been friends with Kelly and her sister since college. With somewhat of a crush on Kelly despite her turning him down time and time again for a date. Too much of a player he likes the company of women and living in Las Vegas there is never a shortage. When he discovers what his older brother Clint has greed to with Kelly he is not happy and sets about getting him too drunk to act on the agreement.

Kelly is annoyed when Brenden butts into the plan, even more so when he offers his services. Whilst she likes him a lot it would be too complicated and might ruin their friendship. However, Brenden comes up with a plan to make it special for her which leads to a fake marriage ceremony becoming legally binding. With a judge not too happy about annulling their fake marriage they are forced to live together for a month. But can they make things work? Or is it just part of the act for the court?

Available to buy from Amazon in Kindle Edition.

Mr Big Jerk (Kinda Cocky Series Book 3)

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Roxy has been working as a secretary/assistant to Clint at his security firm for the past year. Their lives are also interconnected as their siblings are dating/married. However, despite how much she may find her former Navy SEAL boss attractive she knows that he won’t mix business with pleasure.

Hiring Roxy was a mistake for Clint as she is a constant distraction for him. Attempting to keep her at arm’s length is no easy task. Especially when he sees how broken she is on her birthday, with her sister and best friend each ignoring her in favour of spending time loved up with Clint’s younger brothers. Finding out that they have been meeting up without her she feels so alone.

The two grown closers that evening before Clint blows her off and she gets angry about it. Finally, Clint apologies to her and gives into the spark between them. But it’s just a one-time thing, right? Just like all the other guys she spends time with in the past. However, the pull between them can’t be ignored, looking to make things more than just sex they embark on a journey of getting to know each other. When Roxy has some surprising news, will this make or break them?

Available to buy from Amazon in Kindle Edition.

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