Lauren Forsythe Books {In Order}

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Lauren Forsythe Books {In Order}

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By day, Lauren Forsythe is a content marketing manager, finding ways to get writing into people’s eagerly waiting eye-holes, and by night…well it’s the same thing, but with more wine. Lauren writes books about strong women, men with pretty eyelashes and friends that save your life.

Standalone Books from Lauren Forsythe

The Fixer Upper: A romantic comedy for exhausted women (2022) by Lauren Forsythe

The Fixer Upper: A romantic comedy for exhausted women (2022) by Lauren Forsythe

Rating: 4 out of 5.

When an in-joke with her friends at the office spirals out of control, Aly uses her talents to set up THE FIXER UPPER- an exclusive underground service for women who are tired of mothering, nagging and coaching their boyfriends through life.

Whilst waiting for a table for one in a restaurant for her third Thursday of the month alone time, Alyssa bumps into an ex who has turned his life around in the five years since they split up. When she mentions this to her colleagues at work they point out that she has a habit of fixing people. From boyfriends, work colleagues to friends and they encourage her to put their theory to the test with the Fixer Upper scheme. Going well she takes on a range of clients including a big-name influencer who wants help with her boyfriend… Who turns out to be her ex-best friend from high school.

With ongoing issues between her parents and no amount of fixing in the past appears to help the situation Aly needs to raise money to buy her father’s share of the family home. This leads to her asking Nicki for £100k to help her on the quest to turn Dylan James into the perfect Instagram boyfriend and a proposal. He pretends not to know Aly which infuriates her but as they didn’t end their friendship in good times it’s hardly surprising.

Assisting him to fulfil his potential on an app he is developing for a big investment meeting at the end of the month leads to them spending time together. Aly realised that the love she held for him 15 years ago, never really went away. But the toll of always fixing things for Aly comes to a head when she is passed over for a work promotion and she realises that she has been manipulated time and time again by people. Time for her to walk a new path, but how will Dylan take the news of her fix-up?

Available to buy from Amazon in Paperback, Audiobook and Kindle Edition.

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