Love You Forever Series (7 Books) by Alexis Winter

Love You Forever Series by Alexis Winter

Love You Forever Series (7 Books) by Alexis Winter

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Join the Love You Forever series following the lives of the young professionals around Chicago. All attempting to navigate the complicated world of relationships, adding an extra level of ‘ARGGH’ when they happen to be your best friend’s brother, your best friend’s BFF or when the timing isn’t quite right.

Love You Forever Series by Alexis Winter

The Wrong Brother (Love You Forever Book 1) by Alexis Winter

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Piper has been best friends with Preston since they were five years old. Growing up together across the street from each other alongside his older brother Calvin. Over the years Piper has developed a crush on Preston and whilst they have so much fun together, they have never crossed the lines of friendship – apart from one kiss during spin the bottle. As they head home for the weekend to visit their parents she is hoping to move out of the friend zone. Until Preston answers a call from Calvin on the drive and suddenly her body is responding to the sound of his voice in a way it has never done before.

Calvin has always been there for Piper, as Preston’s older brother he has been with them whilst they have done fun stuff etc. As well as being there to pick up the pieces when Preston gets a new girl in his life and Piper doesn’t understand why he never notices her. Following a drunk kiss between Piper and Preston, she applied for a share your secret show to confess everything to him. It doesn’t go well, leaving Calvin to pick up the pieces once again.

But is Piper just showing affection to Calvin because Preston doesn’t want her? Calvin has loved Piper for so long, is this his chance in the spotlight? What will Preston say about their relationship?

Available to buy from Amazon in Paperback and Kindle Edition.

Marrying My Best Friend’s BFF (Love You Forever Book 2) by Alexis Winter

After learning that his best friend Piper is not only marrying his older brother Calvin but that she is also having his baby, Preston wonders where he fits in all this. Before he had two people to back him up, have fun with etc. Now he is third-wheeling it with them and he’s left feeling like a spare part.

Riley is Piper’s other best friend, the female version of Preston. Friends from college and now colleagues she has been there for Piper during the whole Preston scandal. But now both Riley and Preston are going to be the baby’s godparents so they need to meet and become friends in order to help navigate this baby through its life. It’s a good job that when they do meet that they have an instant connection.

Although given Preston’s playboy history and not wanting to ruin friendships with Piper and Calvin they opt to take things slowly to see how things go. A ‘no-sex’ ban so as not to confuse their feelings for each other. They date for a few months until the hookup at Piper and Calvin’s wedding. However, soon the pressure of a relationship has Preston running away, leaving Riley to discover that she’s going to have a lasting reminder of him.

Available to buy from Amazon in Paperback and Kindle Edition.

Rocking His Fake World (Love You Forever Book 3) by Alexis Winter

Luna has been working hard to achieve her dream as a rock star. After putting in the hours to learn to play the guitar and singing too, she is set to sign a record deal alongside her band The Wonder Kings. They have been playing gigs all over Chicago for the past few years, with her working in a music store during the day.

Daniel wants to buy his niece an electric guitar and heads into a nearby music store. Meeting Luna who helps him find everything he needs and gives him a demonstration of the guitar. WOW’d by her he asks about guitar lessons for his niece and they set up a plan. Inviting him to see her band in action that evening. He is once again WOW’d when he sees how amazing she is on the stage, with the crowd going wild for them.

They catch up for a drink afterwards and Luna’s ex appears she introduces Daniel as her new boyfriend. Taking the hint he kisses her and whilst this might all be fake, they both feel very real feelings. Knowing that they are on borrowed time, especially if Luna’s band sign a record deal and start touring. They decide to live for today and worry about the future later. Embarking on a relationship that sees them spend as much time as possible together. But what happens when it’s time to say goodbye? Is it better to have loved and lost than never have loved at all? Can they really go their separate ways?

Available to buy from Amazon in Paperback and Kindle Edition.

Breaking up with my Boss (Love You Forever Book 4) by Alexis Winter

Poppy has had enough of her crappy job, working as the assistant to Matthew Lewis III. He is rude, arrogant and infuriates her on a regular basis. Two minutes late for work again he is on her case, which doesn’t improve when he ends up with the wrong mayo in his sandwich. She gives him both barrels and is promptly fired, eyeing his golf clubs she sets about smashing up his car (his prized possession).

Matthew can’t believe that Poppy let rip off his car and heads over to her flat to confront her. Blackmailing her into a fake romance for his grandmother’s sake and he won’t send the footage to the police. Moving into his penthouse they attempt to get to know more about each other. This leads to more sniping from each other, but they slowly manage to find a way to be civic. Matthew drops his guard and Poppy warming to him they opt to give into their feelings and blur the lines between what is fake and what is real.

With Matthew’s father not impressed by his match, he sets out to cause them trouble, but are they strong enough to overcome the difficulties? Are there true feelings at play here or is it all just fake?

Available to buy from Amazon in Kindle Edition.

My Accidental Forever (Love You Forever Book 5) by Alexis Winter

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Harley’s best friend Cora has just announced that she is engaged and whilst Harley doesn’t long to be married. There is a part of her feeling as though she is losing her friend to a different friendship circle. Whilst out celebrating her engagement, Harley meets Foster, however, turns down his offer to head back to his to stay and support her friend but gets his number. Getting wasted, dancing on a table, thrown out of the bar and flashing a cop lands her in jail. With only Foster’s number to hand, she reaches out to him for help.

When Foster met Harley in the bar he never imagined that the next time they would meet would be bailing her out of jail. With no phone, purse or keys she spends the night at his place in the guest room. Hooking up the following morning, they embark on a non-relationship. With Foster’s family intending fro him to marry a family friend Bianca, who is more like a sister than a perspective wife. As Foster and Harley spend time together they have more and more fun.

A trip to Las Vegas has them enjoying everything it has to offer including solving his intended marriage problem by getting married to Harley first. Suddenly realising what an impact this could have on both his and Bianca’s lives they attempt to get an annulment. With more pressure from their families to get engaged and married, Harley is left wondering when her non-relationship with Foster will come to an end.

Available to buy from Amazon in Kindle Edition.

The F*** It List (Love You Forever Book 6) by Alexis Winter

It’s been a week or so since Cora was left at the altar by her soon-to-be husband. Quite rightly she has allowed herself time to wallow in self-pity, but now is the time to pick herself up, dust herself down and get on with her life. After thinking about all her past relationships she realises that she has changed herself to match/meet that guys expectations and likes/dislikes. Now it’s time to be herself and accomplish things she has never done before.

Greyson has been friends with Cora since they started working at the same company two years ago. A long-held crush on his part, he has stood by her side through thick and thin. Spotting her in the break room writing he asks what she is doing. A F*** IT list of things she wants to try/do etc. He manages to take a look at the list and alongside golf, camping etc. is have an orgasm. He is shocked to discover that nobody has ever given her one. Offering to help with the list they start with golf and have great fun together.

Whilst Greyson is gorgeous he is completely out of her league but she loves spending time with him. Crossing off lots of things on her list, but can she let him help cross off the more personal things on there? What happens when the line is crossed. Are they ready for the repercussions?

Available to buy from Amazon in Kindle Edition

The Baby Fling (Love You Forever Book 7) by Alexis Winter

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Bianca has worked long and hard to complete college and grad school. Hoping to join her father’s company in order to make her business plan a reality, however, it appears her father is quite traditional and wants Bianca to have a man by her side to support her through life. Set up on a blind date by he two Best friends she is surprised at how well she gets on with Brett.

On the road more often than he is home, Brett doesn’t have the time for a traditional relationship. Keeping things casual whilst he races motorcycles he is reluctant to agree to a blind date but is attracted to Bianca straightaway. Agreeing to enjoy the time they have together and plan to hook up again in the future if they’re both free. Taking him up on his offer to visit one of his races they enjoy phone calls, messages and sex on top of his winning motorcycle.

Still attempting o prove to her father she is ready for business she tells her parents that’s he is dating (a little white lie) and that she’s pregnant with his child (a big whopping lie) which slips out in the heat of the moment. Hoping to prove that it was a false positive she visits the doctor, however, discovers that she is in fact pregnant – oops! With birth her and Brett leading busy lives she isn’t sure how to tell him about the mess of her business plan, family expectations and their baby.

Available to buy from Amazon in Paperback and Kindle Edition.

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