Makarova Bratva Duet (2 Books) by Nicole Fox

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Makarova Bratva Duet (2 Books) by Nicole Fox

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Aleksandr was only supposed to be ensuring that the FBI agent investigating his Makarova Bratva stepped back and closed the case. Although meeting Olivia changed things for him in a way he never expected. But love isn’t part of the Bratva life, right?

Makarova Bratva Duet by Nicole Fox

Shattered Altar: A Russian Mafia Romance (Makarova Bratva Book 1)

Rating: 4 out of 5.

It started with the mile high club.
It ended with a fake marriage and his baby in my belly.

Flying home to spend the holidays with her family, Olivia is disappointed to find that she is delayed at the airport. After talking to her big sister she decides to wait to out and grab a coffee. Meeting a handsome stranger, Aleks she finds herself chatting. Agreeing to find a better cup of coffee with him and sharing a passion-filled kiss with him in the private lounge he leads her to. Boarding her flight she is shocked to be moved to first-class to be beside Aleks, with her joining the mile high club with him during the flight.

Needing leverage against an FBI agent who is investigating his Bratva, Aleksandr knew that he’d planned to ‘bump’ into Olivia at the airport but was not prepared for how beautiful she would be. After their time on the flight comes crashing down as she realises exactly who he is and that he is holding her family hostage. Whilst her brother says he’ll drop the case he takes Olivia hostage to ensure his compliance.

Locked away from everything Olivia doesn’t know what to think about anything. Tricked by Aleks she feels shame but is still attracted to him. Finding unlikely friendships of sorts with Aleks parents she continues to fight against her stay. But when her brother doesn’t hold up his end of the bargain she is forced into marriage. Aleks stated he’ll let her go in a year if all goes well but there are more surprises around the corner – including a surprise pregnancy.

Available to buy from Amazon in Paperback and Kindle Edition.

Shattered Cradle: A Russian Mafia Romance (Makarova Bratva Book 2)

Rating: 4 out of 5.

I joined the Mile High Club and ended up pregnant.
If only the story stopped there.
But no—it gets worse.
It gets so much worse.

A loyalty that her father instilled into Livia was the importance of family. This is why she finds herself trusting their judgement and reaching out to them for help. Sadly this is misplaced when they attempt to force her to abort her baby with her asking for Aleks help to protect their child. An altercation at the hospital leads to her family unit fracturing.

Still unable or unwilling to accept the feelings he has for Olivia he tells himself and her that he is only there for the baby. Despite them growing closer he attempts to keep things at arm’s length seeing love as a liability in the Bratva. As things progress with intel coming in against Hargrove, Aleks keeps things close to his chest until he has all his aces lined up.

Struggling with her place in the world, Olivia is heartbroken by how things have soured with her siblings. Disappointed that no matter how much she loves Aleks he appears to be unable to return her love. Is there any way for their marriage to work? Will Aleks ever be free from the false accusations regarding the missing girls?

Available to buy from Amazon in Paperback and Kindle Edition.

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