Medical Romance Series {1 Book} by Iona Rose

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Medical Romance Series {1 Book} by Iona Rose

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Iona Rose brings a series of medical romances, time to join the medical staff and their patients who manage to find love within the hospital, but don’t abuse their power in order to gain it.

Medical Romance by Iona Rose

Crushing On My Doctor: A Medical Romance by Iona Rose

Crushing On My Doctor: A Medical Romance by Iona Rose

Published by 9th February 2021

Rating: 4 out of 5.

I woke up in a hospital, with no memory of what had happened to me, who had hurt me, or how I had got there. The only silver lining to my condition was the eye candy in the white coat. Dr Miller looked like no doctor I’d ever met. Dreamy, hot blue eyes surrounded by thick, sooty eyelashes, cheekbones you could cut yourself on, and totally gorgeous, kissable lips.

Feeling no spark between herself and her boyfriend Jeremy, Erika decides to end their four-month relationship. Although Jeremy keeps calling and texting her to get her to change her mind. Getting ready for a night out with her best friend she opens the door to Jeremy who pushes his way in to talk to her. Losing his temper he begins to trash her living room and attack Erika. Only leaving when he hears sirens heading their way – Erika left unconscious and unable to recall what has happened.

Hearing details about his next patient in the emergency room has Aiden feeling protective of them before even meeting the. Walking into the room his breath is taken away by the beauty who is resting on the bed, with a bruise on her cheekbone and around her neck. Checking her neck has her waking up but instead of panic in her eyes he sees warmth and has him hoping for more. Keeping an eye on Erika over the coming days he tells her not to worry about her memory loss and to concentrate on getting better.

With the police having few leads to follow for the attack, Erika is advised to find somewhere temporary to live. Aiden becomes her knight in shining armour as he offers her a spare room at his sister’s flat. Their relationship stays professional until she is discharged. But Jeremy makes himself known in her life again, and whilst Aiden has his suspicions about him he doesn’t say anything until more things fall into place. Will Jeremy be able to win her back?

Available to buy from Amazon in Paperback and Kindle Editions.

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