Men of Moose Mountain Series {Reading Order – 7 Books} by Marley Michaels

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Men of Moose Mountain Series {Reading Order – 7 Books} by Marley Michaels

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The Men of Moose Mountain are the same kind of sweet, flirty, instalove stories you love from Moose Mountain, but this time you’ll get more big, gruff and tough Cooper men living their lives on and near the mountain. The mountain has always provided for its keepers, and now it’s time for more feisty women to warm up their cold mountain hearts and complete their mountain lives forever.

Moose Mountain is calling more Cooper men home, and this time it’s the women of the town that are in their sights.

Men of Moose Mountain Series by Marley Michaels

Mountain Seeking Doctor (Men of Moose Mountain Book 1)

Dr. Judd Cooper has dedicated his life to helping others, but when the opportunity arises to return to his family roots, he moves back to Woodward Valley, Alaska, wondering if the mountain legends he learned as a child will hold true.

Lottie Duncan has lived in Woodward Valley at the bottom of Moose Mountain all her life. Running the local florist store whilst studying for her business degree. She pops in to see her Gigi to find that she is feeling under the weather but refusing o get checked out by the new down in town. Agreeing to collect a birthday present that needs to be posted from under her desk at the doctor’s surgery where Gigi is the receptionist. As well as completing some of her other duties she fulfils throughout the week.

Dr Judd Cooper has been working for Doctors Without Borders for many years, however, when his cousin Boone Cooper hold him about a doctor vacancy back on Moose Mountain. The timing working out and he has been settling into the area for the last month. Surprised one morning to find someone searching under his receptionist’s desk at the surgery and assuming it is a druggie, not giving them the chance to explain he calls Boone (the Sheriff), only to find that the gorgeous woman is his receptionist’s granddaughter.

Making a bad first impression Judd attempts to put things right, but then Lottie refuses and ends up needing to apologise too. Gigi playing matchmaker tells Judd about her other roles and he decides to turn up to help Lottie. The mountain provides another Cooper with what they need as they realise that there is love underneath their annoyance with each other.

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Mountain Seeking Pilot (Men of Moose Mountain Book 2)

Helicopter Pilot, Rhys Cooper, has spent his life flying to new heights in dangerous and daring rescues. Wanting to slow down, he decides to move to his family’s spiritual home to lay some roots just like his doctor brother before him.

After saving up for what feels like forever, Amber was able to buy a small cabin six months ago. On Sundays she enjoys her day off from the local florist, completing chores and DIY on her home. The plan is to buy the cabin and land next door to add greenhouses, and flower beds and live off the land. This dream is pushed off the table when the whirring of a helicopter is heard as she finishes hanging her washing out. Finding out that another Cooper has returned to Moose Mountain.

Rhys Cooper has flown missions all over the world, he has saved his money whilst staying in a variety of tents, shacks, and barracks. Finally ready to put down roots he has purchased a parcel of land overlooking the mountain with a rundown cabin that he hopes to demolish and replace with a modern glass-fronted home. Much to the disgust of his new neighbour, who he just loves to spar with over what should be happening on the land.

Amber can’t believe what Rhys has planned for the land, pointing out his flaws and how un eco-friendly it is for the mountain. Rhys’s brothers take him up to the clearing to see the error of his ways. Opening his eyes to more than the issue of the house and realising that the mountain has called him home for Amber. But will he be able to win her heart?

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Mountain Seeking Hero (Men of Moose Mountain Book 3)

Search and Rescue Coordinator, Max Cooper, has heard the mountain’s call. Now he’s returned to his birthplace to see whether the Moose Mountain legend is true for him, just like it has been for his brothers and cousins. He doesn’t expect it to literally hit him in the back of the head though.

Lucy Kendall moved to Woodward Valley when she was a kid, finding her forever home with her foster parents. She is shy and quite reserved, especially around men ad can often be found indulging in a book. As the local librarian, she loves her job and has made friends within the book club that discusses local author Aster Hollingworth’s Mountain Men books, Helping out her friend Meg as she takes her two children to the park, which is how she meets the latest Cooper called home by the mountain.

Heading up the local Search & Rescue centre, Max Cooper has recently returned to Moose Mountain. Joining two of his brothers alongside his cousins who have lived here for many years. A ball to the head in the park had him meeting two adorable kids and what he assumes is their mom – pleasantly surprised to find out that she is their friend/babysitter. Although she is a little nervous around him.

Friends and locals are up to their matchmaking tricks as Lucy and Max’s paths keep crossing. from walking her home after Sunday lunch to asking for book suggestions. Although she likes him when he rescues one of the children her heart is a goner.

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Mountain Seeking Fire Chief (Men of Moose Mountain Book 4)

There’s a new fire chief in town, and when his crew decide a little hazing is in order, little did anyone know that Moose Mountain would have the last laugh.

Bree Matthews has always lived in Woodward Vallet and works as a nurse at the local care home, She shares her life with her two cats, so when one gets stuck in the roof crawl space she calls the fire service to come to help her. Although little did she expect to find not one but two Cooper mountain men coming to her rescue – but Max looks like he is there just to poke fun at his brother.

An opening at the Moose Mountain fire house has Kane Cooper taking up the position as Fire Chief. Heading out on a small job he thought it was a fire nit his nemesis a cat stuck – well anywhere. A traumatic event when he was just starting his career has had him avoiding the felines. Although spotting Bree almost makes up for having to rescue her cat.

Drawn together despite the obvious sticking point of the cats in Bree’s life. They attempt to navigate if and how a relationship could possibly work between them. Exposure therapy is one thought process but can this ever work?

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Mountain Seeking Veterinarian (Men of Moose Mountain Book 5)

Veterinarian Trace Cooper has travelled the world working with animals, yet it’s Moose Mountain that has called him home to settle down, and the mountain isn’t making him wait for it.

Single mom Meg Jefferson has worked long and hard for everything she has in her life. Providing for her two children the best she can whilst she works as the town’s realtor. A lack of childcare means that she needs to take her kids with her on a home viewing for a new client. Pleading them to behave whilst she talked to the person looking for a family home.

Deciding to put down roots in Woodard Valley at the base of Moose Mountain has Trace Cooper arranging viewings on cabins. Seeing Meg get out of her car has him wanting to know more about his realtor. Unfazed by the arrival of her two children as they set about looking around the five-bedroom cabin. A scream from the back porch has them running to find that they have discovered a baby raccoon.

As the new local veterinarian, he takes them all to the surgery to check over the raccoon. In the process, he manages to win the hearts of Meg’s children but will he ever be able to win hers? Alone for so long she isn’t sure she can open her heart to love or give Trace the things he longs for in life.

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Mountain Seeking Princess (Men of Moose Mountain Book 6)

Moose Mountain has been calling her protectors back to the mountain for a reason—she’s under threat and needs to be saved. It’s time to call in a champion and crown a new queen.

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Mountain Seeking Santa: A Moose Mountain Holiday Novella

Mountain Seeking Santa is a holiday companion novella featuring all of your favourite Cooper family members from Moose and Bear Mountain as they search for a Santa to save Christmas. Catch up will all the big, gruff and tough Cooper men living their lives on and near the mountain and the feisty women they call their own.

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Connected Moose Mountain Series’

If you need more of the mountain men from Moose Mountain, you are in luck as Marley Michaels has written a collection of interconnecting series’.

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