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Welcome to the Midnight Dynasty from Dangerous Press The warring Morelli and Constantine families have enough bad blood to fill an ocean, and their brand new stories will be told by your favourite dangerous romance authors.

Something that started many years ago, has been continued through to the next generations. A modern, yet dark take on traditional fairytale stories that will have you on the edge of your seat, reaching for the tissues and desperate to know more about each of the family members.

Are you ready for the Midnight Dynasty World?

Suggested Midnight Dynasty World Reading Order

Whilst each of the series’ within the Midnight Dynasty World can be read as a standalone, like any long-running series it is always best to indulge in the wider collection. Take a look at the suggested Midnight Dynasty World reading order.

Skyscraper Cinderella Trilogy by K. Webster

Winston Constantine and Ashley Elliot

Join Ashley and Winston in the Skyscraper Cinderella trilogy. Based on the fairy tale you know and love… With a scorching hot modern-day twist! Advance warning, since you start reading it will be hard to stop until you know how it ends.

Starcrossed Lovers Trilogy by Jade West

Lucian Morelli and Elaine Constantine

Jade West’s explosive Starcrossed Lovers trilogy set in the world of Midnight Dynasty featuring a Morelli and Constantine, with warring families – how can they ever be more than just enemies?

Beast of Bishops Landing by Amelia Wilde

Leo Morelli and Haley Constantine

The Beauty and the Beast trilogy is a full-length trio of novels from USA Today bestselling author Amelia Wilde about revenge, family secrets, and the redeeming power of love. Leo Morelli is known as the Beast of Bishops Landing for his cruelty. He’ll get revenge on the Constantine family and make millions of dollars in the process.

Dark Hearts Trilogy by M. O’Keefe

Ronan Byrne and Poppy

Outside a glittering party, I saw a man in the dark. I didn’t know then that he was an assassin. A hitman. A mercenary. Ronan radiated danger and beauty. Mercy and mystery. I wanted him, but I was already promised to another man. Ronan might be the one who murdered him. But two warring families want my blood. I don’t know where to turn. In a mad world of luxury and secrets, he’s the only one I can trust.

Lessons in Sin by Pam Godwin

Lessons in Sin by Pam Godwin (Midnight Dynasty World)

Tinsley Constantine and Magnus Falke

As Father Magnus Falke, I suppress my cravings. As the headteacher of a Catholic boarding school, I’m never tempted by a student. Until her…

I became a priest to control my impulses. Then I meet Tinsley Constantine.

The bratty princess challenges my rules and awakens my dark nature. With each punishment I lash upon her, I want more. In my classroom, private rectory, and bent over my altar, I want all of her. There’s no absolution for the things I’ve done.

Hellfire Club Series by Becker Gray

Keaton Constantine and Iris Briggs

Walk the halls of the most exclusive prep school alongside the band of friends called the Hellfire Club.

Dark Dream Duet by Giana Darling

Tiernan Morelli and Bianca Constantine

He arrives all dressed in black. Diamond cufflinks. A watch on his tanned wrist that cost more than we would ever see in a lifetime of work. He carries a single red rose… It turns out he is my new guardian.

I should have known from the very start that he had more in common with the thorns than the rose. Now I know the truth: I’m a pawn in his dangerous game of revenge. I was too young and naive. Now it’s too late to save myself from his clutches.

The Collector Trilogy by Amelia Wilde

Emerson LeBlanc and Daphne Morelli

Wealthy. Reclusive. Dangerous. Emerson LeBlanc doesn’t enter society much. He only ventures out in pursuit of new art for his collection. It starts with a haunting painting. Then he meets the artist…

Innocent Daphne Morelli is more exquisite than anything he’s ever seen. He becomes obsessed with her. It doesn’t matter that she’s a living, breathing person with her own hopes and dreams.

She’ll be the perfect addition to his collection.

Deception Duet by K. Webster

Sparrow, Sully and Scout Morelli and Landry Croft

I’m a prisoner in a prestigious world. A perfect princess locked in a tower. My father will never let me go.

Not that I could leave. I would never abandon my little sister. Hope comes in the form of a devilishly handsome man with dark eyes and darker secrets. With each encounter, I’m lured deeper into the labyrinth. The danger lurking beneath his surface calls to me, even as it warns me away. He’s not just one villain. He’s three.

Wonderland Trilogy by Alta Hensley

Nick Hudson and Lyriope Morelli (Bailey)

Are you ready to step inside the Wonderland Trilogy from Alta Hensley as part of the Midnight Dynasty World featuring the Morelli and Constantine families? Join Byrant Morelli’s secret love child Lyriope Bailey as she becomes indebted to Nick Hudson and falls into Wonderland.

The Reluctant Bride Trilogy by Monica Murphy

Perry Constantine and Charlotte Lancaster

One moment I’m the forgotten daughter of one of the most wealthy families in the country, and the next I’m the blushing bride in an arranged marriage. My fate is sealed in my wedded union with a complete stranger.

In public, Perry Constantine is the life of the party. Easygoing. Adored. In private, he’s brooding. Dark. Angry. But so am I. It’s a contest of wills to see who will break in the bedroom first, and while I try to remain strong, I find myself craving the very man I swore to hate.

My husband.

Midnight Dynasty World Anthologies

Totally Booked Meet Me Under The Mistletoe

Dark Fairy Tales

In a castle adorned with gems, coated in gold, and dusted with luxury, the youngest of the Constantine Family will be introduced to the elite of New York. But the party isn’t all glamorous. Villains lurk in dark corners, evil deals are struck, and starcrossed loves are born.

Meet Me Under The Mistletoe

Meet Me Under The Mistletoe is an exclusive anthology of scorching hot NEW holiday stories. Brand new holiday stories from bestselling authors! This boxed set contains powerful alpha men and heroines who bring them to their knees.

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