Never Too Late Collection (5 Books)

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Never Too Late Collection (5 Books)

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Grab this never before published collection of steamy, second chance romance novellas that will leave you swooning! Each Never Too Late story is complete with a happily ever after.

Never Too Late Collection by Alexis Winter

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Available to buy from Amazon in Paperback and Kindle Edition.

Never Too Late by Alexis Winter

Ella and Logan

Twenty-two years ago Logan left Ella behind as he headed off to college. Promising to keep in touch and would see her in a year once she started college (delayed as her mum was sick). However, that was the last she saw or heard from him. Eventually marrying his best friend Tom and having a daughter Erin. Now her daughter is graduating high school and preparing to head off to Harvard. Whilst her marriage is heading for divorce after years of Tom living away for work and only returning a few times a year.

Logan is back in town to sort out his father’s old house after the city threatened to demolish it. After years in the military, it is strange to be back, especially when he sees Ella. Although it is clear that they need to talk about what happened in the past. It appears that they were both played by Tom – but they have the here and now to catch up on the years they lost. What does the future hold for them?

Ben and Mia

Ten years ago Mia and Ben went their separate ways after Ben was offered the chance of a record deal for him and his band. Unable to hold him back Mia encouraged him to follow his dreams. With neither of them truly able to move on from each other. To mark the tenth anniversary of being signed they are back in their hometown for a special gig.

Mia hasn’t listened to the radio or watched music shows in ten years for fear of seeing Ben. Unknown to her that he had written and released several songs about her. Seeing each other at the anniversary show it is clear they have unfinished business, falling into each other’s arms (and his bus bunk bed). Staying behind for a week to spend more time with Mia before he needs to head back to California to record their next album.

he invites her to go with him for the summer until school starts (she’s a teacher), they embark on a wonderful few months. With a six-month tour looming, will be time to say goodbye again? or can they find a way to make this work?

Harper and Rowan

Four years ago Harper left her small hometown behind and headed to Yale to study. Leaving her father, friends and the boy who made her high school years difficult, Rowan behind. Now she is back to help her daddy on the farm until she manages to secure a job.

There is a fine line between love and hate, something Rowan is all too familiar with. Having loved Harper from afar since he first laid eyes on her in high school. But as the football quarterback, he felt he wasn’t able to sate Harper – the class nerd. Setting about teasing her instead, they have a love to hate relationship. Seeing her back in town throws him, not least because she is even more beautiful than he remembers.

Partaking in their old games, soon the games stop and their chemistry ignites but Harper doesn’t want him bragging all over town. Falling into a hookup style relationship until Harper really needs him in her life and he manages to step up and prove that he’s not that immature jock he was in high school.

Kaylee and Landon

Being a twin comes with its fair share of pros and cons. For Kaylee, the biggest con would be how protective her brother Kyle is of her. At three minutes older than her he takes the older brother thing to the next level. Not to mention the constant competitiveness between them, so after a frustrating family dinner for their mom’s birthday, Kaylee decides she needs a drink.

Landon spots Kaylee as soon as she walks into the bar, despite not having seen her for ten years. Growing up he was best friends with her brother, not that it stopped them hooking up during high school without Kyle knowing. A feud between the friends has left them not talking across the years. But he is loving the opportunity to catch up with Kaylee.

He was her first love, the boy she gave her virginity to and the boy her brother didn’t want her to date. But she’s a grown-up and can date whoever she wants nowadays. Embarking on a fun-filled fling with Landon she attempts to get the friendship between Kyle and Landon back on track – not least because she hopes that this thing with Landon will last for the long term. But what will happen when old secrets come to light? And what will Kyle say about their relationship?

Gabbi and Easton

Having endured a tortuous high school experience Gabbi was very much pleased to have escaped her hometown and living life in California. Like many, she has hopes of being an actress, alas, this didn’t happen for her. Instead, she has worked many different jobs in order to stay out there. Her long-term boyfriend left her for his assistant and after signing a lease on a flat she never wanted. So she needs this new assignment via the temp agency she is assigned to.

Easton fell in love with Gabbi when they were in Kindergarten. Although he ruined any chance with her the moment he threw a spit wad in her eye. A classic case of not being able to have what he wanted so he made it his plan that nobody else could have her either. Ruining Gabbi’s school years, but it’s been ten years since they have seen each other – all will be forgotten right? Wrong, Gabbi is still holding on to anger about it all. Although Easton does his best to open his heart and show her he is sorry.

Despite originally wanting to be an actress, Gabbi, doesn’t take too kindly to the media interest in her and Easton’s relationship. Will this be too big of a stumbling block to overcome?

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