Paper Billionaires Series: Reading Order by Ainsley St Claire

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Paper Billionaires Series: Reading Order by Ainsley St Claire

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The Paper Billionaire series will see a few familiar faces from the Venture Capital, Tech Billionaire, and Clear Security series from Ainsley St Claire. You won’t want to miss this!

Paper Billionaires Series: Reading Order

The Set Up: Grumpy Billionaire Boss & Nanny Romance (Paper Billionaires Book 1)

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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Published 3rd April 2023
Dual POV

Format: Paperback and Kindle Edition

He’s a single dad, billionaire CEO, and father to twin terrors. She’s desperate to support her daughter. Falling in love with the nanny is complicated.

Receiving funding from SHN Investment, Grayson is pleased to be finally heading in the right direction for his company Firefly to go public in the next two years. The hard work is far from over and he is in talks with a logistics company about a possible merger – giving him control over all aspects of his customer’s order journey. What he doesn’t need is yet another nanny quitting on him, making it four quitting so far this year and it’s only February!

Scarlett’s life recently imploded as she returned home from taking her daughter to school to find the FBI seizing all of her assets, and money and not allowing her to take anything from her home. Her husband defrauded investors and fled with his secretary who as it turned out was also his mistress. Over the last few months, she has attempted to find a new normal for her and Avery with a recent move to San Francisco from Chicago to flee the abuse from those who have been defrauded. With $2k in her account left over from an inheritance from her grandmother, she needs to find a job.

Convincing a nanny agency to give her a chance she arrives at the Blackstone family home. Dealing with the mischievous twin boys whilst their father is late home for her interview. Slotting into their lives unlike any other nanny has before Scarlettshoed the boys that she truly cares for them. Attempting to deny the attraction to his boy’s nanny, Grayson is pleased with how she has been changing their lives but takes things further with her. Scarlett has done all she can to guard her past but as threats ramp up and the FBI case draws near how will this impact her new life?

Indebted: Fake Relationship, Office Romance, Grumpy Boss (Paper Billionaires Book 2)

Published 28th August 2023
Dual POV

Format: Paperback and Kindle Edition

My ex has us all over the tabloids. My company and IPO are going to take a hit. The solution is to get fake engaged but the only woman I’m interested in is my assistant and she knows better. I’m a billionaire with unlimited resources and I will do whatever it takes to convince her that together we can do this, but I’m determined I won’t fall for her.

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