The Royals Undone Duet (2 Books) by Nana Malone

Royals Undone Duet

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Royals Undone a deliciously royal, roommates to lovers romance. He’s a Con Man. A Liar. A Thief. He’s the royal bastard. She’s the rebellious, diplomat’s daughter. When his bother, the king, asks one small favour, can Lucas get it right or with skeletons of his past put everyone he cares about in danger?

The Royals Undone Duet by Nana Malone

Royal Bastard (The Royals Undone Duet Book 1)

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Bryna is desperate to escape the confines of her parents, an arranged marriage and a court life. Escaping a ball through a window in order to make her ferry to the airport before heading to New York for an internship at a record label. As she appears from the window she meets Lucas and is instantly appalled to find him with one of the girls her ex cheated on her with. His cheeky personality rubs her up the wrong way too.

As Lucas prepares to return to New York to finish his schooling ahead of being made a Prince, the King asks him to be a director of the charitable funds’ committee and look into missing funds. As well as look out for a debutant whilst he is in New York. It’s not until he calls on her that he discovers that it’s Bryna that he is supposed to befriend – and certainly not sleep with. But oh how he would love to.

They embark on a banter-filled friendship with Lucas coming to her aid when she needs a new place to stay and a job after her parents empty her account. Despite the odd kiss Lucas is trying to be good for once in his life, however, his chequered past is catching up with him and he is forced to decide whether to help his con-artist parents and save the woman he loves.

Will they be able to help each other get over their past hurts? Or is there too much at stake? A cliffhanger ending leads you into the second book in the Royals Undone duet series

Available to buy from Amazon in paperback and Kindle Edition.

Bastard Prince (The Royals Undone Duet Book 2)

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Reeling from the bombshell that his mother dropped on him, Lucas sneaks away in order to find answers whilst attempting to ensure his stepfather is caught for his past crimes. Waking up find Lucas gone Bryna is devastated. Was everything they had a lie? She struggles to stop thinking about him as she finishes her internship and returns home to the Winston Isles.

Searching for Lucas, Sebastian and Penny ask Bryna whether she can help find him. Flying out to Italy after a tip-off from Blake Security she attempts to bring him home. But despite spending the night together he won’t come home so she leaves before he wakes. Wishing to know what is going on Sebastian speaks with Lucas who confesses that he is not the lost Prince that everyone thinks he is – or is he?

Returning to the Winston Isles he attempts to win Bryna back but it’s going to take more than words to her back in her good books. Are they able to find a relationship together after the past hurts? Has Lucas seen the last of his con-family?

Available to buy from Amazon in paperback and Kindle Edition.

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