The Salinger Brothers Series (Reading Order – 2 Books) by Carrie Elks

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The Salinger Brothers Series (Reading Order – 2 Books) by Carrie Elks

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Grab yourself a drink and some snacks, and settle yourself down somewhere comfy because it is time to spend some time with the Salinger brothers. These brothers each have their own place in the family, bold personalities and are completely fazed by the women that come into their lives.

The Salinger Brothers Series by Carrie Elks

Strictly Business (The Salinger Brothers Series Book 1)

Myles Salinger and Ava

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Strictly Business is a steamy enemies-to-lovers romance. Expect some hot scenes, a little cussing and two characters whose heads you’d love to bang together…

Returning to work after a vacation, Ava can tell that there is something different about the publishing office she works in. She’d hoped to share doughnuts with her colleagues, share her vacation highlights as well as chat with her boss Richard about reducing her workload as she has decided to try for a baby – alone. Instead, she finds that her archnemesis Myles from the New York office sitting in her boss’s office, finding out that there was an IT issue whilst she was away caused issues both for the office and financially impacting the company. Oh, and Richard has been fired!

Myles Salinger did not want to have to come down to Charleston to sort out the issues left behind by Richard. Especially as it means working with Ava who took an instant dislike to him when she visited New York for a meeting. They have been sharing glares at each other via virtual team meetings ever since. Now he is here, he needs to work with her to update the office and keep their biggest client happy and signed with Charleston.

Discovering that Ava wants a baby Myles offers to be her sperm donor. He has something she needs and he is willing to give it to her with no strings attached. But as their work/personal lives blur is this just an arrangement or is there more going on?

Available to buy from Amazon in Paperback and Kindle Edition

Strictly Pleasure (The Salinger Brothers Series Book 2)

Liam Salinger and Sophie

Available to pre-order from Amazon in Kindle Edition – due to be released on 26th January 2023

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