Snowed In with the Billionaire: A Holiday Collection (2 Books) by Lila Monroe

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Snowed In with the Billionaire: A Holiday Collection (2 Books) by Lila Monroe

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Jingle your bells this holiday season with a special festive Snowed In with the Billionaire romance bundle from USA Today bestselling author, Lila Monroe! Available to download for FREE from Amazon.

Snowed in with the Billionaire Holiday Collection

Snowed In with the Billionaire A Holiday Collection by Lila Monroe

Published 30th November 2015

Snowed in with the Billionaire by Lila Monroe

Rating: 3 out of 5.

In SNOWED IN WITH THE BILLIONAIRE, an event planner finds that a sexy rockstar client plus an unexpected blizzard equals a very private party… for two!

Party planner Paige hopes that this exclusive holiday party she has arranged for a former rockstar come music producer Ace will help kickstart her business. Having arranged several smaller parties back home she is equally excited and nervous about heading to Aspen. Knocked over in the airport at the luggage carousel she calls out the man who doesn’t seem fazed by the altercation. With nobody arriving to meet her she grans a car rental and makes her way to the cabin to get the last-minute plans sorted.

Finding out that her client Ace is none other than the man from the airport Paige attempts to keep things professional between them. Whilst she finds herself attracted to him; she realises that this party could open the door to other opportunities so attempts to take a step back from him. Ace not making it easy to keep the distance, especially when the snow causes the airport to close, and they are snowed in at the cabin together. Learning more about each other whilst they are alone in the cabin, they find they are unable to keep things professional.

Discovering the connection between them seems to be going well until his guest turns up and Paige feels pushed back into party planner mode rather than beside Ace as his plus one. Realising that they are from different worlds she heads home to put that much-needed distance between everything. Is this the end of their love affair?

Christmas With The Billionaire by Lila Monroe

Rating: 3 out of 5.

In CHRISTMAS WITH THE BILLIONAIRE, wannabe-actress Jill winds up playing girlfriend when she’s stranded with arrogantly hot producer Oliver. But will their romance last when the snow starts melting?

Blood, sweat and tears have gone into Jill’s training to gain a much-wanted place in a Broadway show. Attending another audition, she is surprised by how many people there are for the same part. Managing to lose her gym bag with her dance shoes in she must make do with her wet shoes, however, the panel don’t even bother to look up as she completes her piece, and she sees red – giving them a piece of her mind about how they are more interested in their phones that watching those who have sacrificed so much to craft their talents.

Producer Oliver would much rather be anywhere else than at a Christmas party in Connecticut, but he must show his face. His evening takes a turn when a certain redhead from his recent auditions happens to be at the party as part of the waitressing/entertainment. Sparring with her once again about the training that she has undertaken to play the part. Thankfully able to leave the party he grabs the last train back to New York; however, the snow halts the train and forces him to stay in the area and finds a certain redhead on the same train.

Oliver comes to her rescue, Jill finding herself at his parent’s home and meeting his family. Thinking it would be funny to tell them she is his girlfriend, this backfires on her when they have one small bed to share. Spending the next day together they grow closer and explore the fizz between them but when she lands the part, she refuses it as she doesn’t want people to think she got it by sleeping with the producer. Can Oliver find a way to make this right?

About Lila Monroe

Combining her love of writing, sex and well-fitted suits, Lila Monroe writes sassy rom-com romances about hard-headed men and the strong women who try to tame them. Her books are extensions of her own fantasy life and take readers from the boardroom to the Berkshire Mountains, with keen character development, unique plot lines, and fanciful romance.

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