Starcrossed Lovers Trilogy (3 Books) by Jade West

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Starcrossed Lovers Trilogy (3 Books) by Jade West

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Jade West’s explosive Starcrossed Lovers trilogy set in the world of Midnight Dynasty featuring a Morelli and Constantine, with warring families – how can they ever be more than just enemies?

Trigger warning for details about sexual abuse, self-harming and suicidal thoughts.

Starcrossed Lovers Trilogy by Jade West

Heartless (Starcrossed Lovers #1) by Jade West

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Lucian Morelli is a man who gets what he wants. Sneaking into Tinsley Constantine’s coming of age masked ball he is there to potentially take revenge for their families long-held feud. However, whilst he is surveying his surroundings he is captivated by a vision in gold. Elaine Constantine, the family screw up and black sheep. Complete with a champagne and coke habit he doesn’t know why he is drawn to her but now he has his eyes on her she will be his, one way or another.

Slammed into a wall by the bathrooms Elaine doesn’t know what this masked stranger is playing at. Swooping in for a kiss he takes her into the bathroom when she realises it is none other than Lucian Morelli – and he is looking to claim her, right there and then. Interrupted Lucian leaves but she is left feeling confused as to why she wanted but also didn’t want him at the same time. Attempting to forget about him she heads out at the weekend to take her mind off things.

Elain has become an obsession with Lucian, tapping into her calendar he makes appearances at the places she’ll be as his alias Terence Kingsley. The push and pull between them is palpable, especially when she disappears with a singer from a bar after a party. Can Lucian find her in time to save her from the danger she has placed herself in?

Available to buy from Amazon in Paperback and Kindle Edition.

Soulless (Starcrossed Lovers #2) by Jade West

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Rescuing Elaine from her plan to kill herself, Lucian kidnaps her and takes her to his remote cabin outside of New York. Telling her that he plans to use her before killing her himself. He lets his work at Morelli Holdings slip drawing attention from his father and warnings from his most trusted right-hand man – especially when news of Elaine’s disappearance hit the media.

Being with Lucian in his cabin feels strangely like home to Elaine. Although she wondered when Lucian is going to take her virginity and kill her – because he is going to kill her right? Growing closer they share secrets with each other that very few people know about. Ones that have framed and defined who they are today. One who feels nothing and one who needs the pain in order to feel.

After learning Elaine’s secrets Lucian cannot rest until he has hunted down and killed those responsible for her hurts. Starting with one of the main people he confesses his love for her to them just before he kills them. Realising that he does love her and will do anything for her. But can they live in this little bubble in the cabin forever? With more stories coming out in the media, they need to decide their next steps.

Available to buy from Amazon in Paperback and Kindle Edition.

Relentless (Starcrossed Lovers #3) by Jade West

Rating: 5 out of 5.

A decision needs to be made between the two of them, whether or not they are going to stick this out together or if Elaine is going to head back to New York. With his father asking questions and calling him into the office time is running out of the starcrossed lovers. But Elaine isn’t willing to Lucian fight this war on his own and vows to be beside him every step of the way.

Making frantic plans to flee New York and the US, Lucian hopes he can tie up the loose ends, aka the fellowship before they head to the UK. Departure times sped up by the arrival of a hitman to kill Elaine he patches her up before they hide out in her friend’s apartment. Arriving at the airport they are nervous about whether they can pull off their great escape.

Arriving in the UK they opt to take on their world instead of hiding away, Lucian utilising contacts to provide a new life for them both. Staring danger in the face and showing everyone that despite the family feuds a Morelli and Constantine have fallen in love.

Available to buy from Amazon in Paperback and Kindle Edition.

If you enjoyed the sound of this series, be sure to check out the Skyscraper Cinderella trilogy featuring Elaine’s older brother Winston.

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