Stryker County PD Series {Reading Order – 7 Books} by Kali Hart

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Stryker County PD Series {Reading Order – 7 Books} by Kali Hart

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The Stryker County PD Collection is a seven-part series of sweet & steamy short instalove romances featuring older police officers and younger curvy women. Check out Gavin, Parker, Lance, Finn, Tanner, Brayden, and Arrow if you enjoy protective passionate heroes who will do anything for the women they love and confident curvy heroines who don’t need a man but secretly want one.

Stryker County PD Collection by Kali Hart

Gavin (Stryker County PD Book 1)

Published 9th May 2020

Rating: 4 out of 5.

A night of celebrating the first successful week of my new business quickly turns into the most embarrassing of my life.
During a routine night patrol, I’m mistaken for a stripper by the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen.

Opening her own bakery has been a dream for Kenzie, and finally this week she has done it. It has been long and hard, but with the help of her best friend, her Kenzie’s kooky Kookies store is up and running. To celebrate she hits one of the local bars with her girlfriends. Having a great night, blowing off some steam and drinking a little too much. So much so that when a local cop comes over about the noise they are making, she mistakes him for a stripper.

Popping into his buddy’s bar on his rounds as always, Gavin’s presence usually helps the patrons to ease up and quieten down. Although the group of women enjoying a night out shows no signs of calming down. Surprised when one of them thinks that he is a stripper despite Gavin and her friends telling her that he isn’t a stripper. Feeling protective of her he offers to drive Kenzie and her friend home.

Making sure she gets in safely Gavin finds it funny that she still believes he is a stripper. Sharing a kiss before he is called away, she wakes to find him on her doorstep and is horrified to remember her actions. Gavin, however, is keen to get to know her and wishes to take her out ad explore their chemistry.

Available to buy from Amazon in Kindle Edition.

Parker (Stryker County PD Book 2)

Published by 21st May 2020

Rating: 4 out of 5.

How does an already crappy day get worse?
Try backing up into a parked police cruiser.

Lauren has been putting in long days in her job to work towards a promotion. Her presentation, however, does not go well and she is left having the worst day. After hiding out until others have left, she sits in her car dodging calls from her parents. Her car fails to start adding to her bad day and whilst attempting to get hold of her best friend her car rolls backwards – into a police cruiser!

Whilst sitting in his police cruiser, Parker is surprised when a nearby car rolls into him causing a small scratch to the paintwork. Getting out to see what has happened he is almost lost for words when a gorgeous woman climbs out looking as though she has the world on her shoulders. After discovering the day from hell she has had and that there is barely a scratch to his car that he can get a buddy to fix her lets her off the hook.

Organising a tow truck for her he takes her with him so that he can get changed and swap vehicles until the tow truck arrives. The chemistry buzzing between them as they spend time together. As Lauren’s friend arrives to collect her, it appears that she is married to one of his fellow Police Officers – Gavin. Kenzie arranges for everyone to go out for dinner, but Lauren feels as though her world has been upended, can Parker smooth everything over for her?

Available to buy from Amazon in Kindle Edition.

Lance (Stryker County PD Book 3)

Published 6th June 2020

Rating: 4 out of 5.

When Nana passes away, I vow to do one thing.
Add my name to the back of the county sign next to hers.

Caitlin has always been a rule follower, feeling extreme guilt whenever she has crossed the line or gotten too close to it. It might have something to do with her police chief father, yet her nana always encouraged her to live on the edge. Since her recent death, Caitlin has wanted to do something to add to a memory her Nana always talked about – adding her name on the back of the town sign.

Seeing two women stockpiling supplies, plus a pen knife whilst one of the looked pretty uncomfortable should have had Lance’s alarm bells ringing. But he was too distracted taking in the nervous woman’s beauty. Heading out to await speeders or a shout he doesn’t have to wait long until he is called to attend the town sign. Not all too surprised to find Caitlin from the store, telling her to get down off the rickety structure.

There is something quite familiar about Caitlin that Lance can’t seem to put his finger on. Surprised by her boldness when she grabs him for a kiss, him responding by grinding her into a nearby tree. With her friend leaving, Lance offers her a lift home where they spend the night enjoying themselves at his place. But when the police chief knocks on his door it clicks into place who she is – will this be the end of their budding romance?

Available to buy from Amazon in Kindle Edition.

Finn (Stryker County PD Book 4)

Published 23rd June 2020

Rating: 4 out of 5.

One noise complaint changes the course of my life forever.
Because of it, I meet Valerie.

No longer heading to Maui for her birthday after a breakup with her commitment-phobe boyfriend, who has just married the woman he left her for. Valerie’s friends opt to throw her a tropical party at her apartment. Attempting to squeeze her ample breasts into a coconut bra designed for far smaller boobs the doorbell rings and it appears there has been a noise complaint.

Almost at the end of his shift, Finn heads over to an apartment to discover the cause of a noise complaint. He wasn’t expecting to find a bunch of women celebrating a birthday, with the birthday girl catching his eye for several reasons. Not least the too-small coconut bra that malfunctions causing him to curse and turn around. Her friends promised to end the party and get Valerie to bed.

Deciding to check up on Valerie the next morning he is relieved in some ways to see she is no longer wearing the coconut bra. Making plans to head out together, Valerie is shocked to run into her ex and his new wife whilst on a hike with Finn. Finn comes to her aid by expressing that they are dating – but is the thing between them only fake?

Available to buy from Amazon in Kindle Edition.

Tanner (Stryker County PD Book 5)

Published 3rd July 2020

Rating: 4 out of 5.

I’m sitting in my best hiding spot to watch for speeders when I see a woman dancing on the top of her car.
It’s my duty to make sure she’s okay.
I’m not prepared for how changed my world is about to be when I meet Sienna.

Whilst heading home Sienna gets a phone call she has been waiting for. Excited she pulls over to the side of the road and thinking that there is nobody around her she dances on top of her car. Finally getting picked up by a book agent she is beyond happy, although just a little embarrassed when a local (totally hot) police officer spots her.

Waiting in the wings for passing speeders Tanner knows he won’t have to wait long. Although he hears something coming from not too far away and heads off on foot to investigate. Surprised to see a beautiful woman dancing on her car. Even more so when the ‘not a setup’ camping trip with his work buddy Finn and his wife Valerie, plus her cousin Sienna – aka the beauty from the day before is in front of his eyes once again.

Attempting to ignore the awkward meeting they are on a fresh slate during the camping trip. With stolen glances here and there, Tanner is keen to find moments to get Sienna on her own. Wishing to explore the chemistry between them without highlighting it to Finn and Valerie. Will they find a strong connection?

Available to buy from Amazon in Kindle Edition.

Brayden (Stryker County PD Book 6)

Published 5th August 2020

Rating: 4 out of 5.

I’m running late to my client’s first book signing event.
I have a reputation for only pulling someone over if I intend to give them a ticket.

After a nightmare flight and experience at the airport, Sasha is finally on her way to Stryker County. Albeit in an older model minivan and running somewhat late to her client’s first book signing. Putting her foot down she’s surprised that the minivan has some go in it, but not so much when she is pulled over by a police officer – who just happens to be a complete hottie!

Brayden is known for pulling people over to give out tickets. Although as he stops and subsequently sees Sasha, he can’t recall why he stopped her, only thinking about how beautiful she is. He lets her go with a warning but soon bumps into her again at the bookstore when he comes to the rescue of a creepy fan of his fellow officer’s wife. Realising that Sasha is who Sienna was talking about setting him up with at a recent BBQ.

Her life is in New York and his life is in Stryker Count, not least because his daughter lives there too. Sasha is only here for a few days and decides to throw caution to the wind and embarks on a hot and heavy fling with Brayden. But when it is time for her to head home, how will they leave things between them?

Available to buy from Amazon in Kindle Edition.

Arrow (Stryker County PD Book 7)

Published 19th August 2020

Rating: 4 out of 5.

I’ve given out one too many warnings to cars parking in the tow zone.
Today, I’m not having it.
But I’m not prepared for the fiery, curvy beauty that gives me a piece of her mind.

Running late, Mandi just needs to collect her dad’s favourite doughnuts for his birthday. With no parking spaces available she parks in a no-parking zone that she has seen countless others do before. Chaos in the bakery as it appears that they are running low on doughnuts after burning a batch, Mandi has to push her way through to collect the order she placed earlier. Stopped on the way out by a creepy man offering to buy her doughnuts from her is the least of her worries when she sees her car is about to be towed.

Seeing a beauty leave the doughnut store heading his way looking furious, Arrow should have realised that it was her car that he was about to get towed away. Despite her attempts to talk her way out of it he calls her dad on the phone and asks if he has an office on his force called Arrow – shit! This is the chief’s daughter! Letting her go he calls into the chief’s office later and sees her again.

Forced together as her car engine is damaged, Arrow drives Mandi home although notices the creep from the bakery nearby. Spending time together they grow close but with her father asking him to keep an eye on her she can’t decide whether he is here because he wants to be or because his boss asked him to.

Available to buy from Amazon in Kindle Edition.

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