Suzanne Allain Books {In Order}

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Suzanne Allain Books {In Order}

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Screenwriter and novelist Suzanne Allain, the author of historical romantic comedy novels and a children’s book. Her novel Mr Malcolm’s List has been adapted into a screenplay and is currently in post-production.

Standalone Books from Suzanne Allain

Mr Malcolm’s List (Jul 2020) by Suzanne Allain

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Julia Thistlewaite had set her sights on Mr Malcolm, one accompaniment to the opera and she was sure that this was heading to courtship and marriage. However, after not hearing from him for a week she enlists her cousin Mr Cassidy (Cassie) to find out what is going on.

Mr Malcolm is a wealthy son of an Earl, who has his fair share of interested ladies. However, none of them seems to meet the standard he has set on his list. Something he shares with Cassie when he is asked about Julia.

After hearing about his list Julia invites a friend, Selina Dalton, she knew at school to London in an attempt to gain payback on Mr Malcolm. Selina is reluctant to get involved after hearing the plan after her arrival in London but goes ahead with it as she feels Mr Malcolm would never fall in love with her.

A brief meeting in a darkened library Mr Malcolm and Selina make quite the impression on each other before they are formally introduced. What follows is a series of miscommunications, silly schemes and a big dose of pride.

A light, comic dose of Jane Austen style romance – although with the odd embrace and kiss threw in for good measure.

Available to buy from Amazon in Paperback and Kindle Edition

Miss Lattimore’s Letter (Aug 2021) by Suzanne Allain

Sophronia Lattimore had her romantic dreams destroyed years ago and is resigned to her role as a chaperone for her cousin. Still, she cannot sit idly by when she becomes aware that a gentleman is about to propose to the wrong woman. She sends him an anonymous letter that is soon the talk of the town, particularly when her advice proves to be correct. Her identity is discovered and Sophie, formerly a wallflower, becomes sought after for her ‘expert’ matchmaking skills.

Available to buy from Amazon in Paperback and Kindle Edition

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