Under The Cherry Tree by Eleanor Fletcher

Under The Cherry Tree A

Under The Cherry Tree by Eleanor Fletcher

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They say you should never judge a book by its cover and this is no truer than with the beautiful story Under The Cherry Tree. The slimline white book, complete with a simple cherry tree illustration on the cover doesn’t give too much away about the story held within its pages. However, sometimes the simple things in life can grab your attention…

Under The Cherry Tree

Under The Cherry Tree
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Written by Eleanor Fletcher
Illustrated by Daniel Potts

On a windy day in March, Grandpa and Mae plant a cherry tree in their garden. Seasons pass and the tree grows to become part of their lives, bringing them closer together beneath its branches and blossom. This short story celebrates the love people have for nature, and how wonderful the world around us truly is.

A truly beautiful story that takes you on a journey through the planting of the cherry tree at the bottom of the garden and the start of a grandparent/grandchild relationship. Through the years in which they both grow and change. Before delicately covering the loss of a grandparent and how the cherry tree is a reminder of their love and friendship across the years. 

A wonderful way to cover the subject of losing a loved one, especially a grandparent for children. Showcasing that they will always have memories of them that last a lifetime.

Under The Cherry Tree
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Where Can You Buy Under The Cherry Tree?

Under The Cherry Tree is available to buy from Amazon in Paperback and Kindle Edition.

About the Author Eleanor Fletcher

Eleanor Fletcher is a student and aspiring writer. She loves tea, rain, and bothering people with puns. Nothing makes her happier than reading by the fire with a cat.

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