Whiskey Run Savage Ink Series {Reading Order – 3 Books} by Hope Ford

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Whiskey Run Savage Ink Series {Reading Order – 3 Books} by Hope Ford

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The Whiskey Run Savage Ink series from Hope Ford features three tattooed alpha men, each with their own emotional baggage, but would do anything for the women who capture their hearts.

Whiskey Run Savage Ink Series by Hope Ford

Virile (Whiskey Run Savage Ink Book 1) by Hope Ford

Rating: 4 out of 5.

I’d be a fool to let her leave without putting my mark on her.

All her life Gracie has abided by her father’s rules, getting good grades, joining certain clubs etc, Celebrating her eighteenth birthday she is ready to do something for herself, especially as her father cancelled her scholarship to Berkeley and enrolled her in Jasper Community College so that she can live at home whilst she completes her studies. Walking across town to Savage Ink she never thought that she would need to book an appointment but lucky for her Aiden is all too happy to put his mark on her.

Hearing the door chime Aiden shouts that the ink parlour is closed but regrets those words when he sees Gracie standing there, Immediately offering to do the tattoo, he asks her about what design she would like. Surprised that she has drawn her own designs and that she has a book full of stunning artwork. Needing it to be placed somewhere her parties or bikini will hide from her father, the town mayor who isn’t as nice as he makes out.

Managing to meet up again the day after Gracies has one night of love from Aiden before she is sent away to her aunt’s house by her father, But it was more than love that they created that bight but will Aiden ever see Gracies again to the learn the whole picture?

Available to buy from Amazon in Paperback and Kindle Edition.

Torrid (Whiskey Run Savage Ink Book 2) by Hope Ford

Rating: 4 out of 5.

I would do anything to give her what she wants.

Katie loves her job as a nurse, helping patients is something she feels passionate about. Staying late to help Violet establish breastfeeding she strikes up a bond with her and when a fellow nurse and friend Jamie mentions Katie wanting a tattoo, Violet doesn’t hesitate to recommend Trey at Savage Ink in Whiskey Run. After six weeks of pondering and rescheduling the appointment she finally heads over but one look at Trey and there is no way she can let him see her body.

Drawn immediately to Katie, Trey hasn’t felt this way for quite some time. He can see that she is nervous and a little unsure so he offers for them to chat about the tattoo she is thinking about. But a call from Jamie puts a spin on things as her five-year-old son Lane has fallen and broken his arm. Without thinking he loads her up into his truck and drives her to the hospital, staying to support her and getting the opportunity to meet Lane.

Spending time together over the coming days and weeks they deal with her ex-husband and the body confidence issues Katie is harbouring. But when it is clear that they want different things from the future Trey walks away, one of the hardest things he has ever had to do. Is there any way for them to make their way back to each other?

Available to buy from Amazon in Paperback and Kindle Edition.

Rigid (Whiskey Run Savage Ink Book 3) by Hope Ford

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Women don’t stay… no matter how much you love them.
And I can’t chance it with her… because when she leaves me… I wouldn’t survive it.

Emily will be forever grateful to Violet and Josh who saved her from the roadside outside Jasper after her car broke down. With limited funds in her bank, she’d hoped to get a job in Jasper but had no luck. Violet worked her magic and managed to arrange for her care to be fixed and landed her a job a Savage Ink. Covering the reception she is also able to work her hours towards her piercing licence. Although Aiden and Trey have been welcoming, Dawson on the other hand barely grunts at her.

Pleased to see that Savage Ink finally has a receptionist, Dawson was not ready for Emily. Immediately drawn to her despite knowing that there couldn’t possibly be a future with her 0 or any other woman as they all leave, Managing to avoid her as much as possible in order to survive his days, but when she breaks down and he drives her home he is mad as hell to find out where she lives,

Given that they hardly interact, Emily is surprised when Dawson becomes all caveman on her and demands that she comes with him. Later that week she has to rescue him drunk from the bar when he kisses her in front of the whole town. Taking him home she lets him sleep it off but hears him confess something as he drifts off. but can they ever own up to their feelings for each other?

Available to buy from Amazon in Paperback and Kindle Edition.

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