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Winnie The Witch | Winnie’s Dinosaur Day by Valerie Thomas

Winnie's Dinosaur Day

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Winnie’s Dinosaur Day: Winnie and Wilbur love looking at dinosaur bones in the museum. But Winnie would love to see a real dinosaur, too. When the museum holds a competition to draw a triceratops, Winnie has a wonderful idea. She waves her magic wand and zooms off with Wilbur to the time when dinosaurs roamed the earth.

Winnie’s Dinosaur Day

Winnie's Dinosaur Day

Written by Valerie Thomas
Illustrated by Korky Paul
Published by Oxford University Press

One day, when Winnie and Wilbur are flying over the museum, they see a crowd of people gathered around a huge dinosaur skeleton in the courtyard. It’s a Triceratops and there’s a competition to draw or make a model of what the dinosaur would have looked like when it was alive. Winnie is really keen to take part! But she just isn’t sure what the skeleton might have looked like so she decides the only way to find out is to magic herself and her (not-so-willing) cat Wilbur back into the time of the dinosaurs!

Winnie's Dinosaur Day

Once they arrive in the prehistoric swamp, Winnie and Wilbur hide behind a tree and it’s not long before they spot a Triceratops munching the greenery. Pencils and sketchbook in hand, Winnie just can’t capture the dinosaur on paper so instead, she jumps onto his back and Winnie, Wilbur, and a rather surprised Triceratops crash into the museum courtyard just as the prize is about to be presented by Professor Perkins. The Triceratops is even more surprised when he is given the prize! Then Winnie and Wilbur take him home and it’s time for one last magic-wand moment so that Winnie’s prehistoric friend can really fit into his new surroundings.

Winnie's Dinosaur Day

This edition comes with an audio CD where the story is narrated over an imaginative soundtrack of music and effects.

A fun-filled Winnie The Witch story, with each page crammed with detailed and beautiful illustrations.

Where can I buy Winnie’s Dinosaur Day?

Winnie’s Dinosaur Day is available to buy from Amazon in Paperback, Hardback and Kindle Edition.

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