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Sophie Cousens currently lives in Jersey where she now writes full time. She lives with her husband Tim and has two small children who keep her occupied with important questions such as ‘but did Cinderella have a toothbrush?’ and ‘do giraffe’s know they have really long necks?’ She yearns for a time when she will be able to add a miniature dachshund to the party.

Standalone Books from Sophie Cousens

This Time Next Year (2020) by Sophie Cousens

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Get ready to fall for this year’s most extraordinary love story

The story starts as Minnie Cooper (yes, that’s really her name) is attending a New Year’s Eve party with her boyfriend Greg. She’d much rather be hiding at home away from the jinx that appears on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day (her birthday). So far she’s already lost her coat, she gets vomited on at the party, knocks into a waiter and ends up locked in a disabled toilet. So as you can see it’s not the best time of year for her.

Finally being released from the toilet after spending the night in there. She meets the man whose birthday party it was – Quinn who was also born on January 1st – in the same year, same hospital etc. It transpires that there is a history between them (or their mums at least). Minnie’s mum felt that Quinn’s mum not only beat her to the 50k prize of the first baby born in 1990 but also stole her name choice.

Follow the story across the course of a year as it flashbacks to key moments in each of their pasts. How their lives have intertwined without them realising.

Available to buy from Amazon in Paperback, Audiobook and Kindle Edition.

Just Haven’t Met You Yet (2021) by Sophie Cousens

Tell me the story of how you two met…

Available to buy from Amazon in Paperback, Audiobook and Kindle Edition.

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