Best Books About Dinosaurs

5 June 2023

If you’re looking to delve into the world and prehistoric life of dinosaurs and expand your knowledge about these ancient beings, the best dinosaur books for young readers can guide you on an exciting journey through prehistoric times.

Astor Alphas: Reading Order by Clara King

31 May 2023

Say hello to the Astor brothers! These three gorgeous Astor alpha billionaires will do anything to claim the curvy women they love. With happy endings all around and plenty of steam, get ready to fall in love with these hot, protective alphas!

Best Books About Cowboys

22 May 2023

Cowboys have long captured the imaginations of readers with their rugged charm, daring adventures, and tales of the Wild West. Whether you’re a fan of historical fiction, thrilling westerns, or stories that explore the cowboy way of life and the western genre, there are plenty of outstanding cowboy books that delve into the world of westward expansion, western romance, cattle rustlers, bounty hunters and native americans.

Midnight Dynasty World {Reading Order}

24 April 2023

Whilst each of the series’ within the Midnight Dynasty World can be read as a standalone, like any long-running series it is always best to indulge in the wider collection. Take a look at the suggested Midnight Dynasty World reading order.