The Ortega Mafia (3 Books) by Stella Andrews

12 March 2023

When Giovanni Ortega was murdered he left three sons to inherit the family Ortega Mafia business.
He also left a widow who isn’t about to let that happen.
Revenge, domination, control, and power.
Love doesn’t come into it when you are fighting a war and sometimes the best weapons are the most unexpected.

Bossy Seattle Suits Series {4 Books} by Nicole Snow

10 March 2023

These bossy Seattle suits are in for a shock when their paths cross with beautiful women who rub them up the wrong way, don’t listen to a word they say and make their lives difficult. But the path of true love is never a smooth one which these billionaire bosses are about to find out.

A Sweet Royal RomCom Series {2 Books} by Emma St. Clair

9 March 2023

This Sweet Royal RomCom series will make you laugh and maybe even cry. (But only a little, I promise. Happy tears!) You’ll find fresh twists on your favourite royal tropes and a cast of characters impossible not to love. Each book will have sizzling chemistry but closed-door romance.

The Carpino Series {5 Books} by Brynne Asher

8 March 2023

Meet the Carpino family from USA Today’s Bestselling Author Brynne Asher. They are fiercely protective of each other, always ready to lend a helping hand or fight for their family members. Take a look at their paths to discovering love, finding a way to navigate the pitfalls that they face and whether they are meant to be together or walk away.